Steem Monsters: Better to Trade Cards with Friends than Purchase on the Market?

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Why Trade?

We've all been playing Steem Monsters for several months now. During this time, I've learned a lot about deck building, strategies for playing the game, using the app as a store of value, increasing the chances of obtaining more STEEM, and much more! Today, however, I'd like to talk about the concept of trading.

Two Popular Ways to Obtain Cards

Right now, we can purchase cards in form of randomly generated booster packs from the official store - or - purchase them from each other via the third-party market (I like to use PeakMonsters for this.)

These are great ways to obtain cards. With the store, our $ goes to Support the folks behind Steem Monsters which allows them to create more content for us. Furthermore, there's that chance we'll obtain a Gold or Legendary card (don't spend all of your money trying to do this however, it's probably not a good idea to turn this into a gambling initiative!) The Market is great too because you can purchase only the cards you need to complete your collections, the downside is you have to spend STEEM in order to retrieve these.

There's Another Way!

I've been using Steemit for about 10 months, and since about the beginning, I've been chatting with @transcript-junky about all things Steemit, Marketing, and - of course - Steem Monsters! (Be sure to check out his blog!)

We eventually synced up via Steem.Chat and started to talk SM trades. Here's what we discovered:

  1. We were each trying to make one of our Splinter decks incredibly powerful.
  2. @transcript-junky was trying to build up his Water Splinter deck.
  3. I was trying to beef up my Death deck.
  4. The trading begins.

While making sacrifices for Splinter cards we really didn't care for using too much, we were able to trade a bunch of high level cards in order to allow us both to succeed (a process in which we're still engaged in) to give us both a very powerful deck to battle our way up the leaderboards.

^ All this without spending ANY additional STEEM or waiting for our cards to be sold on the Market!

So what's the major take-away here? Find a friend to trade with!

Feel Free to Trade with Me!

You can view my card specific card collection via the PeakMonster's market (thanks to @transcript-junky for pointing this out to me) by clicking the following link:

I'm willing to trade cards from pretty much any Splinter except for Death & Dragon. Feel free to comment below if you're interested in trading - or - reach me via Steem.Chat. My username is like here on Steemit: @stevecronin.

See you on the battlefield!

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