I finally broke the TOP 100 in Steem Monsters!

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Just a little self-indulgence here...

Coming into the tail end of Season 4, and not playing much at all in Season 3, I surprisingly was able to battle my way up to #86 on the Leaderboards.

Surprisingly, all without spending extra $ on new cards! I suspect the new matchmaking system & game mechanics had a lot to do with this. This put me into the "Champion II" category by the end of the season.

This allowed me a reward of 125 cards, just for playing the last few days of the season! Considering Steem Monsters card packs contain 5 cards and cost $2 each, I'd say this was a pretty sweet deal!

Out of the 125 cards I received, here are some of the more notable ones:

A Legendary "Divine Sorceress" (can't wait to enter the story contest for that card!)

A Gold "Flame Imp" (it's only level 1, but maybe I'll get lucky and one day receive a second copy to upgrade him!)

See y'all on the Battlefield in Season 5!

If you got any cool rewards, please feel free to share them with me in the comments below! Also if you'd like to 1:1 battle (I love the new "Challenge a Friend" feature) then send me an invite :) Cheers!

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Hey Steve, do you have a gold "Sea Genie", or any non-gold "Sea Genie" cards that you want to pass off to me. That is my favorite card right now, and I am trying to load up on him FAST. Let me know..

I do have a Gold Sea Genie (Level 4) I'm willing to part with. Happy to trade for another Gold. Any comparable Gold card you aren't partial to is fine, but if you have either of one of these they would be a preference:

Sabre Shark
Spineback Wolf
Highland Archer

Also, I see 54 Gold Sea Genies on the market over at PeakMonsters.com starting at $0.40 if you're really trying to stock up and not interested in a trade :) See you on the battlefield!

Oops! I made a mistae. It turns out that I DO INDEED have a gold Sea Genie! He wasn't showing up during game play in the new season (whereas others are) and so I just thought it was a figment of my imagination when I got him. There ARE a few more cards I am looking to obtain and/or beef up. Can you send me a list of priority cards you want to sell, and obtain (via SteemIt Chat) and then I can send you a reciprocal list. I want to try the "trading with another player" task (for the first time). Let me know...

Sent you that info and screenshots of my collection on steem.chat :)

Yeah the golds are sorted weird so I often forget I have them or even to use them in battle! I actually didn't even realize you could combine them to level up until about a month into playing.

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