Steem Monsters Banners for Affiliates!

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Make Money with Steem Monsters!

As many of you know, Steem Monsters has an affiliate program.

If you don't know, here's how it works!

As an affiliate, you get paid 5% of whatever your referrals spend on card packs for life! Whenever one of your referrals makes a Booster or Starter pack purchase, 5% of the purchase amount will be automatically transferred to your account in either STEEM or SBD.

Simply modify the following link with your Steem account to get started (replace aggroed with your Steem account, without the @ symbol).

You can check out this Post for more information.

And now we have cool banners you can use on your blog page or website along with your affiliate link!

Steem Monsters Affiliate Banners!

Thank You for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info:


Steem Monsters Website

Steem Monsters Discord

Steem Monster Tournament Calendar

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Wow... Nice program @steemmonsters
I can use link refferel in my post only on steem blog or i can use in my personal blog? And for example refferal right?

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LOVE the wide selection of banner shapes and sizes. Thanks!!!


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Siiiiiiiiiiickkkkkk These are great!!!!!!


Awsome programm!! I will use my link right? - under my blog postings.

I hope you add some settings soon to turn sound off completely. Every battle disturbs my podcast player.

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I don’t understand how do I get it

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Right click and download them.


My Pleasure!

Ok, I need to figure out where to plaster this banner and which one will fit best on my website. They are COOOOOL!

Also, I plan on inserting little Affiliate mentions in my videos on YouTube, like 15 seconds (if I can make it that short) in some videos. So I'll probably use one of these banners in there too, maybe even when I'm not doing a littler advert mention, drop the banner in after my usual subscribe banner. These are all GIFS, but if I can pause the GIF at "Collect, Trade, Battle" that would be so perfect. If I can't "pause" the GIF how I need it, I'll add a blurb directly in FCP above or on it, saying those exact words. That way I'm not modifying that actual image.

wow these are great!

Thanks for these banners, I'm using it in my last post, it is about a SM card giveaway!

Please, check it out!

Cool banners! This is a great idea, thanks!

Wow. This is great again to hear about