Calling All Affiliates - Get in as early as you can!

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Steem Monsters is experiencing exceptional growth right now, and we want to pour some gasoline on that fire. We're opening up an Affiliate Program that you can take part in.

What's an Affiliate Program?

The casino industry basically pioneered these. A sales agent helps bring in new players. When a player makes their first purchase their account is tagged with the agent's code. From then on, all purchased packs made by that account will provide a 5% referral fee back to the agent.

The skinny: sign up your friends to buy Steem Monsters packs and get 5% of what they spend...for life!

Note that only new players will count, meaning it must be the first time they have logged in with their Steem account on in order for them to be tagged as your referral.

Essentially, we're inviting all of you to be sales agents for this game

This game is in it's infancy. As it grows and expands we anticipate a huge number of people playing Steem Monsters and buying packs. We're going to do everything we can to ensure that happens. Getting in at the start is the single best time to try to collect lifetime payments from your friends, family, and network that choose to play.

What's it cost?

It costs nothing for you to join.

What's it pay?

You'll get paid 5% of whatever your referrals spend on card packs for life! Whenever one of your referrals makes a Booster or Starter pack purchase, 5% of the purchase amount will be automatically transferred to your account in either STEEM or SBD.

How do I start?

Simply modify the following link to your Steem account and get started (replace aggroed with your Steem account, without the @ symbol).

When does it begin?

It just did!

How do I use this thing?

Step 1. Modify the link so it works for your account
example: yabapmatt would put in

Be sure to stick with lowercase.

Step 2. Tell your friend about a fun new game they should join called Steem Monsters and talk about how to get a starter pack.

Step 3. Give them your modified link.

Step 4. They purchase a starter pack and booster packs.

Step 5. Profit and repeat.

Professional Standards

While we welcome everyone to have an opportunity to earn by promoting this game we have some standards that you need to follow:

  1. Don't be aggressive and pushy with sales
  2. Try to be a consultant and help people learn about the game. Treat them as a friend and teach them about why Steem and Steem Monsters is cool.
  3. Inappropriate link dumping isn't ok. Before you post a link in an online group that's not designed for it, ask permission.
  4. You're an ambassador for this game and we all have a stake in it's success. Treat others like people rather than money. You'll be more financially successful that way anyway.

Right to change policy and remove bad actors

Steem Monsters is trying to be as decentralized as possible in its approach. If we're unsuccessful, or the community deems this approach unfitting, we'll change it, and likely try again through whitelisting.

If you act inappropriately per the guidelines above we reserve the right to remove your Steem account from being able to earn affiliate rewards through affiliate links going forward and remove you from any accounts referred in the past.

Any form of hate speech, sexual reference, insult, physical threats, emotional abuse, or treating others badly while acting as an affiliate will get you removed from the list. Steem Monsters officers are the final arbiters of this.

Visit the Steem Monsters Kickstarter and Become a Backer!!!

Visit the Steem Monsters Fundition and Become a Backer!!!

Steem Monsters Contact Info
Official Account: @steemmonsters


This has really made my day! #thankguys #samemoon



Anyone would think that it is only to invite people to play, remember, always teach the importance of the keys, if they lose they lose their accounts, and there is no way to get it back, safety first, it is not trying to make as many referrals as possible , is to look for the users you invite to stay and enjoy the game.

I make this observation those who are going to be part of this, remember, you must teach them to use steemit, the keys, and of course the game.

This is EXTREMELY interesting and this might make it the right time to start treating this like a business.

It incentivisses getting people signed up and in turn getting people buying or using steem. Amazing, this might just be the rocket that takes Steem to the moon.

nicely done! an affiliate link :) was already planning on spending some money on ADS when game became playable. This gives us even more reason to advertise. So i think that's a little win-win.

Also we appreciate the way you're doing it technically... which means that even if our users referred friends buy packs on Peakmonsters they'll still get the referral bonus from their friends purchase.

This is my referral link

Thank you to everyone who uses it.

And a cool feature by steemmonsters team !!


Ha ha ha! Great response. :)

For those who want to play and don't have a referral link:
Thx for helping!

sounds great - sadly no friends to invite

Badass!!! Gets me back into my marketing days a great way to build momentum. Any idea if you'll be upping the % commission later on? It gets pretty expensive running ads

@Steemmonsters you are kicking the marketing campaign to next Level what a great Project we have here. Monsters to the Moon!!!

Amazing! I just added my link to my Giveaway post! Will be sharing this with my following ASAP!

Is this link correct for me? Just making sure I did it correctly!

yes is correct

I upvoted your post.

Mabuhay, keep steeming.

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Yyyyiiiiieeehhhaaaaa ! Love affiliate!

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Wow, you came up with this even faster than I thought you would and thanks for giving a share back to the people that promote the game in the right way now and in the future! Continue the great work @steemmonsters!


Great idea! I will start to use it on my posts as this would be great to share with the community! Thanks!

A friend of mine @brucutu used my link, bought the starter pack and five beta boosters.
That was more than two hours ago and I am still waiting for the "Step 5. Profit and repeat".
How long will it take ?

Nice, this is fun! I think I'm going to make a video for my subscribers and tell them all about Steem Monsters. I'll also make a few posts with some folks I know and try to reach out to some MTG pals of mine. An affiliate is cool, because they in-turn can have their own affiliate and that's always fun.

This is so awesome @steemmonsters ! I will definitly be adding the referal link at the end of my posts ! 💕👍✌😀

Finally it's here

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I don't know if I agree with this. I think it should be a whitelist only. There will be too many careless affiliates, in my opinion. These cards are too precious to just let anyone sign anyone up. I think it needs to be handled with care.

Just my two cents.

Cool and thanks for an affiliate link. I'm glad I am part of the beginning of this project. It has also been fun writing stories for the common cards as well.

Might as well try it and we'll see for the next few days.

GG guys on stressing the importance on not being pushy. Ref links are nice, but being a dick to your friends to get some change out of them isn't.

good luck with Steem Monsters, can't wait for gameplay to get revealed! :D

Hey SM team... I left a question in #general and #affiliates to ask something. I referred @broncnutz the day before this was announced and he bought $4,000 of Packs... Is there any chance you guys could hook us up here? @consciousangel7 and I could really use that $200...

Wish this game will be successful

That is an excellent idea that help even more people to go and spread the word about. Amazing. You guys are outdoing yourselves.

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Nice read. I leave an upvote for this article thumbsup

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