How To Transfer & Receive @steemmonster Cards

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I been getting a few questions from my followers and others wanting to know how to complete a @steeemmonsters card transaction. In this post I will explain how you can Gift and / or receive @steemmonster Cards using the official site

How To Transfer Steem-Monster Cards

Go to and log in

Click Collection at the top of the page


Select the card you want to transfer by clicking it.

A new window will pop up.
Click the tick box next to the card ID number.

Click Send as gift

A new option will then appear
Place a Steemit account name in that option.

Once you put the Steemians name in click send.
You may get a confirmation pop up asking are you sure.
Click ok or yes to complete the transaction.

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Note : You do not need to log in to receive @steemmonster gifts such as cards or booster packs. You can receive gifts without ever having to log in or making any purchases. How-ever you won't be able to play the game until you purchase the starter pack which currently cost $5 USD if you already have a Steemit Account. $10 USD if you need a Steemit account created. Starter Packs can be purchased on the official Steem-Monsters webpage here.


I think you should try selling one or two. Can you sell a whole pack?
It would be cool if we could use Steemmonsters to buy Steem with a credit card. I think that would save on some fees and some steps.

Buy pack do you mean a booster pack that holds 5 cards ? If so yes .... but currently only in a private sale. You would gift it like you would a card.

  • That would be cool but I don't think they will be doing that. You could pick cards from the market and buy them and then resell them and presto ..... you just invested in Steem.

So no strip poker :(

I am sure there is a site for that somewhere online ... :P

I don't think it worked. I haven't got my cards yet ?

Do you have any Steem-Monster cards yet ?

I've been trying to buy some all day....

and if you believe that send me your key and I will take care of your account for you

LOl ..... Some are worth some decent money .. one sold for $3000 usd. I found a card worth a min of $850 ATM in a $2 pack. It might be a good Idea to get a couple to Hodler. Lots of giveaways in the #steemmonster tag.

If your interesting in owning one pick the one you like the best out of the three below and I will send it to you :)

nah you do too much for me already plus I don't need another online addiction :) thx for offering friend

You should totally gift me a Gold Foil something and video it to demonstrate :P

I was just about to do that before the blockchain went down .... Ah well .. I guess it wasn't meant to be.

You'll just have to hold on to the Gold Foil Legendary until next time....

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Thanks for the information.

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Seriously I am unable to understand the complete concept..

I am new to these type of games myself and game play hasn't started yet. Check out the below post by @davemccoy. It will give you a better understanding of the game.

can i withdraw to my steemit account , if someones sends me ????

Cards don't get sent to your Steemit wallet. They appear in your collection on the offical Steem-monster webpage linked in the topic post.

so we cannot recover money onc we invested in steemmonsters ???

You can sell your cards on the market that is listed on the official @steemmonsters page. You could also do a private sale and use the gift function to transfer your card to who-ever purchased it.

guide me how i purchase my first booster pack ??

Alpha Booster packs are all sold out. You will have to wait for the release of the Beta Booster Packs. Click the Packs link at the top of the official Steem-Monsters webpage and you will see a Sold Out Message. Keep checking that section for the Beta Booster Pack release.

To purchase the starter pack simply go to log in and the starter pack will cost you $5 USD. Paypal / Credit Card / Steem / SBD and possibly other can be used for payment methods. If you not logged in or need a Steemit account it will cost you $10 USD.

so iam late !

Yes and No .... game play has not started yet. You are only late to buy Alpha booster packs. Beta booster packs will be released soon. You can still buy Alpha single cards from private sellers in the market on the official webpage.

i know you posted this a year ago but i recently opened an account and i paid 10 dollars for 30 cards but i cant seem to locate those 30 cards

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Awesome @marcocasario ...... thanks allot.

estabond is still down and did not reply yet. I sent you another one in the mean time.

No-Problem ... You didn't need to send another. Estabond is pretty good. The owner correct an issue for me in the past.