Done with exams

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Hello Steemians. You may have noticed that I wasn't making any new post on steemit.
The reason can be clearly understood with the post title.
But now I'm done with exams so I'll be making new posts now regularly.
So, follow me to get daily updates and giveaways.
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Dear @numanbutt

I hope you don't mind this comment as it's a little off-topic.

I'm not sure if you've noticed already but your SP has increased lately. I have managed to get support from a few people who seem to appreciate my work here on Steemit and are interested to see our community grow.

Those 3 guys delegated together almost 4000 SP to a group of around 80 people I support and that includes you! :)

a) majes.tytyty
b) devann
c) boxcarblue

You can check your own delegations using this link: (xxxx = name of your account)

It obviously took me some time and effort to organize and get them on board. Plus they are using their own resources so ... I can only hope that you will invest some of your own time and effort to show them your support, appreciation/ say thank you etc. And if you enjoy their content then please also try to drop some valuable comment.

After all we need people like them if we want this community to grow stronger. So I hope I can count on you.

In the meantime I'm having a talk with 2 other people and one witness, who may also join my efforts and make some extra delegation :) Fingers crossed :)


Dear @numanbutt

I just visited your account to see if you posted anything new lately and I see that you're taking a break?

Hope you're not done with Steemit and you will be back with some interesting publications soon :)



No sir, that's not the case.
Actually, I was working on a project lately. And literally didn't find time to engage. I'll be back soon. Almost in a week.
But still I'll try my best to visit posts of other people. But it is difficult to write my own post at this stage.
Sorry for inconvenience.

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Dear @numanbutt

No need to appologize my dear friend :)

I can only hope that your work and your project is moving in right direction. Hope you will come back to Steemit one day.



Didn't you say that you will be back in 1 week?

It has been one month @numanbutt lol :)

Hi dear @numanbutt.

I just checked your account again and it seem that you're not active on Steemit any more. Hope you didn't give up on this platform and our little community. And hope you're well.

All best, Piotr.