Battle Royale in SteemMonsters - Lvl 3 Hydra vs Lvl 1 Frost Giant.

in #steemmonsters2 years ago

2018-11-11 21.29.28.png

One of the most fun battles I've been involved with in the SteemMonsters game.

Hydra lvl 3 vs Frost Giant lvl 1 with Crustacean King for backup support - they just slogged it out for ages (15 rounds).

Watch it here:

I honestly didn't know who would end up dealing the death blow to the other.

It's battles like this one that has me playing SteemMonsters almost daily. It's so much FUN!!

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Thank you for dropping by 😎


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I see you haven't been posting much lately.
I just stopped in to say, "THANK-YOU!" again for giving me that Ladybug card for SoG. That card was so important in allowing me to progress and now I'm past Eye of the Orc! All stars have been completed from Eye of the Orc down and I'm now working on star4 of Prophecy of the Water. I need another 22 stars and I earn a legendary card from the rewards.

The past 3 months, I was concentrating on earning cards from the leaderboard and managed to get into the top 50, but those cards are not all that useful in battle, so I decided to try earning legendaries by merging cards and completing stars. To get the good cards, I think one has to spend money and buy energy because those in the top 15 of the leaderboard are WAYYYY ahead in points compared to what I could get playing February Fears 4 times per day (getting up in the middle of the night to play an extra round).

As you can tell, I'm still enjoying the game and really do appreciate your generosity @goose20.

I don't have any bitcrystals and don't know if it is even possible to buy them any more now that the game is no longer being supported, but am curious as to how much it costs to send someone a card. I would like to offer some of my earned cards to others since I'm expecting to have lots of extra cards in the near future.

I hope all is well with you and your lack of posting is not due to problems.

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