SteemMag – Steemit’s Weekly Digest #35: The Road To Lisbon – Countdown to SteemFest II. …Steemians Talk and This Week On Steemit

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I welcome you to the thirty-fifth edition of SteemMag, a weekly digest for Steemians.

This edition marks the second time ever SteemMag will be coming out on a weekday. We missed last weekend’s edition due to some unavoidable circumstances and it’s nice making up for it.

Every edition, I take a look at some of the most important/trending topics and have a chat with top Steemians who have expert views on such topics.

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In this edition, SteemMag had a chat with the amazing @surfermarly, Steemit’s foremost surfer and one of the esteemed speakers billed to talk at the fast-approaching SteemFest.

It's also exciting to have the Steemians talk feature again. We had quick chats with some really cool Steemians @buzzbeergeek @poeticsnake and @travel-cuisine. Do give them a follow.

A Chat With @surfermarly

SteemMag - How would you describe your experience on Steemit so far?
It's been a wild and amazing ride. I joined steemit in July 2016 and it feels as if decades had passed since then. I've come to know incredible people from all over the world and definitely learned for life!
What actually surprises me most is that Steemit has a legit impact on my "real life" (offline). I probably wouldn't have ever started to vlog my surf activities if the Steemit community hadn't encouraged me to do that. It's a really inspiring place!

SM - What has been your biggest achievement since you joined Steemit?
@surfermarly -
I'm able to live the life I ever wanted, making money with what I love doing most: writing and surfing. Steemit has changed my life in an amazing way.

SteemMag - SMT whitepaper was recently released. How do you see that affecting the future of the Steem ecosystem?
First of all, I believe that it will considerably strengthen the value of Steem. Since SMTs will be based on the Steem blockchain, whatever tokens will be released in the future they will all contribute to the value and recognition of Steem.

Since the whitepaper announcement Steem(it) has been featured in several important magazines such as "Wired" and "The Observer". These things don't happen accidentally and will surely bring Steem to the next level.

SteemMag - What are your expectations of the fast-approaching Steemfest?
Well I'm not lying if I tell you that I almost don't sleep anymore. I'm really excited! I missed the first event in Amsterdam and can't wait to be part of the second one in Lisbon now.
There are uncountable people I finally want to meet in person, just to tell them how amazing they are and of course to have some beers with them. Also I'm excited to learn more about the ongoing projects from other Steemians, such as my favourite one: the Hardfork-Series.

SteemMag - You are one of the speakers billed to talk at Steemfest II, what should your followers expect from you?
To be honest it still seems unreal to me being one of the speakers, and I'm pretty aware of the responsibility. That's why I'm preparing something extraordinary, a project I've been working on for months now.

I haven't been talking about it in my blog yet, so it's something completely new. To not leave you in complete suspense: it's a charity project related to surfing and funded by my Steem savings. As in my blog so on stage: there will be a lot of positive vibes!

It’s so awesome finally having a chat with you @surfermarly. Thanks so much for creating time for SteemMag. Have loads of fun at SteemFest!

What are your expectations on Steemit as the year slowly comes to an end?

I expect the trend of more and more newcomers to increase and with the rising price of BTC, a newfound optimism regarding holding STEEM. These are uncertain times with the BTC forks and we will see an uptrend when we sail into calmer crypto waters. People will want to brag about how rich they are, why not do it on Steemit.

I'm looking forward to Steemfest and seeing people in person. I think it will only consolidate my Steemit experience which has been life changing. I think that I achieved more than I ever hoped for already and it will be smooth sailing with some beer on top, as usual: wink:

To be honest, I hope to see it grow even more than it already did. The amount of new accounts are amazing and I also believe that the more people learn about Steemit the better Steemit will do in the future! I think Steemit or maybe I should say, hope, that steemit will become the place to be!
I think we will find some difficulties along the way till the point where Steemit will no longer be in Beta. It might become a bumpy road till the end of the year but I believe in Steemit!

Before the end of the year I (also) hope to hit 1300 followers and build up a more steady voting path for myself. I am trying to enter more contests because they bring me joy. I also want to push myself to write better replies and more replies as well. I still find it hard at times to write them but I think when you are more active with replies you might catch more readers as well. Those are the things I like to work on. I also want to build up my SP before the end of the year. Today I also invested again and I hope to be anble to keep doing that at least till December.

I am also working very hard to get SNEK to be more known among the steemians. Before the end of the year I hope to at least have promoted 15 other steemers in her name!

Here’s SNEK by the way ;)

By the end of this year, I will have been on Steemit for exactly 6 months and it has been an awesome ride already. As a newcomer in the world of blogging, thanks to Steemit, I am hoping to grow my audience even more and create more quality content in various niches so that I can reach as many people as possible.

I am(also) expecting a lot of growth for Steemit especially in the next 6-10 months. The recent announcements regarding the SMTs are going to help the Steem ecosystem a lot and it will pull in many people from all over the world to build their businesses and apps on Steem which will be a great booster for the Steem blockchain and the overall ecosystem.

Thanks guys for having a quick chat with SteemMag. I had fun talking to you guys. You rock!

This brings us to the end of this edition of SteemMag. It feels nice to be back again and I promise you even more interesting editions in the future.

Thanks for getting to the end of this week's special edition. What was your favorite feature? Do you have any project or Steemian you would like to have featured on SteemMag?

I would love to hear from you!

And don’t forget to follow all mentioned Steemians ;)

Have a wonderful day ahead!


I've come to know incredible people from all over the world and definitely learned for life!

Over time, I've come to discover that Steemit is not about what you can get but who You are.

Thank you @sufermarly, @buzzerbeegeek and @poeticsnake for sharing your amazing experience with us all.

I'm glad you found something that resonated with you. Thanks for dropping by ;)

Very beautiful

As always a great steemMAG! I think you made a new special friend with this edition!!! Snek is now screaming in my ears that she is famous because someone other than me shared a picture of her!

Thank you for the chat and asking me to be in here! It's an honor!
I wish you the best here on Steemit! But I know you will! Because you ROCK!

BTW.... Snek says your cool!

Thanks for the nice words! It's been a pleasure knowing you and I'm happy to have had you on SteemMag once again.

Snek I see you....

Moreover.....what you said in your interview is amazing.... You are very thoughtful and that's great.... Enjoy my wonderful snekky

Thanks for your lovely introduction! It's been a pleasure chatting with you, and it's a great honor to be mentioned in your SteemMag. You're doing an excellent job!
See you around...;-)

What actually surprises me most is that Steemit has a legit impact on my "real life" (offline).

I'm able to live the life I ever wanted, making money with what I love doing most: writing and surfing

These two quotes made my day. They are exactly the same way I feel about steemit.

Thanks bro for this nice edition of steemmag.

You're welcome. It's nice having you drop by here.

You're most welcome my humble bro.

I'm happy you felt inspired in such way :-) Have a great day, @ogoowinner!

@ogoowinner I'm agree ....

Steemit does affect my offline life as well. The challenges I do force me to keep my word. Now, when I set out to do stuff, I'm actually more accountable to myself and get more done. So happy to be on Steemit.

Great line up for your interviews this time @infovore - enjoyed reading it!

SteemOn to SteemFest!

Thank you again for an interesting article. Thank you for this.

My journey on steemit has been a rather slow but lovely one, but when I meet a wonderful steemian @infovore, it was as if the table turned around. You are really doing a great job boss. Well done sir

@infovore I have an important undertaking to discuss with you. Please contact me via discord: Ghost Push#2095

@infovore as a steemian they really hounerd to feel share your success story with SteemMag we always happy to be success and truly they also facing lots of problems in the beginning it's shows how much they all are passionate about them work. As a steemiants I'm really hounerd to feel I read them success stories in it. They all are inspiration of us & I'm truly also learned from them Never give up it's really powerful words it not easy to for all I feel those who really passionate about them work they truly trend on this platform!

Big thumbs up!

This is so interesting @ infovore. I get to learn more about steemit and steemians from SeemMag. Looking forward to next edition. Thank you for this.

Wow, that was quickly out in print. Thanks a lot for featuring me! Great work as always.

Bring us some crypto experts next time. Maybe someone who is very positive about STEEM price and someone who is negative about it. Let's hear both sides. Just an idea!

Featured this edition of Steem Mag in my last adventure post! Stay awesome!

As dependably an awesome steemMAG! I think you made another uncommon companion with this release!!! Snek is currently shouting in my ears that she is renowned in light of the fact that somebody other than me shared a photo of her!

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Hopefully one day I'll be on one of the edition of steemmag in future :)

That is great. Nwa nna you are truly amazing. Already following them.

Steemfest in a bit. Interesting!

It might become a bumpy road till the end of the year but I believe in Steemit!

We share something mutual, and this belief in STEEMit is one of them.
The community is another world on its own.

@infovore I was impressed
when you display this great idea for us
Let me follow you

Wow wow wow, this is my first time of reading steemMag, really interesting, a lot of information passed. I will ever be grateful joining steemit. As a newbie who just joined last month, I am feeling like a couple owner. Great idea. Steemit rocks

Hehe! It is a long time I have not read any steemitmag! I was happy to read that you were still using it as a (cool) way to shed light on some special steemians :)

Waw! Am so glad that through steemmag we can really get to know some amazing people and share their stories and thoughts. Well done @infovore bringing people on this interview. Looking forward to seeing more amazing personality. We love you our wonderful guests and we appreciate what steemit has done for all of you.

I am(also) expecting a lot of growth for Steemit especially in the next 6-10 months

That’s also one of my expectations for Steemit

Steemmag is always worth the read. Good to have these persons share their experiences.

Thanks @infovore. You are awesome.

@infovore, you are doing a great job..... Keep STEMmag alive... I love what it does

i love this photo upvoted..its been a while your not post..for several days now..its nice to hear about your new post a very captivating and very interesting topic you have.

but it's worth of waiting..thanks and more power to you @infovore

SteemMAG is cool :)
I hope your day is good :)

Thanks for sharin.Lookingforward to the Steemfest.

Its a great idea reading what some veteran steemians do here and think of steem, smt and the future. I have gained some more knowledge here. Thank you for this initiative.

great photography.
your every post is amazing.
thanks for searing...,

Hi @infovore

You are doing a great job in the sense that through steemmag,different people have been brought together. Keep the good job running


Love this post thank u for sharing love KIRSTY xx 💗

I hope you like this.. my daughter made a fantastic contribution for Steemfest art festival

Hey @infovore....good issue. I'd love to have you on my music and money show on MSP Waves Radio at some point. Maybe after steemfest?

Let me know if you are interested. If you are curious about what the show is just go to my blog and you can see show recap posts with recordings.

Wow, that must have been one amazing meet. I don't live far away from Lisbon, I guess I could have come if I knew about it. Some other time, preferably in another great city in Europe! Cheers

@infovore Its very interesting info.. Fantastic post keep it up.

nice post...

Great interview's and a bit THANKS to @infovore

I hope we all have some time to meet and talk at the event. I will stay til sunday!

Will be a powerful event with lot's new positive people.


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@infovore , can i share something private with you?

#Proud of the SteemIt community! Thank you for what you do @infovore!

"What actually surprises me most is that Steemit has a legit impact on my "real life" (offline)"

This is really epic

Ada teori ilmiah ini bahwa kita ada dalam apa yang disebut multiverse.

Hi sir @infovore thank you very very much for you kindness. I am overwhelmed. Thank you again :) God bless you sir. Take care always.

Great interviews, @infovore! I am unfamiliar with the others but you and @surfermarly are never far from my screen when I'm on Steemit -- (which is all the time these days), the former because you gave me my first big upvote and the latter because of er awesome intro post.

woow you are incredible ..
I want as you follow me and vote me please

Hi sir @infovore thank you very much again for your kindness. Wishing you good health. God bless. Take care.


I took time to look at your introductions and presentations, first of all let me steal out time to thank you for your enormous contributions towards steemit, if one must grow on this platform, the contributions of such men as you is really important. I hope for greater days and interacting. God bless

Thank you sir again for your kindness.

@infovore Let me Resteem this post. Thanks

Hi @infovore, just wanted to mention that I nominated you take part in the 7 day Black and White Challenge in my last post.

Wow, what a wonderful conversation you had there
It's really amazing each time i see your posts. i do learn a lot from it
I love steemmag more wonderful ideas coming in

I am kinda new here, but I'm glad I listened to advises from my friends to join steemit. It's been really awesome and cool where

one can learn and also make money

I'm excited about this.
Thank you for sharing this @infovore

Hello dear is there new topics coming because it's been a long time since you posted a post

As expected, another awesome post from steemMag! Words are digested, Keeping minnows motivated is utmost. Thank you so much @infovore.

It has been a while since you made a post @infovore I am sad that since I joined steemit 4months ago I haven't read a new post from you hope your doing great @infovore?
I am of the believe you are
I enjoyed reading through the speaker @poeticsnake response she inspires me.
Take goodcare of yourself @infovore
A concerned follower @eunireal1

Pls, check my blog.

My new post about Drug Abuse

With this interview, I can say that steemit has come to make you figure who you really are and to bring out what is it that is special you have within yourself that you don't know. Steemit is a whole world entirely on its own. @infovore I salute you for this excellent job you've been doing to impact in the lives of people like me positively.

Great read @infovore..

To be honest, I hope to see it grow even more than it already did.

That's the prayer now, lolz.

I'm able to live the life I ever wanted, making money with what I love doing most: writing and surfing. Steemit has changed my life in an amazing way.

I really want this to be my story

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Its my first time coming here and i must confess am glad i came. The interview with @surfermarly was enlightening and i learnt a lot more from the steemians that spoke. Nice work bro. I love you to feature @eurogee of @euronation, @nairadaddy of @airclinic , @sircork of @youarehope or @samest of @airhawk.
Am @adoore-eu, the block chain chef

thanks for dis lovely article, I enjoyed reading it

@infovore.... Pls just pay a visit to my blog I have a nice post

Thank you

Yes that's was the steemins Power absolute

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Hello dear @infovore, how are you? After that day that you attended one of the shows on #stach I've not seen you nor heard from you.

I'd love to have you on my show. Can I reach you on discord again? I'm bookoons#0015 just in case you want to reach me.


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