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A CHAT WITH @modprobe

What was it like working on graphene? and what was your reaction when you discovered Steemit was going to be built on it?

Working on Graphene was fun. The idea for Graphene came after the launch of the Bitshares 0.x series, which was based on a code-base that had evolved for several years and no longer had any consistent style or organization.
It had to be scrapped and replaced, and we decided to make the new version as flexible as possible -- rather than just make Bitshares 2, we would make a generalized blockchain framework which would serve as a starting point for any new blockchain, providing all of the standard blockchain functionality and allowing developers to immediately get started on the unique parts of their idea.

I think Steem is a testament to our success: the idea for Steem didn't come until well after Graphene was finished, yet going from Graphene to a public release of Steem took just a few months, which is an impressive development pace for a brand new blockchain.

How has been your experience so far on Steemit and what improvements would you like to see?

So far, Steemit has been a good experience. It's been fun to watch the UI evolve to support more of the chain's features. I'm not sure there's any improvements to the chain itself that I see as being critically important just now... I look forward to seeing more apps start up around the Steem ecosystem.

Currently, everyone builds 3rd party blockchain apps on Bitcoin because it has the network effect, and a little on Ethereum because it has the marketing, but Steem is the only chain that lets people do things for free, and that opens up a whole new world of possibility. For instance, I'm really looking forward to some decentralized marketplaces on Steem, and I think Steem could outperform Ethereum in the turing-complete smart contract
market too, when someone takes on the task of building the infrastructure for it.

Where do you see Steemit and its currencies (Steem and SBD) in the next 12 months?

I try not to make predictions, but I very much hope to see Steem and its currencies gain more network effect and see use in direct economic transactions rather than just being sold for a currency that can actually buy things.

The importance of alternative currencies cannot be overstated, and I think it's a fascinating thought experiment to imagine your everyday coffee-shop currency being one that subsidizes free speech rather than genocide (See my video to understand what I mean by this).

Thanks so much @modprobe for taking the time to have a chat with SteemMag. We wish you all the best

This Week On Steemit

A lot of interesting events happened this week. And in case you missed them, we’ve got your back. Here are some of the most important events that happened on Steemit this week.

~ @roelandp announces the date and schedule for SteemFest – A November 3-day conference for Steemians

~ Steem falls from last week’s position and it’s currently 8th on the coinmarketcap.com’s crypto market capitalization list.

~ Voting restrictions were excluded from Tuesday’s Hardfork with provisions for savings account being made amongst others.
~ @kurtrohlandt releases more updates on Steempixel – a platform that provides snapshots of major Steem tools.
~This adds to the growing collection of dedicated steem apps. For a comprehensive list check out SteemTools.com
~ Meanwhile, SBD gains a bit with rates ranging from 1 SD = 0.82 -0.86 this week
~$0.48 and $0.54 were the lowest and highest value traded this week for a unit of Steem respectively.

A CHAT WITH @roelandp , Lead Organizer of SteemFest

Congrats on the announcement of SteemFest.. How has been the response so far?

Thanks, the response has been great, positive and overwhelming to say the least. So many people offering help, support and shoutouts. First people have already booked flights for the given dates 11-12-13 November before even having the conference ticket and hotel package available (they will be available per saturday 17 September).

For those still contemplating, why should they attend SteemFest?

If you are looking for an opportunity to meet fellow steemians, learn more about them and what drives them, come explore Amsterdam together and set the next step in Steemworld. And if you are up for a diverse program consisting of boating, a great conference venue, fantastic food and a diverse line up of speakers, workshops, panels and night time events, as well as the option to have an unconference day in the oldest part of time consisting of venue hopping, and exploring several 'touristy' activities all while being housed in the official SteemFest hotel, you should definitely block your schedule for SteemFest!

How can steemians support you?

Thanks for asking, as said, we've been kind of overwhelmed by the offer to help, which is great to feel those positive vibes and ideas, but the event cannot work efficiently if for example 100 people are there 'helping out'. Nevertheless that vibe is great and I hope it will be there during the event in forms of respecting each other and opening doors for each other.

If people have other ideas for helping, I strongly suggest them to first check with me before undertaking actions by themselves to prevent disappointment after having put effort into something which might: not fit the schedule, the design, the need... Please don't get me wrong, again, I really love this vibe of positivity and energy, but it just needs to fit.

So, supporting SteemFest works best by:

  1. Coming to SteemFest by buying a ticket. There is the option to buy the regular ticket (1/4 of the costprice per person) or you can pick one of the support level tickets, which are more expensive but help us cover the costs. Any abundance on the budget will go directly into the Travel Reimbursement Fund which we will post about in the coming week: Less wealthy Steemians can apply to get a SBD/Mile travelled reimbursed.
    Of course you are free to donate Steem / SBD to @steemfest for this cause.

  2. Promoting the event by telling your friends about it and referring to the official @steemfest account as well as the website http://steemfest.com.

  3. Following the @steemfest account.

SteemFest Tickets Giveaway

I’m so excited about the SteemFest and I can’t wait to see lots of awesome Steemians… So I thought it would be cool to give out SteemFest Tickets to deserving Steemians….

I’ve got 3 tickets to give out this month…. And I really don’t have any criteria for dishing them out… So just drop a comment on this weekend’s issue either on page 1 or 2 and you just might get a free Steemfest ticket. (A regular ticket goes for 111 euros - 144 SD).

--> Page 1

If you've got any suggestions, please make a comment using the reply box below or send a message to me on steemit.chat @infovore.
Would love to hear from you.
Ooh. And don’t forget to follow my blog. ;)

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Since there is no criteria for the winning of the steemfest tickets I will make this comment about what it would mean to me to be gifted one.

This isn't a comment for people to pity me (i take responsibility for my many foolish financial decisions). I am cutrently solely supported by my parents an steemit. I'm in debt to my parents well over $5,000 and a bank account with no commas in it.

Getting to this event will require great sacrifice from me, so i will make every minute of my time their. Blogging on steemit is what i want to do full time. I love the flexibility, creativity and fellow steemians i'm able to meet.

I know that being at this fest will give me credibility with people i talk about steemit with. Only someone taking this platform seriously would pay their way to a conference like this. And to be able to tell others that ppl you've never met have helped you with funding this trip shows the real heart and community that I love about steemit.

I hope I am selected to win a ticket, but even if I am not selected, I hope that those who are will take advantage of such a generous gift from you @infovore - I hope to not need to max out a credit card to get to amsterdam, but if that is what it takes, i will seriously weigh that option.

You are a very valuable member of steemit. That is not meant as flattery, but I've seen you help many users and promote their work and I love the selfless acts you do. The people I most want to be successful are usually those who care least about gaining the most rewards, and most about helping other users achieve their goals.

In a world of selfish people and corporations, it's great to see people taking the path less traveled.

Thank you @infovore


Wow. This literally the best thing I've read this week. Im honored to know you have kind thoughts about me.. I would certainly love to see you there! Its people like you that make steemit such a wonderful place to be in...

And you wont need to max out that credit card.. ;)


I greatly appreciate the kind words @infovore it's been quite a while since I've seen any comments I've made make more than a dollar, even though I believe commenting (especially for new users, is vital). If the core users that have the best interests of steemit at heart attend this festival, the sky is the limit

I already got my ticket...but

Give them out to the person who thinks of the best slogan / moto for the festival, and maybe you can banner it up on the main scene


Steemit. Earn through your creativity


Hey summon. Nice to see you drop by. I like "Dream It, SteemIT" best.. Sounds very cool :)


Steemit. Funding creativity to build a community.


Where will Steem get you?


That sounds like a great plan @serejandmyself. Lets see how it goes :) Cant wait to see you there , Bud

Looks like the link got lost at some point, so the video I was referring to is here.


Thanks @modprobe for droping by. Fixed the link.

Great mag edition yet again!
The whole SteemFest reality is SOO exciting!
I really want to go and am going to find a way to do it.
I would really like to humbly request one of the tickets. I feel that SteemFest is very important for Steemit and thus the majority who are not YET on Steemit. I have a lot to offer to the success of the event and if you were to check out my posts you would find that I feed 40,000 free meals a year, run the operation with the lowest carbon footprint in the country and donate all the funds I raise to clothing, sheltering, feeding and educating more people.
So a ticket would significantly reduce how much extra funds I would need to raise to go.
Then by going I will be able to not only support the success of Steemit but also the success that allows me to help so many people every day!
Thanks for all you do to support the growth and success of Steemit! It is much appreciated.
Best Regards~*~

Great information! Thanks.

Great updates, as usual! Thanks for your effort on this updates! ;-)


Thanks. Glad you enjoyed this weeekend's issue. Hows the Steem app going?


It's going great so far, new update are coming this week with improvements users requested

Thank you for sharing it <3

Free ticket is nice. Although I'd prefer to earn my way into buying one. Not working out that good, yet. But with your contributions to @rusteemitblog, and translation work I might just scrape together enough before all the tickets are sold out, I hope. If I can go at all, that is. Not sure about my plans for that month yet, unfortunately.

Thanks for the Mag, and your support!

Great interview @infovore I always love learning something new about the history of steemit.

This is Awesome! I would love to go to @steemfest. Haven't even heard about until now, Guess I've been out of the loop. I love steemit and would love to have growth on this platform with my writing while seeing it grow as a community at the same time. Would be also so awesome to meet people with usernames I know face to face. I would love to be a part of steemfest and it would be an honor to receive a ticket. Thanks and have a great day.

I'd love to get to Steemfest, but probably can't. Maybe if it's on next year I can. By then I could buy my train ticket with Steem!

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Bravo, well done!

Thanks for your work!