in #steemleak5 years ago v0.1 just went live !

Current Features:

  • Stats on payouts and fund distribution as of the last donation report.
  • Feed of the latest posts by @steemleak
  • Live twitter stream of posts from wikileaks and snowden
  • A #steemcloud of recent supporters as of the last report
  • A sleep deprived attempt at showcasing steem as a crowdfunding platform

Planned Features:

  • Pull the latest posts from steemit on the fly instead of manually as post output increases.
  • Live-updating and more detailed vote and payment statistics as activity increases.
  • Visualization of realtime upvotes floating up the left side of the page with names
  • More flexibility for the #steemcloud using live data in html5 instead of an image, so top supporters get linkbacks

It's a start. I hit a bit of a wall of exhaustion yesterday and this took longer then I expected to build sorry.
Please let me know if you'd like any features or changes!


Grats Ausbitbank, awesome to see how much work your continuing to do on your steemleak project! :)

il give you my Full Support ! Steemleak FTW

Looks really cool but I'll need to check the all the links to get a better feel for it!

Could WikiLeaks implement a Steemit API? - Could they benefit from the immutable features it may offer?

I believe this platform could provide lots of value to wikileaks.
Picture Steem (payment channel, web-of-trust, encrypted messaging, smart contracts ) + IPFS (Large File storage and redundant swarm distribution with universal hash addressing). Potential is endless.

You're fit right in here! Followed.

This is great, power of Steem, taking over the info world!

Will this eventually be a site to put a bounty on leaks? Interesting concept!

This could eventually become a whole lot of things :)
I've considered bounties but I need more time to investigate possibilities with smart contracts .
@steemleak (for example) could potentially become a type of DAO, raising funds and providing value in many ways to both steem and wikileaks.
Good feedback will help drive the future direction of this project. Thanks for your comment!

Bounties would certainly bring us a lot of press and probably a whole new wave of users!

It's fantastic to see the number of auxiliary websites that are popping up to expand the reach and usefulness of the steem environment. I hope you catch your breath and get some sleep to make continued progress. Thanks for all your effort.

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This is scary, steem leak!

This is a cool webapp! Looking forward using it.

Don't promote Snowden, he can't be trusted. How do we even know Assange can be trusted?

Congratulations, is a great post!

Do you like it?:

how about asking wikileaks to accept steem?

Honestly people stop creating websites just to earn high on posts.
I know they all trending right now, but my bookmarks list is already full and i never use them.

All earnings by @steemleak are donated to wikileaks - That's the whole point.