The Power Of Minnows

in steem •  2 years ago

Minnows & Whales

I see many posts and comments that the whales, the people who have a lot of steem power wield too much influence.

I think we're forgetting, like so many do in the non virtual world, that money is power. A group of people can have a massive impact and the suggestion I have cannot be censored (down voted) .

I suggest using the steem dollar transfer option to reward those you feel have contributed to your experience of the steemit world. Send them a dollar or whatever amount you feel is within your means.

Just go to your wallet and type in the user name in the To field and in the memo you can leave any comment you like.

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WOW, you sent me 1 SD, thank you very much, and this post is a powerful way to flow :)

I did not know how you could do that thank you for showing me :).. think i need to follow you more as you have useful ideas for us minnows.. :)