Minnows in Whales Clothing

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The Tale Of A Minnow

Once upon a time there was minnow with the dream of becoming a whale. Whenever he told other minnows about his aspirations they laughed at his silly idea. Finally he had enough and he decided to break away from the school to swim about the steem ocean by himself.

On a bright sunny day with light penetrating deep into the ocean he could see a whale in the distance. Oh my what a giant he thought. He befriended the whale. Once confident enough, he mentioned his dream of becoming a whale. Instead of laughing, the whale said "of course this is possible". "We were all tiny at one point" the whale added.

The inspired minnow soon began living off posts, replies and up votes. In small doses he became stronger and wiser. Suddenly he had an inspiration.

The Inspiration

He realized that if all the minnows contributed some steem or steem dollars to an account he called theWhale and converted it into steem power. The voting power of this collective theWhale could have massive voting power for those that contributed.

Minnow Of A Whale

He rejoined his school to promote his new idea and even those who once laughed at him saw the power and influence of theWhale that he controlled. The more theWhale grew the more other schools of fish approached him. Though the "little minnow that was" turned out to be the son of a dolphin, he is remembered as theWhale.

The End

A previous minnow idea.

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I feel like I should be sitting Indian Style.

Good stuff! Keep at it little minnow!


Thanks for the vote of confidence.

I believe you are correct. I really like your post. I think you may be seeing the same thing I am, and trying to get other people to see it.



Thanks for your feedback. Very much appreciated.

I upvoted You