SteemLeak - Donation Report 1 (27/7/2016)

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SteemLeak Donation Report 1 (27/7/206)

Account balance at 6:00PM 27/7/2016 AEST
30.461 Steem Power
97.506 Steem Backed Dollars

Payout #1 Triggered!


1 post published:

1 payout received by @steemleak :

  • author reward: 97.406 SBD and 0.112M VESTS

1 payout received by curators:

  • curator reward: 55.488 SDB

125 votes received on post from these users (Thanks for your support !)
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  • USD Value given to Wikileaks from steemleak 1 ~ $82.47
  • USD Value given to steemleak 1 participants ~ $48.50

Mission success! Concept proven. Refinements, formal proposals, website and decision poll incoming ASAP.


Also, it was terrible timing IMO for a sale as steem dollars were trading below average prices, however I made an early decision not to attempt to daytrade with these funds so I put my ask at the front of the book.

These just aren't my funds to speculate with..

@steemleak will post a poll shortly regarding what to do with Steem Power, if you're interested in the future of this then please give your opinion and watch this space

Ausbitbank - Thanks for putting in all the time to show full transparency for all the transactions that you did! It seems like a great as a framework for others to model :)