SteemLeak::Steem Power as a non-profit charity - Power down or Hold ? [POLL]

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What would the community prefer @steemleak did with steem power acquired in the process of collecting donations for wikileaks ?

As new power comes in, should I ?
1) Immediately power it down, triggering a process of 104 weekly payments to be forwarded to wikileaks for the next 2 years.
2) Hold onto it & ask again 1 month from now.

Please give your responses either as votes on the relevant comments I make below , or say a number in your own comment. I'll parse all responses and close the poll in 7 days time, following whatever decision the community makes.

This decision will be based on vote count not vote weight so whales and minnows votes are equal.

I personally ( @ausbitbank ) currently believe it would be more effective in the long run if it was allowed to accumulate interest and influence for @steemleak , but this also shows my bias in that I expect steemit to stick around and disrupt many industries..

However, again, this is not my money to speculate with, so lets decide as a community


Option 2
Hold onto the Steem Power for increased influence, interest and voting power. Ask again in 1 months time.

I go for option 2. Let it grow, then power down and schedule payments.

I'd vote hold it for the long term.

Steem COULD potentially rise significantly over the next couple years. that massive increase in those funds might not just make for a great donation - but could also help fund the development of a new app or project to massively advance Wikileaks as more developers get active in creating Steemit apps, rather than just give as a donation now.

plus, keeping it committed to the network is an investment & statement - a show of support for this community, which is allowing the funds to be generated for wikileaks - and the stronger this community grows, the more that can be created through your campaign...

Option 1
Power down all steem power as its received, forward it to wikileaks asap