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Steemjet Media started a hiring process around this time last week which applicants were asked to submit their resume as a post and dropped as links in their comment section. A lot of things were modified due to reasons that will be stated below, the hiring process was scheduled to last for a period of 14 days (2 weeks) and we intended to employ 10 people but these were all changed because;

  • The department needed people urgently to start working on their next project, the complete narration of the Olivia and the Superstar story which was why deadline was changed to 7 days.
  • The steem power delegation requested was cut in half and it'd be difficult to run the department with 10 new employees not forgetting the current 5 employees which was the reason we decided to start with 5 new employees totalling 10 employees.

After a thorough screening, the following people emerged as new employees of the Media Department

The people mentioned above are to submit their WhatsApp numbers in the comment section and await further instruction.

Thanks to all those who submitted their resume for showing interest in the department. As for those that were not picked, in the next hiring process they will be selected. As a token of appreciation, the department will be upvoting a post of each applicant who submitted an entry but couldn't make it. Please endeavour to submit the post you want us to upvote in the comment section.


I did not know about steemjetmedia, I would have liked to participate in the contracting process ..
Congratulations to the new employees and I hope to participate in the following process.
Success for everyone!

P.S: If you need anything I'm glad to help you +58 (0424) (3737341


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Congrats to you all!! Weldone @kristenantai01

Thanks for your encouragement.......

Congratulations to the employed ✌️✌️

images (3).jpeg

It was a tough battle. The enemies came unaware. They wanted to flank us but years of training had taught us to be prepared for battles like this.

Fighting alongside with me were the best warriors there is in the seven universe @morahn, @bookoons @delis @peachyladiva.

With a team like this, I knew no fear. And so we marched forward, everyone ready to fight to their last.

Even though we were clearly outnumbered, we fought still.

And then, few hours later, we became victorious..

We defeated our enemies.

Congratulations to us.


So, your application letter was later found? 🤔

I thought @kristenantai01 threw it away. 😂

Congrats to you all. ✌


Hahahaha.. Bad belle 😂😂😂😂😂

Wow... Nice start.... Fantastic write....

Lol.. Thanks

Wawu! What a way to start my day...

#steemjetmedia to the moon!

This comment was made from

Better wawu. Lol

Lol.. Wawu😂

Hahaha... Na wawu dey trend now? 😂😂

Who are your enemies

Hahahahaha... @afolwalex is one of them

Yeah, can't wait to work with you!

Congratulations to you all

Congrats to those employed

I feel really excited right now.... Thanks for the privilege given...
My WhatsApp number 08023097422.

Congratulations, welcome onboard

Finally a spot to make a mark on the canvas of creativity Steemjet media all the way......yipeeeeeeeee!!!!
Really appreciate the opportunity.....

Whatsapp 08111552254.

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