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Lekki ajah, Lagos, | (234) 08023097422 | [email protected]


Professional Summary

I'm reliable, responsible, and proficient with my work... In love with media works; Graphics, Animation, Photography, Cinematography, Story boarding, Speaking, Writings etc... I touch almost anything in the media field, I presently work for RADIOXITY media and each and everyone of us is passionate about our work and motivated with a drive for excellence... Proactive and organized, goal oriented, patient oriented, LIBRA, easy going and quick to get along.


  • Proven leader
  • Very strong and loyal
  • Artistic and outstanding
  • Creative and full of ideas
  • Communications and media
  • Teacher, learner and Speaker
  • Administration and management
  • Therapy, Counselling and psychology
  • Very disciplined with professional defense ability.

How to help @steemjetmedia Achieve it's goal

I can do this simply by doing the normal things I do, by contributing with any media activity, man power, voice recording for signature, song for anthem, script for whatsoever and absolute loyalty and punctuality.


Artist/Animator/Entertainer to Current

RADIOXITY media – Lagos, LA.
Work as an Animator and a Graphic designer, recording my voice for movie score, sketching out story boards and resketching it on PC, handling the camera once in a while if necessary (Photography/Cinematography), taking part in acting and short skits, help out with writing for the company, represents the company in terms of talking, especially when we go out for Shoots/Scouting/Documentaries.


Studied Mass and media communication
Joint portal training and support (JPTS)
[Position held] Class governor.