My application to Steemjetmedia

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Dear Sir,


I, @bookoons, hereby write humbly to apply for recruitment into the @steemjetmedia crew. This is in response to the advertisement made by the team in this post.


I held numerous leadership roles during my undergraduate days both in the academic community and the Christian community. I am a reliable, efficient team player and go-getter.

I have also worked in media department under sounds and light, photography and majorly in the editorial and publicity units. I currently run a weekly show on my blog Beauty Parlour with @bookoons and a show on #stach discord server every Thursday, News Around the World (NAW).

Currently based in the Southwestern part of Nigeria, I am witty, funny, intelligent, hardworking and a fast learner.

I will be grateful if my application is considered.

Yours' faithfully,


Smart you....
You are hereby announced as a member of the steemjetmedia community.... Congratulations...
Lol... Was just hoping though, Nice entry.

I would not hesitate to recommend such an amazing person. All the best @bookoons.

She will definitely bring a new shape to the media platform. I have seen her leadership characters exhibited and I believe in her judgement. Good luck @bookoons