Sexual transmitted diseases.... A deadly disease

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STD which is also known as venereal disease are the disease caused by sexual intercourse, but not all are contacted through sex... Check below for more details


Types of STD

✔gonorrhea.....this is caused by bacteria (neisseria), and their only mode of transmission is by sexual intercourse, symptoms includes experience pains when passing out urine, it can also cause colourblindness to the foetus during pregnancy

✔syphillis -this is also caused by bacteria, can also be transfer through sexual intercourse, the evidence includes skin rashes, fever, painless sore and in female it leads to abortion, with this all females should be carefully as this disease is deadly

✔AIDS... THIS is the most dangerous of the sexually transmitted diseases, it is caused by virus hence it is the only sexual transmitted diseases caused by virus, mode of getting transmitted include sexual intercourse, blood transfusion and injection of needle

✔staphylococcus.... This is an uncommon sexual transmitted diseases caused by bacteria and the symptoms includes itching around private part...

Other STD INCLUDES urethritis, herpes, trichomoniasis e. t. c

I believe both the male and the female should avoid contacting this disease, there are several ways of protecting one another during sexual intercourse, for example use of condom, I think this is a better idea but not reliable...

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Thanks for reading....

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Thanks for adding more to my knowledge.

High doses of Vitamin C can help rid the body of these diseases...

Yes.... You are saying sense

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