2000 Steem Prize! Develop SteemJ.com for Steemit Freelancing!

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Are we ready to start making getting jobs easier with Steemit? Claim my 2000 Steem prize to make the first functional server for steemj.com which I hope will be an online freelancing platform that quickly becomes 10 times better than Upwork and Fiverr which are two of the largest websites where clients and freelancers connect!

Would you read the 6 bullet points below to learn the basics of this new project because I think it will help us all add massive value to our community?

2000 steem prize for steemj.png

SteemJ Prize Explained Fast!

  1. OPPORTUNITY! Why build SteemJ? For five years I have had a dream of making earning money online easier with the world's best online work platform because today it is just as challenging to start from zero as it was for me six years ago. Upwork.com is currently the world's largest online freelancing marketplace where over $1 billion dollars in jobs are posted annually by five million clients. Getting a job and making good money on Upwork is challenging because there are over 12 million freelancers competing for 3 million jobs with fees beginning at over 20% of what the client pays versus what the freelancer receives. Alternatives including Fiverr, Craigslist, and many more all offer opportunities but none makes it easy if you want to work to get hired. While few entrepreneurs are crazy enough to start a new freelancing website today because of the initial problem of getting user signups and capital, on Steemit we can literally make one with the existing users where no one pays transaction fees and all the work we do posting and commenting serves as our resume! Getting a functional freelancing marketplace for Steemit is almost guaranteed to provide enormous added value to users, bring in many more new signups, and at least double the Steem price as cryptocurrency traders buy in on the excitement!
  2. DEVELOPMENT! Will we work together to combine Steemit and SteemD into profiles on SteemJ because there every Steemit user's profile and data from SteemD would be available immediately for hire and hiring? To make getting started as easy as possible, for this prize I am simply asking to use the existing data from Steemit/SteemD and make it into a functional interface for SteemJ! Future projects posted on SteemJ which also will naturally be visible on Steemit will continue providing additional rewards for updates and adding new features!
  3. STEEMJ.COM! Using the posting key to sign in, we should be able to post new jobs created as new Steemit posts, upvote jobs, and comment on jobs to apply. Each Steemit.com profile should have a matching SteemJ.com profile link featuring the account value, basic profile info, listing of blog and job posts, and total SteemJ payments tracked via memos. On the homepage, we should see a basic definition of SteemJ as a marketplace for freelancers built on top of Steemit with user numbers from the distribution, new job posts, active freelancers, and videos explaining how to use SteemJ from YouTube.
  4. PRIZE! Make a functional server with SteemJ live on it according to the full specifications listed in this post. That server should then be validated by the community in the post you make asking to claim the prize based on the comments made by Steemit users which should include at least 5 top 100 Steem witnesses verifying that it is safe to use and giving their approval for paying the prize to the author of the post. Complete this and I will pay everyone participating as listed by the lead developer out the total prize of 2000 Steem by powering down my account for one week or making a transfer from Bittrex. At the same time, I will change the mapping on steemj.com to the new server from its current pointing to my profile!
  5. GROWTH! Whoever claims the prize successfully also will receive first access to each new job for developing and upgrading steemj.com! For example, the next job might be 1000 Steem to add private messaging. Once we have a functional version of SteemJ I will then begin my efforts to bring freelancers and clients to sign up for Steemit to start using the freelancing marketplace! When we combine all of the value we currently have with what we can do with SteemJ, I hope that this will continue to provide greater rewards and opportunities for every new user that signs up!
  6. LIMITATIONS! While SteemJ offers huge potential, the one big downside is the requirement for users to get involved with cryptocurrencies because all payments will be made in Steem or Steem Dollars. I think as digital money starts to reach mass adoption, this will become less of a limitation. Until then, SteemJ will provide a marketplace for those with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem, SBD, or any altcoin to successfully spend their earnings on Steemit!

Will you read more here to see what I am asking in exchange for the prize I am offering and/or watch the video on YouTube today making this announcement in greater detail below?

This project is the same I mentioned in detail in this previous video named "What Do Ethereum, Litecoin, NEM, Dash, Ripple, and Monero Need to Be #1?" as seen below! The Dash community voted on my pre-proposal that I should not even make an actual budget proposal for this which is what gave me motivation to sell my masternode and invest in Steem! I am grateful they did now because our community here is perfect for this project!

Desired outcomes and amazing features possible with SteemJ!

  1. Provide a clear reason for freelancers and clients to begin using Steemit. Freelancers would continue joining Steemit to earn on posting, build a blog which acts as a resume, and apply to jobs all with one profile requiring no fees! Clients invest in Steem Power to earn interest, earn even more with upvotes, and then use SteemJ to find freelancers clearly qualified based on their posts that are excited to work for them!
  2. Offer a marketplace for all cryptocurrency users to connect and exchange services. Those with huge profits from trading and mining wanting to hire help for their growing businesses would easily be able to connect with users hoping to make their first money freelancing online without having to convert to cash and sign up on other websites. Steemit users hoping to freelance online would gain concrete motivation to make their best posts regardless of upvotes to be most able to then land a job with a whale!
  3. Reward clients for posting new jobs with upvotes thereby simultaneously promoting those jobs to many Steemit users and even in Google search traffic! What client would ever again want to waste time signing up on another website when they could potentially make hundreds of dollars just offering a job on Steemit? What freelancer would want to waste time hunting for jobs on another website when they could verify the account posting the job on Steemit had or did not have enough cash available on Steem, Steem Power, and/or SBD to pay them?
  4. Built in accountability to the community for following up with job postings. On Upwork clients often do not follow through with the hiring process because there is no one that oversees this part of the process. About half the jobs I applied to were just closed with no one on Upwork being hired to do it and many of the jobs I posted I did not hire anyone for or I paid hardly anything for them because I could get away with it without even taking a bad review. Posting out in the open to the community on Steemit provides enough excitement to follow through with the hiring and a big penalty in building a negative reputation if jobs are posted without following through on the hiring.
  5. Flexibility in types of jobs offered and simplicity recruiting for large jobs online. On Fiverr, Upwork, and many freelancing websites, the types of services allowed can be restrictive while on Steemit we can offer an amazing variety of jobs because of our openness in what types of posts we allow. For example, on Fiverr I wanted to get hundreds of users to beta test an app for the iPhone in 2014. I spent hours ordering hundreds of gigs which seemed close to offering this service. A few hours later, Fiverr support decided before they even contacted me to cancel all of my orders because a few buyers complained that they were not offering to specifically beta test an iPhone app and were afraid of me giving them a negative review. I then had to go back and much more carefully place orders again which still caused problems with a few sellers because they did not want to cancel the gig or get a negative review or complete a beta test. What a nightmare this whole process was when really the job was simple! Just download and test a new app on the iPhone for $5! How easy would it be on SteemJ? I just post a job saying I want 100 beta testers for an iPhone app and am paying 2 Steem per test and a link to the survey to complete when the test is done.
  6. Increased buying demand for Steem on exchanges like Bittrex. Speculators and traders often will place huge orders on a cryptocurrency when any new and exciting feature is in development because of a desire to make money before others do the same. Announcing and promoting our online work platform with SteemJ provides a perfect public relations opportunity to get more buying demand on Steem making all of the Steem and Steem Power we have worth even more! When we combine this buying demand with new clients joining with the intention of posting jobs and hoping to impress freelancers into applying with large balances, I think a functional SteemJ.com is ideal for a consistent Steem price rise to over $10 within nine months!
  7. A reason for mass market adoption of Steem especially by exchanges like Coinbase and Bitstamp. As I explained in my second video above, most of the existing cryptocurrencies provide little reason to use them over a credit card, bank account, or PayPal because of the perceived pain of changing and trying something new. Why bother paying in Bitcoin when I can pay with my credit card for the same service a family member asks? When I already have a Coinbase wallet with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, why bother using anything else to send payments online? A freelancing marketplace like SteemJ makes a foundation for a lot of USD and fiat currency conversions to Steem and back. Coinbase, Bitstamp, and similar exchanges where fiat currency can change easily with cryptocurrency are likely to base decisions on which cryptocurrency is most profitable to include next based on their estimated volume of fiat straight to Steem now and in the future. Any cryptocurrency likely to drive in new users with USD to spend and sell especially at the $1,000+ level is likely to get included because of the opportunity to earn profits from fees on the exchange while those that are just traded are less likely to be included. Addition to a major fiat exchange would help us all a lot because of being able to directly withdraw without using another third party service.

For this prize, I hope the goals are clear and easily targeted for coding!

  1. Make a functional server that just needs to be mapped to https steemj.com. I mapped it with http://steemj.com here to my profile to prove I own the domain for this already but would like to make it secure for the real thing. I will get the SSL certificate or use one the developer provides if they/you would rather do it that way! If you intend to do this, would you please state that clearly here in the comments by quoting "I am going to start developing SteemJ today" or "I will consider developing SteemJ if ..." to help each of us see in the comments if you are planning to try for the prize. Ideally anyone interested would work together to build the best for us! I am happy to split the payment among everyone included including any referral fees. For example, maybe @jesta has a friend that messages him this post and then @roelandp joins in to help. Hey this is my post I can fantasize right? The total payout would then be 2,000 Steem divided among the three however they requested with the two developers having first dips on each new SteemJ job related to building itself!
  2. Have every Steemit profile page available on SteemJ like at http://steemj.com/@jerrybanfield/ although this currently just forwards to my profile! On the SteemJ profile page, have information from Steemit including account name, website, location, join date, followers, posts, following, reputation, and picture plus account value with a link to the wallet, last active taken from last post on Steemd, Steem Jobs posts from the system below, last blog posts, latest comments, and SteemJ transaction amount on SteemJ taken from memos including SteemJ.
  3. Tag tracking using steemj as the main tag as I have done on this post to trigger checking the rest of the tags. For all steemj tag posts, the two categories should be "newjob" tag to highlight job postings, "jobsuccess" for finished jobs which would make a great resume builder for the freelancer, "jobreport" to share updates or anything besides a success, "resume" for freelancers to make posts to showcase talents, and "jobhelp" for any challenges from clients not paying to freelancers not finishing work or questions. These tags should then be checked for in order to create posts in the SteemJ profile which would show all posts under SteemJ by the account holder in one place and then all posts the account holder commented on in another. For example, I could post the follow up job for adding new features under tags "steemj newjob" to trigger the post to appear in my SteemJ profile under "SteemJ Posts". Then when I commented on the success of another job that would trigger the post to appear in my SteemJ profile under "SteemJ Activity" allowing any user to easily see my posts and comments. Freelancers then could easily review their job applications by checking SteemJ Activity on their profile and clients could review their own job postings under SteemJ posts on their profile which would then separate from other blog posts. Ideally posts would not be shown twice with the highest rank being SteemJ posts, then activity, and then the other Steemit blog posts.
  4. Track all SteemJ transactions with "SteemJ or STEEMJ or steemj" in the memo and include them for the Steem and SBD transaction value for that user's profile. For example, when I pay out this prize and include steemj in the memo that would trigger my SteemJ profile to show 2,000 Steem in transactions. If I then sent 200 SBD for another project, it would show a total of 2,000 Steem and 200 SBD in transactions for me.
  5. Build a homepage featuring a basic definition of SteemJ as a marketplace for freelancers built on top of Steemit with user numbers from the distribution, new job posts from the "steemj" and "newjob" tags, active freelancers from the "steemj" and "resume" tags, jobs finished from "steemj" and "jobsuccess" tags, and videos explaining how to use SteemJ from YouTube. Anyone visiting should then be able to immediately understand the purpose of SteemJ, see that active jobs are being posted, view completed jobs, and browse freelancers available for hiring in resumes meaning that we would essentially have immediate full functionally!
  6. Be willing to continue improving steemj.com with ongoing improvements and updates! For this post as the first SteemJ newjob post, I am hoping to build an ongoing relationship with a developer or team of developers to make SteemJ a ten times better platform than Upwork or Fiverr. To do that we will need to continue developing features like private messaging, job filtering, and suggested freelancers/clients to make the best user experience. I am hoping to start with this prize being paid out and continue offering further rewards such as 1,000 Steem to add private messaging. What might prove even more profitable for the developer would be the chance to post updates about this project which might be worth $1,000 each if they get similar upvotes as existing projects like ChainBB have. You certainly would have my upvote for every update and your own at least ...

Thank you for reviewing all of the exciting potential for SteemJ!

Will you help me make this a reality by contributing your support as an upvote or talking to a developer friend to bring them onboard or by participating as the lead/contributing developer on this project because your support will help us all benefit from SteemJ?

If you thought this was the end, I think after all the comments I read on my YouTube videos yesterday there is one more key point to address which are the downsides and limitations we face in making this. I prefer to see the big picture which usually includes the problems before I go into something.

Here is a list of the challenges I see for building SteemJ into the best freelancing marketplace.

  1. I have no deep relationships with any of the existing developers of amazing Steemit tools which led me to just post this up here instead of asking them directly because I need your help to make the connection. I am hoping to work with @jesta or @roelandp or @riverhead or @furion or @roadscape or @xeroc or @someguy123 or @originate or @blueorgy or @klye or @bitcoiner or @thecryptofiend or @fabien or @ausbitbank or @shaunmza or @ontofractal or @penguinpablo or @heimindanger or @originate or @arcange or @elyaque or @fyrstikken or @sarasate or @mynameisbrian or @good-karma or @mikehere or @inertia because each of you already have created tools for Steemit. I also am willing to work with anyone who can simply produce the result! The problem is I am new here and am limited in my ability to make deeper relationships on my own because of my existing responsibilities to make new posts and YouTube views and online courses which takes virtually all of my available energy and time. While I do have time to work with one developer or a team, I do not have the ability to hang out for hours and get to know the right developer beforehand. If you are not on the list above and are not interested in making SteemJ yourself, would you help me bring in a developer that will? If no one is willing to develop this, I will learn how to code to the point where I can build SteemJ myself.
  2. Requiring payments in Steem and Steem Dollars means everyone not already involved with cryptocurrencies have to learn not only the basics but be able to learn how to convert Steem or SBD to fiat which is not an easy process getting started. Fortunately I think that over time this limitation will continue to drop and in the meantime we can focus our market for those already in the crypto world. It is good to start out with a niche of clearly specified users and then with growth expand into the more general public. That said, only transacting in Steem and SBD in the short term eliminates probably 98% of our potential total users because many people will probably not even sign up if they know they have to go through a new process to cash out and many might even be quick to suggest it is a scam or ponzi scheme from contempt prior to investigation.
  3. Wide open job posts means potential problems from new clients getting thousands of upvotes on job posts where they never actually hire anyone to freelancers offering to sell illegal services. Fiverr got a lot of its early growth off of its fake Facebook likes and bot YouTube video views services. I know because the first profitable services I offered in my business online consisted of finding customers that wanted these services where I charged hundreds of dollars to deliver the same service I bought on Fiverr for $5. With over $100 million in venture capital since then and huge growth, Fiverr has removed these services and now is seen as more legit. You might argue I have made a similar transition. In summary, the same services and problems that might help us grow a lot in the beginning might need to be removed in future versions of SteemJ with no easy way to do it from the beginning until we see what people do with it!
  4. Payments, disputes, taxes, and accounting. With SteemJ simply providing an interface, my plan is to leave transactions and accounting up to individual users which could potentially be a problem immediately on disputed payments and further along with taxes. With SteemJ not handling payments at all, freelancers and clients would have to completely handle any issues with each other. Clients could easily stiff freelancers leading to a lot of heated posts and frustration. Future versions of SteemJ could have built in accounting tools and escrow services but the fact remains that SteemJ for the foreseeable future would make it easy for clients to get work done by freelancers and not pay them at least on one job as well as allowing people to work online and evade taxes until an audit caught up.
  5. Law suits, website bans, and classification as adult content. With the features of SteemJ comes the ability for users to post and create jobs to the point of causing legal action ranging from big websites like Facebook potentially banning URLs to Google classifying as a dark web or adult website depending on the NSFW posts and even a company like Amazon suing if users choose to post a bunch of Amazon reviews jobs. Fortunately with future versions of SteemJ we could filter posts, get help with flagging, and work to control many of these limitations. Still, MORE MONEY EQUALS MORE PROBLEMS! A website like this has such great potential for success that huge resistance from established companies, organizations, and even governments is reasonable.

In summary, there are some gigantic challenges we face both immediately and in the long term to make SteemJ a reality. To make this post cover everything, I have explained some of the more critical problems I see with proposed solutions and assurances that we can minimize most of these going forward while being guaranteed with success to also have matching failures. This way it is not just some total fantasy of mine but a vision complete with the excitement and the pain of building what I think could be the key to truly allow our community to take over in place of something like Facebook or Twitter or Reddit.

Would you help me make this a reality today with your upvote, comments, suggestions, and assistance bringing developers aboard because we can only do this together?

Jerry Banfield


AWESOME! I would love to collaborate by making steemgigs visible on SteemJ perhaps with a link to view the category on the top of the page and/or other ways of helping potential freelancers and clients find the gigs already posted!

I was thinking exactly about steemgigs when a friend sent me the video. I develop but not yet for steemit but I would love to collaborate! Problem is I work fulltime in IT. Lol. What is the timeline on this?

Anyway, going back to steemgigs, they already have a few categories on there that would be helpful in making steemj.com.

The collaboration would be epic! Excellent plan!

@jerrybanfield, interesting idea.. I'll give it some thoughts.. a lot to read ;)

I will consider developing SteemJ if I figured out how much work it would be to get there from my current project, Insteem

@sarasate thank you very much for considering developing SteemJ because you are the first to express interest and provide validation as an existing Steemit developer that this is worth considering! If you would like to get started or talk more privately about it, would you please direct message me on steemit.chat if you have an account there?

Good morning, I'll ping you later today on the chat..

you rock! its amazing that you both can do a real new plataform so anyone can be a freelancer doing minimal or complex works depending of the offers, with this projects merged you could build a real international strong community

Jerry I love you!!!

still developing, happy family

The bounty only for backend part? Someone already doing the client?

This is useful, thanks !

What a fantastic idea and so appreciative of your support and initiative to get it going. I would love to see it completed and would probably use it too!

@sweetsssj thank you very much for saying you would probably use it and that you would love to see it completed because with all that you have done for us here on Steemit you give me courage to see this project through even if I need to learn to code myself!

This is a great idea!

@exyle already expressed in one of his videos that for a blockchain to work, you would need some type of economy operating on top.

What you have in mind could be the killer app in making this blockchain a fully operational economy.

Having said that...

You also want to have a look at Ethlance, a Upwork platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

I do like the Ethlance platform, but having to pay for transacting with the site doesn't make it very user friendly.

I agree with you that this type of platform might actually work better on the Steem blockchain.

Still a very interesting project though:


Thank you for sharing your feedback here because this is the first comment I read and I have so much passion about this idea I was afraid to even read the comments or see the votes on the post! https://ethlance.com/ is awesome and I am grateful you shared this with me because this is the first I had heard of it! I feel good about the proposal after seeing ethlance because on Steemit we can truly offer no fees and have a simple process!

I really love the concept of a decentralized Upwork.

I used Ethlance before, but having to pay to update your profile really is not user friendly.

Let's do this on the Steem blockchain!

yeah anyone could offer minimal jobs or tasks without cost in steemit but someday it will need a secure pay that hold the money till complete

This is actually a good point. Fortunately the Steem blockchain already has this enabled as far as I understand, there's just no good user interface for it. You should definitely add this to your request @jerrybanfield , or add it to your development timeline. Again, I'm no developer, but I know smart contracts and escrow are available but underdeveloped tools. @good-karma has begun working on this for his eSteem app as shown here. I do think an escrow system will be necessary to make the site feel trustworthy and legitimate.

Feedbacks are important for steemit. so voted

yeah, right answer ,

Freelancing in steemit could make steemit more active.
Like paying someone to comment, even if its just a job but it could attract another steemian to comment too.

This idea makes us could gain more and make more friends. Because we will have a connection by having a client.

I cant wait to see what will happen to steemit in the future.

I think this is a great Idea, I myself have been working on a freelancer site, freelancer.com fro the last 8 months. I wrote a story about it here


I would love to help you with this idea and participate in steemj.com

@benlearns thank you very much for sharing your story from freelancer.com here and offering your support here! Would you follow up with me via private message on steemit.chat to @jerrybanfield?

hey @benlearns what tutorial do you think is good for beginners who dont know programming for python? I would love to learn python

I actually started learning with codecademy, they have a free python course, after that I mostly googled things that I didn't know while I was programming.

Also Udemy is a great place to learn more about programming. I made a post about it here


And if you follow me I will probably be posting more about python and the steemit api

Great ideas, we appreciate you doing such a great job and promoting STEEM, hopefully we can take it to the next level.

Fantastic idea - good luck with getting this off the ground

Thank you I am excited to give it a shot because this is my biggest idea out of everything which makes it scary to even try!

Jerry, you are full of great ideas. Thank you so much for being an ambassador for this great platform.

Yep.. Awesome job!

Good post!


Thank you for promoting Steemit! You're one of our greatest assets, that's for sure!

I was very excited when you told me about this on Wednesday @jerrybanfield! I am very happy to see that the Steem community is excited for it as well! It must feel so much better being able to share your idea with the entire community! Very proud! Best of luck getting a developer!

Thank you Albert because I just realized here that if no one else is willing to develop this, I will learn what I need to and do it myself. This project is my "shoot for the moon" idea and I will make sure I give it everything I can even if I need to learn to code for it!

Seems like more of a cohesive platform than steemgigs , as freelancer im excited for this

@jerrybanfield another genius idea for the Steemit world my friend! Unfortunately this is out of my expertise but if anyone needs any help let me know. Steemj seems like it is something that can propel STEEMIT to the next level. Why would you use craigslist if you can use Steemj? Thank you for thinking of this outstanding idea.

Fellow Local Floridian.... ^^^UPVOTED^^^

Seems great minds think alike. Development has already started on @steembounty - here was the first announcement...


Very happy to see this underway also because we are guaranteed to have added value on Steemit with all of these projects and bringing them together is a great opportunity!

Thanks @jerrybanfield - I agree, the more unique ways we can utilise steem - the better it is for all involved. Good work you are doing daily as well.

Wish i could add my 2 cents to this project. Oh wait i can :) here is my upvote. Jerry.

Hahah! that Great here is my up vote with you.

I appreciated and here is mine to you :)

Thankyou bro #follow you :)

I love your humour! This made my day, hahaha.


This is already a thing. With a website planned. It's called @steemgigs.

I support @steemgigs

A lot of people, including myself have put a lot of work into #steemgigs. Wouldn't it be better to put your support behind an already existing project that fits your description perfectly?

@thatsweeneyguy thank you for sharing @steemgigs with me because today is the first time I had heard of it! What I hope to do is provide built in support for steemgigs in SteemJ because this way we can both provide support and build something new!

@jerrybanfield i watch all your you tube videos& sometimes study them again for maybe hours and read all your articles , i really need to first thank you so much for spending the time & effort collecting attention to this wonderful project

Your announcment today beats @markcuban
#Unikrn upcoming eSports ICO " in my opinion"

Finally - A brilliant idea to get the crypto into the profit zone for ALL freelancers, Easy fast reliable and welcomes talents from all over the world ,opportunities like this empowering the people, that's exactly whats leading any market ,simply multiply the impact :


I can just imagine where this leads. Perfect environment for a healthy growth !!

I just joined steemit and got approved today :) very honored & i think if we thought of this as marketing efforts we’ll build out countless sub-communities, each incentivized to grow until we combine community-driven growth with this outstanding blockchain ecosystem .

Any one agree ?

I have some experience doing seo and copy writing & would luv to be counted in and have a little share to contribute


@webshoutz very grateful for your kind feedback that you feel this announcement is better than one by Mark Cuban because I was really excited about it before posting and then was afraid to even check the comments for fear of people saying it was complete shit and no one being interested in it!

Hey Jerry Banfield, I really loved to read your post. The idea of a job platform built on top of steemit would be great. My name is Alex and I am a self-employed programmer in the age of 37. I am currently working on a project which takes about 2 weeks of a month in time til the end of this year and I am thinking in what to invest the rest of my time. The potential I see in steemj is so big that I would be definitely willing to develop steemj. I would start with planning the steps needed to get a first version running. I will come back to you next week to tell you my results. Greetings from Germany!

a very good project, but what if 2 or more people developed it? you would only pay the guy who finish it first?

Yes outstanding question because I would hope that anyone developing it would make their intentions clear here to consider it or to built it. I hope to have no competition so that anyone wanting to work on it could get a piece of the reward and participate in the ongoing development. If there are separate projects underway that do not want to collaborate and split the reward, I will plan to give to whichever is finished according to what I asked here first.

Wonderful idea, @jerrybanfield, I've always wondered where you find the energy and motivation you put in your video. Unfortunately, I do not have such skills to get involved in this interesting project, but I will keep a close eye on it. Keep us informed about how things are moving.

I totally agree!! :)

Don't underestimate yourself, Steve job's job was thinking and suggesting and once victorious, leading

Your idea sound great, and with amount of coders this probably will become a reality. I just wish there was way to implement it with steemit itself maybe change in profiles and using freelance tag. I guess having seperate steemj would make it more convinient.

This will indeed a great addition to Steemit. It will add so much value and promote Steemit. If implemented successfully, this will draw more people to Steemit. You have great vision sir and it is big hearted of you to get the project rolling by using your own money. Resteemed

Another great idea Jerry I wish I could help with coding but I don't have any skills to do so at least what I can do is to upvote and spread the word so others can see. Good luck 👍

Great idea. Upvoted.

You are really pushing things forward. Steemj directs back to your homepage, so its definitely your homepage. Exciting news out here!

I’ve been a member of Fiverr, and it took months just make a few sales. But it did force me to learn faster, creating one project after another. Downside was the unrealistic demands when you’re getting paid one cup of coffee per gig.

UpWork still to this day are testing me to death with their: Pass this test, now pass this test, before you can apply again you need to pass 3 more tests. You know what time it is… it’s exam time :)

So bring it on! SteemJ all the way.

upvoted, resteemed & invited my web programmer/developer/designer brother to join the Steemet community! hope to get others onboard to assist in building this up! :)

@reign thank you very much for inviting your brother to learn about this because this is exactly the help I asked for that I need most to get this project done and I appreciate your support along with your upvote and resteeming!

Hey @jerrybanfield, Really A Good Concept ! I am Also a Web Programmer and A Developer ! Me too will See if I can be any help on this BIG Concept ! & YES, @firepower is already a Developer of www.steem.chat Platform for messaging Service. I hope Your Half of the job is already done and just needs integration... GOOD LUCK Ahead for Such a Beautiful Concept !!! - @cWorldV99

Good idea, but what really is needed is to bring Job Seekers & Freelancers to Steemit.com, then bring the companies. They all can do the negotiation and payments right here. No need for another steemit.com Why just the Creators or Developers of Steemit.com introduce additional functionalities. That would help even the Steem coin.

Anyone who I accept can hire me here, and pay me in Steem Dollars. No need for creating another billing system. Tracking of work is done between parties.

Why I am here?? Well to bring Job Seekers by the Thousands, in order to make the market notice where the candidates are. Steemit.com has a very good positioning in Google. That is how I ended here.

You can not bring recruiters in, if you do not have candidates. Most of the 170,000 members here are just steem players, and not Job Seekers.

Let´s see where this end up, but Jerry, your idea is right. It has a lot of potential, but could be implemented just right here. Let´s bring people in. Let´s make steemit.com a 1 million members site. My Network reach is peanuts: Just 800,000.

If all of us bring people here, Steemit.com could very well be the next big thing in Social Networking. And yes I am an old Ning.com Networker looking for refuge. Just yersteday I read an article from Gina Bianchini, Cofounder of Ning.com who is unable to realized Ning Technology is obsolete, and belong to the past, not the future.

Thank you very much for your feedback because you have helped me see an alternative to learning to code and build SteemJ myself if I cannot find a developer!

Do you ever sleep or eat?

Yes 8 to 10 hours of sleep every day and I eat mostly whole plant foods on and off all day! I work on Steemit and on my video courses at https://u.jerrybanfield.com/ full time as well as not watching TV or doing almost anything besides family, work, exercise, and service!

I would say that you're very active. Hyper active even. Congratulation.

I love your content dude, always informational and very informative....THANK YOU FOR KEEPING US THE STEEM COMMUNITY AWARE 👍👍👍👍👍👍🙌🏾 have a blessed weekend Jerry.... Can't wait to see $10 Steem

..real interesting..have to keep myself more occupied with the whole stuff..meanwhile..thank you and steem on..

WOW, this be a large and great project. If someone can set this up, it will be great for the community!

@jerrybanfield is not that difficult to do it, but u may need more funding , if I understand right is going to be like craigslist but instead of signup u will used Steemit database so the profile that show will be the steemit ...
is posible

Yes I was not sure if 2000 Steem would be enough for funding and will plan either to increase funding if 2000 Steem is not enough or learn to code well enough to get the site function myself!

i wish i could code

There is a course online called "If you can cook, you can code" which inspires me because I cannot currently code much but I believe I have the ability to learn it!

Great idea Jerry!
I think when it comes to getting clients to come to Steemit, won't be as hard as you think.
When you consider upwork charges the customer and the frelancer both a fee. With Steemit, both parties would be ahead from the start. The only fee's would be when they bought Steem at the exchange, vs upwork charges them fee's, and the freelancer being charged 20% by upwork.
I stop doing work on upwork just for that reason.

The other part I think would be good is, payment process. No middle man to get in the middle of a transaction, not only taking a fee, (PayPal or credit card) but if there is a dispute, and then its resolved, your only form of payments being froze because of stupidity of the middle man, (PayPal).

The Steemit freelancer could offer a discount for the new customers to come to Steemit. Lets face it if you were willing to take a 20% cut in pay from upwork, why wouldn't you give that new customer a discount to come over and try it out.
So when the prospect see's how cheap they can get the job done on Steemit, they will be willing to take that extra step to buy steem. Cost is always a driving factor when it comes to people getting the work done. They will always go where it is cheaper.

People doing the work on Steemit would be willing to do the work cheaper for STD, knowing they have the chance of it going up in value and making even more on the job.
I see a lot of positives on this idea, I hope you can get it working.

One last point;
You could have a rating system for the prospect to see if the freelancer has a good rating for them to do the work.
This would be beneficial for both parties. The prospect in the hiring process and the freelancer to make sure he takes care of the client.
Make it mandatory the client has to rate the work done.
By having this kind of system, you take out the idiot factor of the equation. If the client is being unreasonable, (there are those that are), the freelancer can show how stupid the client is being.
If the freelancer is being stupid or unreasonable, the client can leave an unfavorable rating.

I personaly would like to see the private messaging come very soon.

Again Good idea Jerry!

Love your comment here @probizranker with this helpful feedback because you have helped me see the value of building SteemJ on top of Steemit instead of trying to use tags and the existing interface. Reviews is a feature that would be very nice to have in more developed versions with a custom database alongside private messaging!

I could set up an server in germany for your project

Wonderful would you please follow up with me on steemit.chat using this message as a reference? I am not sure what I need yet!

just contact you there

@jerrybanfield, can't you make a post like this to stimulate someone or a group of coders who can develop a free operating system, based on bsd or freedos, that can free us of the steve jobses, bill gateses, linus torvaldses. Something whith a shell where you can choose between the UI's like those above, but without the silly fanboyism of win or mac or the user hostile nerdism of lin?

Just tryin ;-)

I am a server developer, mostly write in java. Wish to participate.

AWESOME would you please direct message me on steemit.chat to follow up?

Would be great for content marketers like me thanks @jerrybanfield let me know if there is a slack channel where this project is coming to life. Would love to contribute.

I have to say this is freaking awesome, you gnna put your own money into a project that would be cool for a lot of other people :D

big shout out from Holland :D

Very interesting. Keep doing your thing for the community. You the MVP of Steemit. Thanks for sharing. UPVOTE RESTEEM

Now I am.looking forward for steemj.com as it will be way better than upwork as these are not worthy for new comers.

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Love the way in which you invest time and effort in building the steem ecosystem! This really is the beauty of blockchain, when the investors, no matter how small, can still play a vital role in increasing the value of a coin!

Hope more people will follow your example.

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I can't upvote your post this time. You should upvote my post

Thanks Jerry for all of your research and spreading valuable information. We are all ready and learning from you.

Interesting and crazy, I like it.

I want to be like you

That's easy. Don't dream it. Do it!

Yes, thank you, please cooperation @bba

I am not a developer but whoever is, hey you please wake up and do something about it!!!!!

I will become a developer if I cannot find one even if it takes months to learn how to code sufficiently to get a functional website up! Once it is up getting help should be even easier!

Jerry ...

your videos are so lively and full of energy...

I joined steemit after seeing your video ...

Thanks for helping us :-)

Another upvote for you @jerrybanfield

Hi Jerry. I've only just started following you. From what i've seen so far you seem full of great ideas and advice. I wish i found you sooner!

I am happy you are here today!

Great initiative as always @jerrybanfield!

Your idea looks very promising to me, making it easier for everyone to start doing freelance jobs. It may seem like a hard task, but connecting with the right people anything is possible.

Stoked with your project, will send my developer brother a link to this post, he might be interested in joining and helping.

Thanks again for such support to this community :D

Bruno thank you very much for referring your brother to this post because this is exactly the help I was asking for and am honored you are providing it!

Next level movements. Great work @jerrybanfield! KaBOOM to you!

It won't work. Not because it's a bad idea, but because a 2000 STEEM prize is not enough.
Developers don't play with that kind of money. What you described is a huge project that to be done properly needs a team of developers and not just an hour of coding.
If you hired someone for 2000 STEEM, then yeah they might take up on the task, but to start coding thsi as a competition, where you aren't even sure, if you will get paid, then it won't happen.
Now, I might be wrong and some amazing developer who loves Steem will take up on this task, but I really doubt it.

I have to agree too. Seems like very little relative to the work involved, unless, as you say, there's someone who was ready to do it for free already. 😵

@liudasbutkus thank you for mentioning this because I was unsure of what to offer! If no one is interested at 2,000 I will either learn to code and do it myself or raise the reward! The higher the reward, the more tempting it is to just built it myself!

Well, let's do some math, an average developer salary in the US is $70k or around $6k a month. A contest usually pays more than a month's salary, because you are competing and the money isn't guaranteed.
Also, having in mind that you are asking for a really serious project.
So, it should start at around 5 times a salary roughly at $30k.
Obviously, there are developers in other countries that don't get paid that much for example in Lithuania $2k a month is around the average so, only $10k would be needed.
In conclusion offer $10k for starters or $30k, if you want to get the attention of even serious developers.
P.S. If you are interested in coding, then yeah go for it, but it will take at least a year to learn how to code and more if you want to build such sophisticated systems.

Brilliant idea, I've used fiver a few times and that was great. I think it could really strive on steemit.

Thank you Jerry for what a brilliant idea you shared to the community. I am not much of a coder to take your challenge but I am surely interested to be among the first users of the platform as currently I am getting freelance projects from upwork and fiverr and no doubt the fee of Upwork and sometimes the competition among freelancers don't pay us that much on the time we invest in to bid for a specific project. Looking forward for this platform to be functional. Too excited :)

Jerry, I applaud you for contributing more and more to the Steemit community!

You will find the right people to build your amazing website and help you realize your dream, impacting millions of Steemians in the next five years.

Wishing you the best with this exhilarating project.

wow!! you re amazing @jerrybanfield i am in steemit because of you thank you and nice post!!!

Same with me as I am here due to jerry

Great idea!!!

I wish you good luck 🍀
And hope SteemJ.com will be a big success
Much love

Great idea @jerrybanfield, i wish the best :)

brilliant idea :)

We are all ready and learning from you.


This post gonna blow up Steemit that's for sure !!!!

Nice concept. Will find how to key in. This project will realky change freelancing job.

fascinating idea upvoted!

Your contents are well researched and very useful to STEEMIT community.

I look forward to having it ready. Great idea!

newbie on steem.. jerry is king

Wow, this is a good idea. Unfortunately I cannot give assistance but you got my upvote and comment! Thanks to you I got to learn more about Steem(it) and not for nothing I see. Great to see your ideas with the Steem platform I hope they will thrive!

@cryptochallenge your upvote and comment are great support thank you!

Jerry i have an idea for you, instead of upvoting your followers like you did. You should select the best posts linked in one of your posts and resteem them, it would help us a looot.
Thousand of peaple will see it and follow and upvote if they like it.