Rule-Breakin’ Choke | Steemit Sandwich Contest | Week #59

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Is everyone familiar with this Steemit Sandwich Contest? 59 weeks (1yr. 2mo’s. 3wks.) and counting, that’s a good run, congratulations @jaybird! I’m probably the only one who hasn’t heard about it. No worries though - My wife got me all plummed up!

She said “you should enter this sandwich contest.” I didn’t even open the contest page - Nope! I did what every other half-brained human that stands when they pee and is married to a 10 would do. “Hu?? ‘Squirrel!’ Who said w-where happened w-w-what?” As I repeatedly jumped while simultaneously reaching toward the ceiling I asked her “how high??” I paused momentarily to lace up my shoes, the non-slip ones, of course! “Whatever you say! What kinda sandwich? Do you want me to make it right now?? Are you gonna have some? Am I making it for just you or both of us, what ingredients do you want me to use? Is it an ingredient specific sandwich? When’s it due, what are the rules?”

Speaking of rules... Well, let’s just hold on - I need to explain myself first. Here’s a picture of the sandwich I made - Now I need to explain why it’s called a Rule-Breakin Choke:


If you click on this link and scroll down a little bit, just passed the cover image, you’ll see:


The above illustrated sandwich got its name for the following two reasons:

  • It’s a spin on “Rear Naked Choke;” a chokehold applied to your opponents back.
  • I clearly did not pay attention to Rule #3.

3 - Must Validate Your Entry: (it’s even bold like that!) At least one photo depicting both your sandwich and, a sign that clearly shows the contest week # you are entering (** in the same photo/sign must be physical **).

I didn’t do that - Danget! By the time I realized I was such a piss-poor excuse of a rule follower I had already eaten the dang sandwich!! Which, by the way, was de-lish! A championship sandwich, easy! The sandwich I was ordered to assemble and immediately halt any and everything I was doing prior to sandwich assembly is superior to any other sandwich you’ll see on this platform today. I know what you’re thinking - I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it. Instead I reconstructed the original build and snuck in a piece of paper that clearly indicates week 59. Had I not told you about the reconstruction phase, I don’t think anyone would’ve noticed, It just would’ve been bad for my transparency street cred.



Do a little slicing, some sizzle and frizzying, mustard & hummus spread spreadaliciousing, lotsa artichokin, top layer tomato adding, pepper and garlic salt shaking with a side of fresh cut pineapple and you’re in! (Man, that was long sentence!) Bon appetite ya’all! Join me tomorrow at kitchen #fff for more food fight #fun. Thanks for having me @jaybird - And that elusive 3rd Rule doesn’t stand a chance next time!






Click here for Yesterday:

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Well done @dandays & welcome to SSC, I just love your post as well as your sandwich! Look forward to seeing your sandwiches regularly, this is a great little community & @jaybird is a real nice guy :)

Thank you for letting me know what you think, I appreciate it! I’m glad you like it, too, it’s bad enough screwing the whole thing up.. the last thing I wanna read is “you suck at everything Sandwich!!” lol

Thanks a lot for stopping by @lizelle!

LOL, nope sandwich was good as was the fun write up, hope to see you here regularly :)

Welcome to the group @dandays! Awesome sandwich...darn with that sign..I've stressed many weeks because of that crazy sign especially when you're scrambling with an amazing hot melty sandwich in your hand, camera in the other! Love those chokes! Looks like a real winner!

Thanks for the warm welcome, I appreciate it! This sandwich group is a bunch of kind hearted people, a good place to be.

As for the sign, I usually don’t share directions properly until about week 8 or 9 so I have a few failures on the way I’m sure of it! Haha.

Thanks for stopping by @birdsinparadise!

Welcome to SSC @dandays. That is the funniest sandwich post ever!!! I have to admit when I first started with the sandwich contest there were many times where I would eat my sandwich only to realize I forgot the validation picture and had to retreat another. I can totally relate. Good luck and looking forward to reading more posts from you.

Hey I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for letting me know! Really, I appreciate encouraging words. Man it sure is a good thing ya’all think I’m funny cuz the sandwich sucked, I totally winged, only notes I wrote down are the ones I took for the post and you see how bad I screwed that up! Ad my short term memory thing and... wait, what was I just saying?

Hey thanks a lot for stopping by @loveself, happy Sunday!

You’re funny!

I sure am glad you think so. I used a #funny hashtag on this one and my transparency street cred is on display.

iheartu all the time @puravidaville!


Heyy Welcome to SSC!

Haha, ya you did what most newcomers do, no worries this week. Now ya know for next time.

I dig this piece btw. Kinda an odd vegetable sandwich thingy ya got going on here lol.

Great colours and I like the spreads too! Is that just pure pepper atop the mustard heh!

Loved the tone of your entry as well, pretty hilarious, spastic and entertaining.

Please post a picture of your "10" wife holding the sandwich for extra points in next week's contest ;)

Oh awesome, @jaybird, I’m glad you liked it. Ya I’m not gonna lie to you, I just need an excuse to pretend I can write funny things and I’m in! It’s always an added bonus when the competition is food, though, everybody can relate to food. 59 weeks and counting is proof there, congrats dude!

But the sandwich though, ya man just some veggies. I really like artichokes, a jar like the one pictured I can go through in three sandwiches no problem. Yup, just pepper and a little bit of salt, that’s it!

Selfie with a 10. You know how easy it would be for me to win all these things if I did that?! I did this one awhile back, I’m the luckiest guy I know. Be like “babe, here just hold this piece of bread real quick.” :click:

Thanks a lot for stopping by @jaybird, I’m glad I found your contest! Have a great weekend.

hahah exactly! And hey, ya gotta do whatcha gotta do to win right!?

And thanks mon, appreciate the kind words. The contest has been runnin' a long time, all be it, not very successfully $ wise haha but successful in other ways!

The main success i think has been in the community that has participated and the mingling that's gone on :) Who doesn't like sandwiches right? Bc of this silly contest, ppl from various walks of life have seemingly been able to connect and engage where as they may never have crossed paths otherwise.

that's enough for me to keep it going for now.

Oh, and ya your wife is definitely a cutie :)

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