📷 Steemit Photo Challenge - REMINDER 📷 + My Top 5 SPC Entries Of All Time!

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Greetings fellow Steemians!

Don't forget that the deadline for entry into the Animal Portrait contest is June 7th 04:00 AM UTC. Just make sure you get the entries in before Tuesday June 6th in your timezone and should be fine,

The winners will be announced on June 9th!

Over the weeks we've seen so many brilliant images, it's really hard to pick my favourites. But, I'll give it a shot.

Some photographers have moved on, and some have stayed on Steemit. Make sure that you follow the active photographers that are shown here, and with every SPC edition!

Here are my Top 5 entries of all time! (In no particular order)


Submitted by @avtzis.petros 1st place SPC26 Shadows II


Submitted by @homeartpictures 2nd place SPC29 Reptiles


Submitted by @jasondaum 2nd place of SPC10 Minimalism


Submitted by @idonteven 2nd place SPC 3 Desolation


Submitted by @sharker winner of SPC1 Animal Portrait

We all remember our first, right?!? This was the first place entry of the first Steemit Photo Challenge on 25th July 2016, almost a year ago! It stood out to me immediately, and it remains high up as one of my favourites.

Which images left a lasting impression on you?

Which were your absolute favourites throughout the SPC? What was your favourite theme?

Leave a link in the comments.

See you again on June 8th!


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Thanks for the reminder on the Animal Portrait theme. I hope to be able to post one, if I can retrieve the photos from my crashed computer!?!

Thanks for sharing your favourites of all time with us too.

Namaste :)

Great! looking forward to see others

I'm glad I'm one of your favorites. Thank you very much my friend! You are doing a wonderful job!...

very very nice post @jamtaylor, pleas help me visit my post.......! thanks

how do you put the little camera icon in your title like that

Emojis! Im using a macbook and you hold cntrl + command and then hit the spacebar. It brings up the emoji menu

TIL something! I was just copy+pasting from other places!

And knowing is half the battle. 💫
Glad I could help @jamtaylor!
P.S. - I was away from steemit for a few months. Have you ever done a "creepy" SPC topic? Some of your favorites have a creepy vibe to them.

We've done 'Desolation' which had the most creepy entries. Creepy / depressing / macabre is one of my favourite categories... Stark realism, along with nature and minimalism.

Yeah, it sounds like we're cut from the same log when it comes to photography preferences. I can't wait for the next round of 'desolation' or 'abandoned' or something. I've got droves of material! My first animals entry for the current SPC almost got me killed btw. lol 🐍

This place is pretty competitive. I have participated on the Steam it photo challenge for the Animal Portrait.
The competition is very high. how does the winners get selected? Is it by number of like?

The competition is pretty steep! Winners are selected by the judge based on various criteria, but at the end of the day it still will come down to personal taste and aesthetics, which is why I try to get guest judges in often so that it is not biased to one set of ideals.

Sounds pretty cool. Ill keep entering hopefully one day I might make the honorable mention. :)

thank you for your post

Congratulations to you @jamtaylor and to the curators of this great contest! 😊

Very nice pictures!

I like #2 by @idonteven! Truthfully though, I'm kind of biased as I've taken a very similar photo lol

wow almost identical

I guess it is a common stop :)

It is, but still pretty awesome. It's a downed DC3 aircraft that crashed in southern Iceland back in 1973. I think it's pretty awesome that they allowed it to remain are okay with tour visits.

Thanks! Maybe you could post the picture in this weeks competition since the theme is 'derelict' :P

I've got more than a couple hundred shots of that plane, just couldn't get enough.

Also thanks, @jamtaylor ! Really happy that my amateur work is a favorite of yours :)

very nice post great work

Great choices. I haven't had a chance to get out shooting but hopefully soon. I wanted to go to the zoo and shoot some beasties but it might just have to be critters in the garden!
Resteemed :)

Thank you @jamtaylor for the honour!! So stoked right now.

Nice really looking forward seeing all the submissions!

Thank you very much for including me :)

I like (3) a lot :)

Can i post more than one pic on challenge?

Yes, you can enter 3 images which can all go in one post if you like.

Awesome! Sadly, I don't have any photos to enter for this contest.

Can't wait for the next challenge I participated a little late

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