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Sometimes it feels like I live in hobbit country here in Oregon's Willamette Valley. The trees and fields are so green in the spring, this area is nicknamed "The Emerald Valley". Maybe you can pick out the truck farm with its diverse row crops, some under poly-covers. Can you find any hazelnut tree farms? How about hay fields? Do you want to go canoeing down the river and camp on a gravel bar?


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great photo, I always enjoy looking out the window at this kind of landscape. And, I'm not sure, but you may have set a record with 208 votes and only $0.06. I won't complain anymore. Don't let it get you down, keep steeming on!


Thanks, @gringalicious. I just have to laugh at the 6 cents and 208 votes. It's better than no votes and no cents, lol. Thanks for your encouragement.

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Beautiful photo. I couldn't see any hazelnut farms, but do feel, oddly, like packing for a long adventure...


Get your hobbit suitcase packed! :D

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I missed this one the first time around - this is some seriously beautiful countryside.

I've got family in Oregon though have not been to visit in ages. I think I know where we will go next time I'm there !

Speaking of hazelnut trees. Funny story... I noticed my dog was eating these pods this summer from one of two trees in my back yard (the other is a cherry tree). I was concerned she was getting into something she shouldn't be, and then realized after a friend pointed it out, that it is a hazelnut tree.

Soon I started foraging and eating the pods too (or the nuts in the pods anyway). I lived here for several years and never noticed that in my own backyard.

I just followed you, and am looking forward to learning more about homesteading and your surroundings.