New Job Posting: Marketing Director

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Marketing Director

Who We Are

Steemit is a social media and blockchain platform where the community's voice and time are worth something. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram's success is built on the backs of its users. With Steemit, we embrace a blockchain-based community in which people earn for their contributions. Steemit is gaining traction on the forefront of a social media, marketplace, and blockchain revolution with the goal of building an online community that's cooperative and resistant to censorship.

Who We’re Looking For

A go getter, visionary, and leader who can develop the marketing and PR infrastructure for a new and rapidly growing social media platform. This is a candidate who should bleed the value of the Steemit platform, develop brand standards and a consistent message, and who will build relationships with publications and influencers. Our marketing director will be essential in brining Steemit to the next level.


  • Develops and implements strategic markting plans
  • Establishes and manages influencer marketing, PR, events, and community engagement
  • Develops and maintains brand guidelines, standards, and message
  • Company representative at events and industry meetings


  • 3+ years experience marketing with an emphasis on social media engagement and campaigns
  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent
  • Proven track record of planning and implementing marketing campaigns
  • Very strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Data and results driven
  • Familiarity with cryptocurrency

If this is a job that you are interested in, please send your resume to We’ll be waiting!

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This is a great offer, and I am extremely qualified for this job, but I won´t apply since I won´t go to the USA - However I will apply for a position below this position with regional focus on latin-america.

As I have stated many times on SteemSpeak Radio - We need a Sales-Force. We need to meet the press, investors and welcome new users which does take dedicated work and time to accomplish.

My witness @fyrst-witness which you can vote for here is not only a very powerful machine, but it is also enabling me when in top 19 to establish a foundation to do that here in south-america in full transparency and with dedication to Steemit Inc.

Great to see these types of job offers coming out - makes me happy!



Hi! I am a content-detection robot. I found similar content that readers might be interested in:

It's times like this I wish I could work full time. Hell, I'd relocate for this job. Unfortunately, cannot. But I would be happy to work with the marketing team at Steemit to try and promote this wonderful platform and community to more quality content creators.


@techslut please, send in your resume!


To ? This is such weird timing. I just signed with a new client yesterday, and swore to myself I'd find time to keep writing my book. Well, pfft. I'll send my CV in any case, just tell me where. :)


@techslut that's the one.


Done. :)

it´s in the usa, right?


This job is in the USA, but if you feel you're qualified for the position please send your resume in. We are willing to work with the right candidate.

This is excellent to see and sorely needed.

Assistance with moderating things like the subreddit would be great too if possible, its fine 99% of the time but when trolling/drama happens it would be nice to have someone "official" to be able make the call on spam binning/ banning or responding.

I'm happy to continue moderating unpaid, but being able to tag in someone who's compensated for the mindfuckery with a direct line to hq would be great :P

Thankyou for listening to feedback, hopefully you get some good applicants.

[paging @quinneaker , @acidyo you guys might be interested in this thread]


@ausbitbank You've definitely been heard - there are a lot of improvements/things that are both needed and coming :)


Thanks for getting back to me, excellent news :)


Hey thanks for mentioning me @ausbitbank !
When I read this not knowing you tagged me I thought "I would be really good at this, enjoy it, and serve a truly revolutionary movement all at the same time!
Though I don't have a bachelors degree I will submit my proposal, as true genius can trump time in class.
Best Regards~*~


No worries, I just figured you might be interested after our convo the other day - both to see that actions are being taken by management + as a potential candidate :)

BTW checkout, I use it for notifications so I know immediately if someone mentions certain keywords like my name :)


The lack of notifications has always felt like a MAJOR limitation and failure to really leverage the social interaction potential of Steemit. I would love to see it all simply and easily integrated but the various outside apps cover it all for the most part if one is willing to find and use them.


Figured I out to put in @austinbank as I know you will get notified ;-)>


@ausbitbank I appreciate all you do on a daily basis to improve this community and am grateful to know that you are being heard and your contributions coming to fruition for the benefit of all!


Thanks mate much appreciated :)

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I definitely need to throw my hat in the ring on this one. I'll get up resume updated and sent in. My main concern is the 'official' marketing experience, since most my work was SEO some years back or merged in with Operational Management roles.

I've got to give this a shot though. The last posting I saw similar to this required to be physically near Virginia, is this still the case or can people apply to do this job remotely? (still within the US)


Hey @sykochica, we've since broadened our horizons. Although it's preferable to be in VA, for the right candidates we're willing to work with you. Look forward to getting your resume at

Talk to Jono Bacon. He's been involved in a few companies including Ubuntu and Github

I'm in Arizona and wouldn't be able to relocate to VA.
When are you guys looking to hire someone?
Also does this position include an equitable position in Steemit Inc?

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