Daily Steemit Family PH Featured Posts - #36

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We are proud to showcase some of the posts that we collected from our members and those that used the tag #steemitfamilyph or #untalented.

Our purpose is to discover hidden gems and polish them as we mentor and curate their work so that they will produce good quality posts that further enrich the Steemit Community and be a source of pride for Filipinos.

Before long, as more and more people joined, we welcomed and made them feel like our extended family.

So what does it mean when they get featured?

• They get rewarded with 100% vote from @steemitfamilyph for good quality posts (more delegations coming!)
• They get their post resteemed!
• Members of the @steemitfamilyph will also reward them with additional upvotes.

So here they are, the 5 featured posts for today in no particular order:

He made digital art for his idol in singing.

Digital Art by @ezraabas #4 'Kz Tandingan'


I created a Fan Art for her. And I'm hoping that she notice me through this art.

This post reminds us to love our pets, as we love ourself and family.



Imagine, if you were thrown in a cage beaten to the verge of life. Imagine, you were tortured for no reason forced to do something you don't want to. Put yourself on their shoes.

Do you believe in supernatural things? @maane shared her experience on what she had seen and heard.

Stranger things- Supernatural writing contest


I can't really understand what type of gift is this, is this normal? I really can't explain.....


This will help you improve your photos captured using smartphones. She shares her app in editing her photos.

VSCO tutorial - How to make your smartphone photography look better!


As for me? For someone who is drawn to the wonders of the photo editing industry, who is mostly on the go, I have this special favorite Photo Editor that I use all the time.

No adjective can describe how her first Tagalog short story went. Got speechless by her 1st edition.

The Tagalog's Edition #1: LANSANGAN (Kauna-unahang maikling kuwento na handog ko para sa lahat ng mambabasa.


Tumalikod ako. Dahan-dahan akong lumakad palayo sa kanila. Muli ay naramdaman ko ang pagkirot at pag-agos ng dugo mula sa aking sugat ngunit di ko inalintana iyon.

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