How to get extra exposure in Steemit?


How to get extra exposure in Steemit?

Steemit has been becoming more popular around the world, in fact, many users claim that Steemit is one of the best social media platforms that they ever experience so far. The fact that it allows users to earn and learn at the same time make it above the rest. Thus, many people are signing up every day, however, some of them later leave the platform. Why? Because the system didn’t work how they expected it to be. Some think that they just need to post something, sit down and wait for their post to earn. But it didn’t actually work just like that. With all the thousands of blogs, videos posted in Steemit every day, your post may only have a very low probability of being noticed if you would just sit down and wait. I’m telling you if you want to earn from this platform you need to be exposed! Yes, You need extra exposure so people could see your posts because the more exposure you get the more possible upvotes for your posts. Of course, your post must have a good quality content.

Today I wanted to share with you how I get extra exposure here in Steemit. These ways are perfectly working for me and it made a huge contribution to my growth on this platform.

Different ways to get extra exposure

  • Commenting - Leaving genuine comments in a post gives you the chance to get noticed by the author. Of course, Authors loves reading comments on their post. Thus, leaving sincere comments will allow you to get engaged in a conversation with the author as well as with the readers. The author might upvote and follow you back to show their gratitude.

  • Joining Discord Channel - Discord channel is the main means of communication of Steemit members. Each discord channel usually has post-promotion section where you can promote your post to other readers and get extra exposure.

  • Joining contest - One of my favorite and effective way to get extra exposure is joining different contests. Joining contest will challenge you to come up with a creative ideas. It is a great way to show your skills to other participants. Joining in different contest also expand your market exposure.

  • Hosting a contest - Hosting a unique and regular contest or at least small games with SBD rewards attract participants. Who wouldn't want free SBD right? Resteeming your post as part of your mechanics will help you get more interested participants to join your contest. Thus, hosting a regular and unique contest is a way of making yourself known, it is like creating your own brand.

  • Participating in writing community - If you are good in writing then joining a writing community is very good for you. Nevertheless, if you are not good at writing then this is also the best way to hone your writing skills. There are writing communities and contest that you can take part in. Writers usually welcome and support their co-writers by commenting, upvoting and resteeming their post. Thus, It is a very good way to increase your audience.

  • Using Resteembot - Resteeming service is almost everywhere. It’s a very helpful tool to get your post exposed. One of the very generous resteeming services that I’m using is @resteemable. They are offering a FREE resteem service, but you can also donate 0.5 SBD to help them maintain the server. Another resteeming bot that I often use is @resteembot, you can get your post resteemed by sending a very small amount of SBD based on your reputation score. There are a lot of resteeming services that you can use, you just need to explore.

  • Using Bidbots - Bidbots has been a very helpful tool for me. Bidbots, in fact, helps us increase our reputation score. It’s also making our posts appear in the Hot section of Steemit making it more visible to other users. Having few bucks of earnings on our post also attract readers to upvote.

These are the ways that I usually do to get extra exposure in this community. This would also work for you as long as you are writing a good quality content.

Please let me know if this works for you too. And If you also have other ideas, tips and recommendations to share, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will highly appreciate it!

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Thank you for dropping by!

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You just said it all, I am sure if newbies follow these steps, it is very certain they will get enough exposure. I hope they learn from the post.

Thank you @ewuoso

So after reading your post on how to acquire more steem power, I decided to drop in here to see what I can learn too, this is amazing, I didn't know about discord specifically, I hope I can get it with my laptop,cause my mobile phone isn't really up to par?

I appreciate you're taking time to read my article. Yes of course. Just go to and sign up for an account. There's also a desktop app but I prefer to use it on the browser because I find the pop-up messages on my desktop very annoying when I am using the desktop app and busy on something. hahaha

Thank you so much dear,i just signed up for discord and it's really complicated, I don't understand anything there...

you can add me wondersofnature so we can talk there

okay... Thanks

thanks for sharing your thoughts dear.. i agree with the points you mentioned!

Thank you :)

Very practical and useful ways to get exposure.... Thank you for sharing those ideas with the community @wondersofnature I'm glad I've been doing most of this... need to study the bidding bots more to know how effective they are.

I'm very glad to hear that @nuridin. Studying how to successfully bids on bots might take you quite sometimes but will eventually worth your time. Best of luck to you :) Thanks for dropping by!

Thank you very much for the info. I've only made my first two post this week, so this information is invaluable to me. Do you happen to know any resources for Steem's tags? Like statistics and the most active times? I'd hate to be using a tag that only 10 people use haha!

Again thank you very much for this post!

Unfortunately, I don't have any idea where we can see the tags statistics, but tags must always be related to your post content. Particularly the first tag should be the content category of your post then the rest could be something related to it. You can also check tags here that other steemians usually used.

That is still immensely helpful. Thank you for the reply, best of luck to you out here!

You are very much welcome! Good luck to you as well :)

wow thats a good idea

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Nice article about getting exposure 😉

Great Tips mam @wondersofnature

Maaasahan ka talaga sis @Icaflores. Saludo ko sa pag gawa mo such educational tips👍

Upvoted nice post.

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