Sneaky Ninja Strikes Again!! - The Next Step in Fighting Bid Bot Abuse! - Attention Dmania and Dlive users!

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Sneaky Ninja Strikes Again!!
The Next Step in Fighting Bid Bot Abuse!
Attention Dmania and Dlive users!

sneaky-ninja bid bot abuse upvote steem

Sneaky Ninja will no longer be accepting bids from Dlive and Dmania!

Ok, that pretty much covers it.

As of last night, I'm no longer voting for Dmania or Dlive posts.

But I love Dmania/Dlive!
You bastard!
How could you do this to me!
(pitiful sobbing)

Well, this is super easy to answer but I'll give you the full story.

I was combing through my list of bidders for yesterday (yes, I do that) and noticed that basically every shit post that Sneaky Ninja was still voting on was from either Dlive or Dmania. I mean, they were all garbage.

The one that really got me (I won't name names) was a short clip from Dmania showing an adult swinging on a swing set and his buddy shoves a pitchfork into the ground in front of him. This of course led to him hitting his balls then swinging past it and coming back down on the thing on his back.

As I combed through, it became very obvious that basically all Dmania posts were similar. The best part is that I'm sure that was not even this users video and merely something he found online and was passing on.

I am fully aware that this type of behavior is quite common on social sites, I also feel it is your right to upvote it if you like. It's just that personally, I never would. Not only do I not find the humor amusing, it's someone else's non amusing humor that is being profited from.

But wait, what about Dlive?

The posts Sneaky Ninja had voted on from Dlive were a little different. While I did find 1 (yep, only 1) that was legitimate (go @jerrybanfield, you win the prize for the only Dlive post I bid on yesterday that was worth a shit lol), the rest were just people's recordings of them playing video games.

I have nothing against video games. I personally do not play them, but I do see why people like them. The issue is that, to me, it just takes advantage of the system. No work was put into creating content, you are just doing what you already do every night, recording it and then profiting from it. This helps you out a lot I'm sure but does not really add anything to the platform.

Now, I'm sure that there are some users using Dlive that are doing something productive...

Something that this platform can actually benefit from.

However, currently there are far more users on Dlive, that have been using bid bots, that are just producing shit.

Holy Shit! Did you blacklist us?

No, I have not blacklisted Dlive or Dmania users. This is something different entirely.

Sneaky ninja will simply not accept bids if they are coming from one of these 2 places.

Blacklist is reserved for users that continuously or blatantly abuse the system here.

If you are a Dlive or Dmania user and still wish to use Sneaky Ninja, you are more than welcome to on any posts you make that are not from one of these two.

Just keep in mind that I am watching and if you are abusing the system I will find you and prevent you one way or another from using this service.

Sneaky Ninja was created to be fun. He's got a great backstory (Which I have not been able to continue due to all of this bid bot abuse drama) a cool character and offers a great service for those wanting exposure or whatever your legitimate reason may be.

Sneaky Ninja is the sworn defender and protector of Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア).

He is not a mercenary for hire.

He is meant to help villagers of Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア) that are contributing to making our wonderful village a better place.

He was born with the true power of Jōki (蒸気).

As such, it is up to him to wield that great power in a noble manner.

So please...

Bid responsibly

Many thanks,
Kozeni (小銭)
Sworn defender and protector of Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア)

Trained by @michaeldavid,
Supreme Jōki (蒸気) Master and warrior for @thealliance


You’re a classy guy MD — don’t go changing!

Cheers! 100 and two thumbs up!!

Thanks Damus! You're the second person today that has told me not to change lol.

Thanks so much for that support!

Let's clean this shit pile up lol


Brutal! That's right, I'm new using your service. I started today lol .. But this post seems great

To clean this shit

We really do need to clean this place up.

hell @sneaky ninja i send you 0.5 SBD but whay i can.t up vote please check my link & give me up vote other wise back my SBD

I'm really sorry. It was supposed to be automatically refunding for dmania bids. This was just a glitch in the bot. It has been fixed.

I just sent your refund :)


There has been a glitch in the bot the past few days.
Many of you have sent in bids and not gotten a refund.
It is supposed to be giving you a refund.


I have refunded some of you already.
I will be refunding the rest of you tomorrow.
I'm very sorry, please be patient and every one of you will get your refunds.
Thank you :)

Also, please stop sending wallet messages here.
I get over 300 wallet transactions a day. I simply do not see them.

I sent your sbd postumu for your votes but you did not vote....

I'm really sorry. It was supposed to be automatically refunding for dmania bids. This was just a glitch in the bot. It has been fixed.

I just sent your refund :)

Okey,thanks :)

I sent you 0,6 SBD for your vote in my post Captura.PNG
But you did not upvote it, can i get a refund please @sneaky-ninja

Read the rules.

It takes up to 2.5 hrs to get your vote.

You got your vote.

အရမ္းေကာင္းပါတယ္။ေအာင္ျမင္ပါေစ။ကြၽန္ေတာ္ကအခုမွစသံုးတဲ့ user news ပါ။
Please submit again. Success to you. Please hand the people use myanmar. Help us.

You have right to take your own decision how you will run your boot!! I have no problem with that... Few things i learn from it.. Sorry about, i read your post later.... and in invest 0.60 SBD in your @sneaky-ninja

As you told you will return .......... I know it's auto system.. so pleas check and refund my 0.60 SBD

Thank you so much @sneaky-ninja to understand me

I'm really sorry. It is supposed to be automatically refunding for dmania bids. This is just a glitch in the bot. I should have it fixed by tomorrow.

I just sent your refund :)

Thanks, I got it

First off massive respect to you for actually taking the time to pick through all those posts that were bidded on - that must have been seriously tedious! Hopefully more of the bot owners will take note and start putting some of their earnings back into developing ways to ensure they are upvoting only good quality posts - I know it is difficult to judge a post through an automated system - but I think @therealwolf has a very clever system with where accounts can apply to get Whitelisted - manually checked for quality content and then given access to a bigger upvote pool for their work.

Awesome idea! I've mulled that idea over and never really saw how to scale it effectively.

Dear @sneaky-ninja, I wasn't aware that you did not allow Dmania posts for your bot.
I sent an amount of 2 USD to you for an upvote:
Could you refund this please? It won't happen again!


@sneaky-ninja, could you please refund me

yes i want it back please

I'm really sorry. It was supposed to be automatically refunding for dmania bids. This was just a glitch in the bot. It has been fixed.

I just sent your refund :)

I'm really sorry. It was supposed to be automatically refunding for dmania bids. This was just a glitch in the bot. It has been fixed.

I just sent your refund :)

I'm going to start using your service.

Thanks for not being another Money driven shitBOT owner!

You are welcome!

Working on it!

Hey @sneaky-ninja, I like your initiative! Only it would be great if you'd stick to your claims. There are currently 260 @sneaky-ninja votes on dlive/dmania posts since March 3rd 2018. Here's the full list as of 2018-03-18 16:00 UTC:

Yes, for sometime it was allowing them and I did not know. Just a glitch in the bot. It is not any more though.

man, I don't know what is going on with that. I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention. I'll get to the bottom of it.

I'm really sorry. It was supposed to be automatically refunding for dmania bids. This was just a glitch in the bot. It has been fixed.

I just sent your refund :)

which scam I send 10 and get 10 no gain thanks first and last boto bought

Please read the rules and how the bot works. All bid bots work the same way. The only way this can happen is when you bid when there are to many bids already.

In your case, my upvote is not worth enough to be bidding $10 right now because the price is down so low. If you bid that much and my upvote is only worth 36 this is way to much. The maximum that should be bid between all bidders total when my upvote is so low is about 18. Meaning that it was likely your 10 bid that ruined everyone else's bids that round. Please pay attention.

By sending a bid this big and not checking to see what other bids there were you have actually ruined the bid for the other bidders in that round. It is not the bot that scammed you. It is simply that you were not using the tools that are provided and I always suggest people to use. You bought half of the round when the round was already at capacity is what it looks like.

You must have bid when there were to many people already there. I always suggest that people use the Bot Tracker

Please pay attention next time.

my writing is not yet in vote, please check again

Very good step to fight against abuse. I support @sneaky-ninja in this initiative, keep going!

Thanks for your support, buddy! @growingpower just upvoted your comment ;)

Thanks for the support! We will get this place cleaned up one way or another.

Please refund my bid amounts for not getting upvote tomorrow . amount 0.5sbd

I sent u 0.500 sbd but I didn't get a vote..I bid for it an hour ago..pls check..below is the memo
if u don't wanna upvote it u should refund the sbd!!

I'm really sorry. It was supposed to be automatically refunding for dmania bids. This was just a glitch in the bot. It has been fixed.

I just sent your refund :)

Thanks! ✌️✌️😊😊

Verry goood, i like your post, success always

I liked your post and I support you with my vote and I will follow you, if you can help support me with your vote to a new user help post.
Here I leave the link.

Hi, I made transfer of 0.5 sbd now and i not receive mine upvote in post. Please, fix it:
The post is :

you got your vote.

I I appreciate your efforts about the scammer. Love you too

We will keep this going. Cleaning up the shit pile is very important to me.

Good shit Kozeni. You already know my opinion on those platforms, glad you see much of the same thing I do. Ninjas Never Say Die!

My main man!!

Thanks for the sword bro!

This is still only one step. More to come.

Till the next battle!


no bro, wrong thoughts but honest feels.. will be fogotten if it hadn't a centralised investorparty where some dude is the CEO and the CTO CFO CMO CCO COO are all unknown you know... dtube and dlive really have way more potential but we all get forces in a way to be on because we can check and control ourwallets here PLUS each and every thing will be posted as a post here
but to be honest.. all those story's and the niche bullshit here, whoever has dyslexia has a disadvantage and video content is way more liked... youtube is one of the biggest and most visited content websites of alltime while those blogsites are all forgotten besides steemit because you can earn something.... I think it would be smart to stay or even focus on those other than steemit. honestly

You are right about youtube. You are also right that people love to watch shit. If I was after only profit I would agree with you 100% but that is not me and it is not Sneaky Ninja.

Video content is "way more liked" by specific demographics. Many people love to read. You are seriously limiting your field of vision here. Besides, it is not video content I'm not voting on, I'll vote for nearly any video... It's shit posts I'm not wanting to vote on.

Here is what it boils down to. I run this bot. It is my responsibility what it votes on. If I allow it to vote on fart jokes and kick in the nut humor then I am essentially voting on it myself.

Personally, as I've stated above, I won't vote on that stuff so either should my bot.

Also, it is quickly becoming consensus on steemit what a "shit post" is and the vast majority from Dmania currently fit that description. If this changes in the future then my decision may also. Remember Sneaky Ninja defends the villagers. If they are raising their pitchforks against a particular type of post then it is his duty to at minimum investigate.

Originally Sneaky Ninja was created to only vote on quality content. What that is is super subjective I know. I also know that what I think is quality you may not. However that is where it comes down to this:

I run the bot. It is not communally run. So, it will vote on what I want it to.

I don't care at all what people post, shit or not, this is your choice. It is also anyone else's choice to vote on it or not vote on it. In fact the idea of what a shit post is is very subjective, it really boils down to if someone else likes it or not lol. I'm simply choosing not to vote on shit I don't think helps steemit as a whole.

Cleaning up the shitpile we have here is a vastly more complicated job then you may see right now. Much of that is because there is so much subjectivity in posts. Dig a little deeper and your eyes may open a bit wider.

On another note, I have no idea what you are referring to with the CEO or centralized comment. It really has nothing to do with what I have posted here at all.

I thought it would have something of news for those who didn't know actually

Not sure what you mean here?

i totally get it and massive support and respect on the efforts

be well

Thanks Krazy!

I always appreciate your support!

Good for you!! it is really crazy what some people put up.

It is. It's also their right to post crap. We just don't need to vote for it.

and crap is always a reason to get

Good job my friend! Keep it up.

Hey, thank you and you are most welcome!


Thanks for letting me know. Refunds sent

I am with you...

WOAH! Glad I discovered you! Totally love your silent but deadly strikes! May the shadows cast you in a glorious yet stealthy glow.

haha, thanks!

I'm for your service, especially if it gets my photos seen. I don't understand the politics, but I don't see why people can't leave well enough alone. It's like we're doomed to never have nice things. Thanks for providing the service, and thinning out abuses, MD.


You are welcome. There is a lot ofdrama for sure.

nice post...
i like your content...

This post has received gratitude of 4.38% from @appreciator courtesy of @michaeldavid!

This is my first day on steemit so I am completely lost but I feal like whatever it is you are doing here is good....

Just giving you a heads up that I am still seeing bids from you on dMania posts from the last few hours. I'm indifferent to the situation, and not trying to call you out or anything like that, just saw this post the other day and trying to help. I know you want to stop supporting the shitposters, and I'm not a fan of all the shitposting on there myself.

Yea, it had a glitch.

How do I set up a bid bot for my profile>?

Your bid value shows $1.61 . and you vote me only $1.02

Its some kind of joke

you have to pay attention to the rounds. You obviously bid when their were a lot of other bidders. This doesn't happen very often but it is why you have to pay attention and not vote when the round is full.

THIS is the best advice anybody could give!!

The purpose of using bots is LEVERAGE % the ROI returns (ie you want 1.5x 2x 3x etc return) - NOT getting the biggest slice of the pie. Having 90% of a bot pot which is overbid to lose 96% of the bid is not what you are here for.

For the simple reason many fail to understand although they use steembottracker - filling the bids up by taking a bigger portion of the pie for yourself actually REDUCES your profit!

The SMALLER bid with a few bidders EARNS MORE. And that's what you are here for. To make money. So control your desire & nerves and big EARLY NOT LATER

Oh yeah Sneaky N! And although I thanked you before thanks again for return my bid which went astray

Its actually just based on percentage. If your percentage of total bid volume is 10% then you get a 10% upvote.

When you see smaller bids making a larger return than larger bids it is only because the percentage could not be sliced perfectly at such a small amount and the difference is negligible.

You bet! I'm always here for my patrons :)

Didn't explain myself precisely

Whatever. The system has some serious flaws. And seriously flawed players. Every day I see crazy things happening. Bot has a $126 max is overbod with still 1:15 left to $255. Reducing the difference between minimum amd maximum bid acceptable could help stop one or two bids of 10-20x the average bid amounts blowing out the round. You know better than me.

Thanks and keep it up !!

I see what you mean.

Actually I just did one better for that one on ninja...

Now, it simply will not let the round get overbid. If people send in after ninja is at -10% ROI according to the bot tracker it will refund them not letting them bid. This way the rounds do not get over bid. :)

Just started this couple days ago.

Yes I noticed the -10% ROI !! You are one of the forward thinkers protecting the innocent, fools and the greedy from them own weakness.

Maybe you could start a BIDDER RATING system for bot owners to use when accepting bids.

Bids would not be accepted from people with a low rating which they would get if they overvote late, or make bids 3x larger than the majority of bids already in place in a round. Malicious distruptive players trying to wreck bots reputation, or the greedy will quickly get a low rating and be rejected

To give you (another) example of stupid bidding - just this minute I check on a bot - 2 bids of 0.1 with a roi of 350%. A few moments later somebody has bid 1.0 and for sure by the time bidding closes there will be an negative roi because a few more bids of 0.1 or 0.2 will fill the bid.

You rejected my bid; I had sent 50 SBD; please send refund accordingly. Thanks

About time BOT OWNERS keep this fucks money!!!
Don't upvote this asshole anymore!!!
@Haejin just wants your UPVOTES.
He don't care if you make any money on Crypto.

Lololol scammy haejin😂😂😂😂

Actually i see now what happened.

When you go to the tracker it is set to USD as default. If you change it to Post Rewards setting it will show what you will actually get for a vote. You can see in this picture that you have it set to USD

The best report thanks

the ninja never shows the form of its authenticity, the ninja only play in dark place, the behavior and the nature many people think, the ninja is mostly bad nature, but in my opinion ninja have cold attitude and harmless to others, ninja also hero for society

Long live sneaky-ninja!

Okey ninja. I want know how your working. Lets see next time.

You're wholeheartedly wrong about your statements regarding gaming videos and DLive. I spent over 4 hours working to record my last left4dead video that took 4 takes to get one solid recording. While I'm not arguing that you definitely have the right to decide who and what you promote, no problems with that, I think its a terrible assumption to assume that just because someone made a gaming video that no work was involved.

For instance, I wrote a 5,000 word article I just spent 3 days and a total of 24 hours working on. The post is a review for classic arcade games, and the videos included in the post took over 50 hours to produce! Not to mention over 100 takes to produce barely a dozen videos.

I honestly find it insulting that anyone would say 50 hours of work is not hard work. I think you should try producing gaming videos, not a walk in the park at all. Its not what people think, you aren't just sitting there playing a game. No one wants to see you trainwreck, and anyone who does quality videos has to work really hard to produce them.

As difficult as it is to produce a good solid 5,000 word article, the video production is 10x harder. But only someone who's done it would know that. It also costs money to produce those videos. I spent over $3,000 on high end PC's over the last year, otherwise I wouldnt be able to record my game footage.

You must have misread the post. I haven't tried to downplay all of your work. My decision to stop taking dlive bids was for the plethora of others that do not put this work into it. For now the best option I have is to simply not take them. Until a better option is there, this is all I can do to prevent the shit posts that everyone else makes from being voted on.

I know there are people like you that actually put work into their posts on dlive but until there is a better way to sort them out I have to keep this rule.

I may change it in the future.

I appreciate the positive response. I'm glad you agree there are many of us who don't half-fast our work and actually take pride in what we do. I know there are a lot of lazy people here on Steemit, and even platforms like DLive, DTube, and YouTube as well. On YouTube people often just create garbage videos in mass in hopes of scraping more ad dollars, and it makes those of us who work hard look bad.

Hello Mr @sneaky-ninja ...i sent 20.794sbd for my post boot i am wrong you cannot boot this amount please resent me my SBD balance please i am now trying new menmber for
steemit i hope you can help me thanks

My account is @gelatofresco


I gave you your vote. @grumpycat took this from you not me. If you want to know how you can fight back read the message that was left for you when I voted.

Thanks for your dedication to making Steemit better. Slowly as I get bigger I plan to do a bit of flagging to try to help. So far I have made it clear on any of those facebook vote groups that i only will vote back people who vote on my posts, if they themselves are making quality posts themselves.
I do slightly disagree about the live gaming not being good quality as a default. Think about the fact the the Twitch community is actually huge, and is how people like Pewdiepie got famous. That being said he brings a lot of personality to his game vids, which many do not. So i think its a very fine line, but just something to concider.

Curious, as someone who is trying to bring over a large community of longboard content creators, i was thinking of building a bot to help since we are all starting off as minnows. Is it possible to justget it to vote for any longboard related posts, and how is the best way to grow a bots SP if im not rich? Got any advice for how or where to get started? 26910417_10159992945625014_5006004455490273519_o.jpg

I can show you one that will only vote for you guys as a group if you are all delegating to it.

Also, I appreciate your input about the live gaming stuff. For now I am simply not voting it but when I have more time to actually view some of it I may change my mind. Making a blanket rule may not have been the most fair thing to do but for now it is my best option.

That sounds like an interesting bot.
Fair enough, I honestly rarely watch them myself. Usually just to see what the game looks like before I choose if I want to buy it. But as I grow older I find less and less time for games, let alone watching other play them.

You can also just use steemvoter as an autovoter to vote each other

I sent 2.78 sbd for dmania. when you return it.
??? Would you return it.

I'm really sorry. It is supposed to be automatically refunding for dmania bids. This is just a glitch in the bot. I should have it fixed by tomorrow.

I just sent your refund :)

I sent 1.4 sbd for dmania. when you return it.
? Would you return it.

I'm really sorry. It is supposed to be automatically refunding for dmania bids. This is just a glitch in the bot. I should have it fixed by tomorrow.

I just sent your refund :)

Hello @sneaky-ninja, very good work! I enjoy
Your posts Keep working well! I always read your nice content in Steemit! :)

Thanks man!

Keeping up the good fight :)

refund my bid . i not get upvote

I'm really sorry. It is supposed to be automatically refunding for dmania bids. This is just a glitch in the bot. I should have it fixed by tomorrow.

I just sent your refund :)

I really appreciate every decision someone takes. Same thing with your attitude @sneaky-ninja As of last night, I'm no longer voting for Dmania or Dlive posts.

Its just a personal preference. Know that there are no rules about that. Some may be good and you may like them. Those will always be worth a vote.

I'm only noticing that ones coming to my bot are mostly crap is all.

Hi pls check i sent 0.5 SBD but did not get an upvote on my below post.

You got your vote.

Please read the rules. It will take up to 2.5 hours to see your vote.

give us upvote in luwar payment for you, thanks

So you don't refund back @sneaky-ninja ?

vote sneaky.png

I was using your service for a long time but could not realize this update.
So what now?

I'm really sorry. It is supposed to be automatically refunding for dmania bids. This is just a glitch in the bot. I should have it fixed by tomorrow.

I just sent your refund :)

No, you sent some refunds to other users but not me, I think you forgot me.
I didn't receive it @sneaky-ninja

Oops, you are right. lol

I just got it for real this time. :)

Nice post

sounds reasonable to me !

Hi iam levi22 from jakarta ..very well the work itself is better

I appreciate that man!

There are still 3.000 SBDs out there. Please refund.

2 hours ago Transfer 3.000 SBD to sneaky-ninja


You got the vote, just no comment.

Also, please read the rules. It takes up to 2.5 hours to see your vote.

I send u firts raund 0.50 sbd.. not upvote recived

And my name is not in the last round

Plz upvote me or back my 0.50 sbd


I'm really sorry. It is supposed to be automatically refunding for dmania bids. This is just a glitch in the bot. I should have it fixed by tomorrow.

I just sent your refund :)

I sent 1 sbd for dmania. when you return it? Would you return it.

I'm really sorry. It is supposed to be automatically refunding for dmania bids. This is just a glitch in the bot. I should have it fixed by tomorrow.

I just sent your refund :)

Not important. I have not read your recent post, you've made a statement in the post. Thank you.

You're welcome :)

Use your time wisely ninja. Why can't minnows upvote their posts when it's not affecting the curation rewards much? Just wondering. I like what you do...just seeking clarity. :). Joy

Are you asking about upvoting your own posts?

Yes. I read a post that suggested to minnows to upvote their own posts until the rep grows. Then I got a visit from you and I was a little confused. Hope you don't mind. :). Joy

You didn't get a visit from me though, I think you are talking about another account ;) I think the general rule of thumb is this: you can upvote yourself for work you put into a post, just like you would any other great post, but don't just upvote every comment you make or make a bunch of non-effort posts to just upvote yourself. Plus, getting out there and finding other people you love and want to share your upvote with is the real goal of this project: helping support people so you can have a world full of awesome interesting creations in it !

I respect people upvoting their own post if they are proud of it and put effort in it. to me it shows they have brains.. people who don't are retarded and are the PC's who care about what others think of them more than having a life.
unless it's a lame crypto investment video that says the same things but in different words.. and is right because crypto ingeneral still gains hugely.. but the bigger the account and the earnings,, the cleaner the anus... oracles excist in movies,, just like religion still does show proof that fiction sometimes becomes reality when logic looses to hope and insecurity. And on h I behavior is according to you not cool or you get annoyed there is a flag button.. but that also can go wrong when a flag comes back with higher SP.. actually reputation doesn't has any special benefits it's just a number

Love the bit about religion lol.

I agree. Thank you. Joy

I can vote with my heart and not be greedy. Seems fair enough. Thanks guys! Joy

Anyone can upvote their own posts. The difference is that when you buy a bot vote it is the bot that is voting. In other words there has to be a decision for the bot and what it will and will not vote for. Just like you will vote for one thing yet not another.

Buying a bot vote is not a self vote. It is a paid vote from another account. That account has it's own discretion on what to vote for.

I agree with this opinion.

I had placed a 50 SBD bid which was declined by your bot. I have not received a refund. Please return.

Very interesting your friend publication. happy Sunday.


Happy Sunday :)

Please check your wallet and return the offer I have sent, if you no longer support dMania. Thank you

I'm really sorry. It is supposed to be automatically refunding for dmania bids. This is just a glitch in the bot. I should have it fixed by tomorrow.

I just sent your refund :)

hello, I transferred to bot upvote sneaky-ninja 0.500SBD and then the bot never gave his vote for the publication, but said he had voted for a percentage of 2.02%. Several days have passed and I would like to know why this happened?

sorry I don't see any bid from you.

What was the url you bid for?

what about the 0.500sbd that i send .. is there no refund

You got your vote.

sneaky-ninja (58) · 3 days ago
Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have just been defended with a 2.16% upvote!