Different ways to earn SBD/Steem in Steemit

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Hello to our dear Steemians out there! Today is learning time again. On my previous posts, I shared with you the different ways How to get extra exposure in Steemit and I am happy that many Steemians learned from it. Also, about 6 days ago I shared with you the Different ways to acquire Steem Power in Steemit. I'm glad that some readers have shared their thoughts as well as shared additional helpful tips to everyone. Indeed, sharing of ideas is a very good practice to help one another to grow in this platform. My today's topic is definitely interesting because we will talk about the Different Ways to earn SBD/Steem here in Steemit. You can't deny the fact that one good reason why you are staying in this community is that you want to "earn", of course! Who wouldn't love that? I myself want that too! So I did my own research and found very helpful ways to earn SBD/Steem on this platform.

What I'm going to share with you today are the different ways to earn SBD/Steem that I have already tried and tested. I believe that there are still some ways out there and I will try to find that out also very soon. But for now, let me share what I know.

Different ways to earn SBD/Steem

  • Blogging/Posting - One of the common ways to earn SBD/Steem is by blogging or posting interesting topics. Some find it more convenient by uploading videos on Dtube. Through your readers or viewers upvotes, you can earn some bucks that will be automatically converted into SBD and Steem after 7 days. Therefore, if you want to earn bigger, you need to post an interesting topic that your readers and viewers can relate.

  • Commenting - Commenting can also make you earn some SBD. Like what I always said, your comment must be genuine and relevant to the author's post. Many authors reward their readers with upvotes when they find their comments interesting and sincere. I also did this to my readers simply because it gives a great feeling to see my readers leaving sincere comments because they have taken the time to read my posts. Those upvotes that you earned from commenting will be automatically converted into SBD after 7 days.

By simply commenting, j-alhomestudio earns 0.6 SBD! Because not only authors upvote comments also the readers.

  • Joining contest - Contests are almost everywhere and they usually reward winners with SBD or Steem. Hence, participating in a different contest will increase your chance to win and get SBD prizes. Just find the contest that suits you, there are writing contests, meme contests, art contests, photography contest which I'm also hosting, you can check it here and a lot more. You just need to keep on trying until you win!

Just go to the treding section to find the different contests https://steemit.com/trending/contest

  • Investing - If you have spare SBD and you want to grow it, you can actually invest in some bots. I myself tried investing to @tipu. You can invest for a minimum amount of 0.01 SBD to get a share percentage. They use those investments for power up and the income is being distributed to their investors according to their share percentage. Payout are being sent on a daily basis.

  • Delegating - If you have enough steem power you can actually delegate to bots and receive shares.

  • Joining in faucet - Another way to earn free SBD is through faucet, @sydesjokes in fact host one. By simply upvoting, commenting and resteeming his posts you can actually earn free SBD. As soon as your earnings reach 0.3 SBD your payout will be automatically send to your wallet.

  • Using bidbots - Using bidbots on your post can also help you earn some SBD, although it's not that big since your earnings will be divided into 2 parts, 50% for SBD and 50% for steem Power. But it can help you attract more readers because your post will appear in the Hot section of the website.
  • Selling Upvotes - One of the very good ways that I tried is selling my upvotes. Our voting power charge 1% every hour and as soon as it reaches 100% it will eventually stop until you consume a portion of it again. Thus, it's a nice idea for me to sell my votes while I'm away from my computer. Selling your upvotes will allow you to earn up to 85% plus the curation reward for upvoting the post. Currently, I'm selling my votes to @Smartsteem, but I heard that @minnowbooster also offer this service.

Those are the different ways I have already tried and have earned extra SBD/Steem. You might consider trying those as well to be more productive on this platform. On my next blog, I might share with you how I use bidding bots. So just keep tuning in and I would love to share more ideas with you.

I hope you learn something on this post. Let me know your feedback in the comment section. If you also have additional tips please feel free to share it with us and that will be highly appreciated :)

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Thank you for dropping by!

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This is very helpful especially to the newbies. Yet i wish to emphasize more on the commenting.
I can't find any better way of earning some bucks here on steemit than dropping relevant and genuine comments under people's posts:

  • it annouces you — for a newbie or someone with small number of followers, your exposure is limited. You will not have many readers on your blog but when you comment on posts, maybe a whale's write-up, you may get his vote which worths a fortune, lure him to your blog and may end up getting him to follow you.

  • You make friends when you comment on people's post. There's this feelings you leave on people when you drop genuine comments. You may end up turning them into friends, remember a friend on steemit is worth more than 3 friends outside steemit.

I've discovered the goldmine hidden away in the act of commenting, and so far it has really helped me so much. Thanks @wondersofnature for this great piece.

All you said are correct! Commenting is one of the great ways to get extra exposure and earn SBD, especially for the newbie who only have very limited voting power. Commenting is an alternative way while your voting power still replenishing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

You are most welcome. I enjoy reading on ways to make steemit more benefiting. Looking forward to your next similar post. Good luck

This is really helpful. If only I had come across this earlier :) Not too late still though. As for now, I enter contests that I can qualify. Some require you have voting power value. That makes is hard for others to enter especially newbies because their VP easily depletes.

Yes, thus, you need to be wise in upvoting. It's not too late, you can still a lot of things here :)

I just cannot help it in terms of upvoting haha!

hahaha, I feel you!

Wonderful post, I particularly like it and how well written it is between photos.I read your post, great writing you are I like to post something like yours. Well, how do you write so beautifully?

#Great balance of written and visual presentation here rating 20/20 as far as I am concerned!

Thank you @tip-tap. I only use basic English terms for everyone's better understanding and write what's my heart is telling me. hehe

Blogging and producing content is definitely my favorite way to do it- I was blogging even before I had steemit to earn money from it, so the pay is just a bonus.

I agree, that's what we called Passion. Your passion for writing gives you the real happiness while earnings just follow.

Same here, though, my activities found a way of choking my wordpress blog long before I found steemit.

definitely a good post! i already bookmarked this post for future reference.

Thank you :)

Thank you @steemersbot :)

Cheers :)

Looks really comprehensive. Have you personally tried each of them?

Yes I did except for the Delegating SP, but it works like investing as well. You will get share percentage according to your delegated SP.

That one I have done!

another helpful blog sis. keep it up 😘❤️❤️❤️

Thank you sis :)

I am interested on Investing but I need to know more. It is not clear to me. Also, I am interested with @sysdesjoke but when I click on the name, the username is not appearing.

Oops! Sorry Sis, it was a typo error it's actually @sydesjokes. Just comment, resteem and upvote to his post to join his faucet. For the investment, you can check @tipu and send SBD with Memo "Invest". They will respond with you discussing the percentage of your share.

oh you have stated many ways to earn while I thought to post is the only way. Thanks for correcting

yes, definitely there's a lot of way to earn here in Steemit :)

Really interesting read I learnt some stuff :)

I'm happy to hear that @itsben :) Thank you for taking time to read this post.

this is what i want to learn thanks for the information

You are very much welcome :)

Thanks for compiling a comprehensive resource list. Have you tried the faucet, Steem.Global, managed by witness Kyle? It pays out 0.001 Steem daily.

Thank you @acdevan! No, I haven't heard about it yet, how can I join the faucet?

  ·  last year (edited)

You are welcome. Check out this post by @klye: How to Get FREE STEEM on STEEM.GLOBAL!. I have been successfully collecting 0.001 Steem every day since 01Nov17. Cheers!

Ok, thank you :)

Please use my referral link to signup https://steem.global/?mref=acdevan !

Привет. Много полезного нашёл для себя. Я не понял как использовать bidbots ? Можете рассказать подробнее. Что это такое?

Привет @ krisha25! Я расскажу о деталях использования битов в моей следующей записи. Я рад, что вы что-то узнали из этого поста :)


very helpful sis

Thank you :)

welcome :)

I have done most of these and the most I can get is from bots. I uses steemlike which have 230%-245% interest with minimum of 2SBD. It means you would get 1.3-1.45 for every 1 SBD. Putting the minimum 2 SBD would give you 4.6-4.9 SBD. There are many users so it takes 3 days to get the upvote. You can check yours at koinbot.org then click on steemlike. Ctrl+F then @yourname.

This is new to me! Thank you for sharing this. I will also try it :)

Very comprehensive list of ways to earn. I've tried several and will investigate more of these options. Nice article.

Thank you :)

Thanks for sharing such a beneficial information and tricks about steem..
I am new user... I think by following these instructions, i will be able to grow my acount...

yes, it will be a great help to accumulate SBD. I'm glad you find this post.

Like your post and glory to JEHOVAH and thanks Jesus thanks

Thank you @moyse :)

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Wow 😉 , sis this post was so informative and helpful .

Thank you sis. Please feel free to ask if you have any question :)

Thank you :)

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