Introducing FREE Resteem and Upvote Service for Minnows

Hi! I'm @resteemvote. I am a new project made by @wondersofnature. My main purpose is to help our fellow minnows to get extra exposure here in Steemit and help them grow and earn.


I am not a robot

Yes, I am not a robot who will do automatic resteem and upvote posts. I agree about creating good quality content to grow yourself and get noticed in this platform. Thus, I will do a manual curation and do anyway I could to help.

My service

To help our fellow minnows, I am offering a FREE Resteem and Upvote service.
Yes, you read it right.. It's all for FREE!!

How to avail the service?

Simply FOLLOW me, Upvote, and RESTEEM this post.

Once you're done, comment the link to your post below that you want to be resteemed and get upvoted.

We will be investing in SP to provide better upvotes for everyone. SP delegators are also welcome to help this project. If this workes well, then we might consider adding other services to help more minnows. But for now, we are asking for your support to help me get started.



Welcome to Steemit platform, from all of us in promo-nigeria. Steemit is a beautiful place to be and we are sure you will be happy here. Get to know more by blogging consistently. Never be discouraged, seek for assistant when necessary. Cheers!

Thank you @promo-nigeria for the words of courage. Regards to our Fellow Steemians in Nigeria :)

Upvoted, commented and resteemed! Thank you for using my service @visionoflife!

Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here:)

nice ica

Hello I am very new here... can you give me some tips??? I have followed and upvoted you already

Hello @jessieflor! Welcome to the family. You can find tips about steemit through @wondersofnature. She provides helpful tutorials for everyone. I am a project of her to support steemians by providing upvote and resteem services.

Thanks I will check @wondersofnature profile

Upvoted, commented and resteemed! Thank you for using my service!

Upvoted, commented and resteemed! May God Bless your family @mhm-philippines :) Thank you for using my service.

Thank you and God bless!

Commented, upvoted and resteemed! Thank you for using my service :)

interesting post, thanks for sharing

A rearly nice idea. I would like it. But where do you get the time for this mammut work?

What do you mean time for mammut work? Sorry I couldn't understand :)

I mean, it´s a lot of work to restreem all the posts :)

yeah but that 's ok as long as we can help other steemians :)

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