Pro-shots Smartphone Photography Contest: WIN SBD!!

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It's a beautiful Monday everyone!

Don't forget to thank our dear Creator for another wonderful day to enjoy life. Indeed, this is a very beautiful and blessed day for me. I got a FREE Longadesal from Mcdonald's earlier this morning as they are celebrating their national breakfast day. Longadesal paired with roasted coffee to start a fresh new day.

I am a very grateful person and I tend to celebrate even small things happening in my life. Of course, I would like to thank @surpassinggoogle @teardrops for being very supportive to minnows. Indeed, he inspires many Steemians to take the courage to keep going and steeming. With all his generosity to me, I would like to pay it forward to my fellow minnows. Because I believe that you will be more blessed if you know how to give back and share your blessings with others. And sharing our blessings doesn't need a perfect timing, It can be anytime. So I got the idea of conducting my First Contest here in Steemit to help my fellow steemians.

I'm a fond of joining different contests here in Steemit. It in fact, made a huge contribution to my growth here as I learned to engage with different people, to showcase my skills and to give myself an extra exposure. I noticed that more Steemians loves photography, so I thought of making my First Contest on photography. In this contest, you will showcase your skills in photography by only using a smartphone but shots like a Pro (Professional).

The mechanics are simple:

  • Upvote and Resteem this post
  • Find your subject and take a Pro-shot using your smartphone (find the best angle to capture its beauty)
  • Write a post and explain why you chose it as your subject
  • Indicate the smartphone model that you used in taking the photo.
  • Indicate the camera pixel, location and the enhancement that you did.
  • You can post more than 1 photo on your post taken from a different angle but with the same subject.
  • Use #proshots as your first tag
  • Paste your link in the comment section of this post.

Important rules:

1.) Only smartphone is allowed to use in this contest. That means no DSLR, Digicam or Action cam is allowed to use.
2.) Only minor enhancements are allowed such as adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, and blur. Uses of Photoshop is not allowed.
3.) 1 entry per person only
4.) No plagiarism_

Criteria for Judging

  • Quality of the photo
  • The subject that you chose
  • The reason why you chose it as your subject

Prize Pool - 4.5 SBD

First prize - 2 SBD
Second prize - 1.5 SBD
Third prize - 1 SBD

Winners will be announced once this post reaches its payout. All participants will, of course, receive a Free Upvote and Resteem :) So let the contest begin!

Kindly continue supporting @surpassinggoogle who has been very helpful. Vote him as witness by going to


I can't wait to join it! Smartphone photography can be about as exciting as DSLR photography. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, please join us and show your beautiful photographies :)

Such a beautiful rainbow. Thank you for participating in my contest :)

Hi! I hope I made it to the contest deadline. Here's my entry:

Thank you and Steem on!

Hi @melanicaspika! yes you still made it. I will announce the winner later :)

Thank you for participating in my contest :) It's such a beautiful masterpiece ;)

Hi contestants my namr is raza, not a professional photographer but try to make some photo for contest... Hope you upvote and follow me. If u like please resteem. Thanks

No reply from your side... What happend?

got your entry @raza333. Sorry for the late response, just got too busy today. Hehe.. Thank you for participating in my contest :)

Its oky, i never participate in any contest like this platform... I was thinking that i m ignored... Haha thnku for reply

Your fish is sooo cute. I love its color too! Thank you for your entry 😀

Oh by the way, I noticed that you already have 2 entries. You only have to choose 1 as your official entry :) Let me know which one

Alright, noted. Thank you!

thank you po ulit ;)

Thank you for your entry @leslierevales! Your hamster is soooo cute:)

and all thanks to you @wondersofnature .. yes quite true :) can't argue with that :D

Hi @wondersofnature.. Here's my entry to your photocontest ..Thank you for this wonderful contest and I had shared it as well for others to be able to join. Have a great day and take care...

Thank you for taking part in my contest @migztaraki! It was a beautiful sunset.

Thank you for your wonderful contest.. it gives chance to mobile photographers like us..

You are very much welcome :)

Here's my entry. I have upvoted and resteemed to spread the word.


Thank you for your entry @jmpkikoy. It was so beautiful :)

The pleasure is mine, @wondersofnature.

Hi @wondersofnature . Done upvoting this post of yours. also finish resteeming it. Lastly here my entry

Thank you for your entry @uwanderer :)

happy to be part of this unique contest of yours.

I captured this image as a last moment of a successful man. Even he is goinig to die but he still shines. Captured by walton primo H6 15 mega pixel from padma river bangladesh.

Thank you for your entry @emonzaman! We will announce the winner after 7 days

It was a beautiful entry sis. Thank you for taking part in my contest :)

Thank you for submitting your entry @pinas. It was really beautiful!

Hi sis , this is my entry , I really didn't know if that is the camera pixel , here it goes.

Got your entry sis. I just leave a comment to your post :) Done resteeming and upvoting it.

hello :) here's my post for the contest :) thank you so much for creating such competition .. It's a great way for us photographer or just love on taking pictures to share and show everything we got. :)

Thank you for your entry @leslierevales. Indeed, It's a beautiful and amazing photograph.

thank you so much for the opportunity :)

Nice contest sis! I will definitely join and support you!

thank you sis :)

Thank you for your entry @febbiefull. It's indeed impressive. Thank you for taking part in my contest.

I wanna join :) i'll make my entry in a bit :)

sure! you are very much welcome @awesomenyl

nice is my post.pls upvote me.

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Oh ok. hehe.. I'll go ahead and choose which one to resteem

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nice,, i'm very happy to cee this post.soo here is my entry.

sure, please post the link for your entry so we can take a look :)

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Since I love photography Im so thankful to @wondersofnature for this contest. Now I can share some of my captured photos. I hope you'll like it. 😉😘

Thank you for taking part in my contest @zhayie03! I will announce the winner after 2 more days :)

So excited! I hope for a good announcement. 😍

Hi @jannatmoni. I'm having difficulty in accessing the photo. May you please upload it instead of the link? Please let me know once you're done editing it so I can take a look :)


i was make it some days ago in cloth. 1st time i was take a red cloth then i was drowing some flower with pencil. then i use strands & needle. it is my hand work. if u will see my hand work i will give u photo.

sure! Please I wanted to see that. Just drop your link here.

IMG_20180322_093356.jpgthis is make by paper colour pencil

This is beautiful. Can you put this photo on your post? So it will become a valid entry for the contest.

ok i will submit it for the contest

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Hi @blacklady. Thank you for dropping by. I will definitely check on that :)

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