Different ways to acquire Steem Power in Steemit

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Good day to all our dear Steemians! I hope you're having a great weekend.

On my previous post I talked about the different ways how to get extra exposure here in Steemit, if you haven't check on it, just go ahead and click HERE and feel free to read and leave your comments. Today I would like to share the different ways to acquire Steem Power (SP) here in Steemit.

What is Steem Power (SP)?

Steem Power (SP) is a vested Steem that gives you influence in Steemit community. The more SP you have, the higher the value of upvotes you can give to your favorite authors. You can also attract people to follow and support your writings if you have a good number of SP because you can reward them with high-value of upvotes if they are writing interesting comments on your post. You might also consider checking their blogs too and upvoting them back. I'm sure you are very much aware of the "Whales" in our community. Whales are steemians who are holding thousands of SP and could give precious upvotes to minnows. You might have seen one of the whales upvoted your post and you instantly earned $2, perhaps someone you know who always get precious upvotes from whales. How nice would it be if you can also hold Steem Powers and give upvotes to those who have been supporting your writings without burning your voting power?

Some minnows who have less than 500 SP might not be aware that everytime we upvote posts we are consuming 2% of our voting power as we are spending 100% upvote by default. Thus, upvoting 20 posts in one day consume 40% of your voting power. Voting power replenishes 1% every hour, hence you need to wait 20 hours to regain the 40% that you just consumed and make it 100% again. In this case, you are advised to stop upvoting until your voting power recovered because draining your voting power at below 60% will lose its value. That means your upvote value will be $0 and that won't benefit the author who you gave your upvote to and even yourself since your upvote doesn't have any value. You are just in fact wasting your remaining voting power. That's why having at least 500 SP is a huge advantage.

This is actually one of my most favorite tool the SLIDER

This slider will allow you to decide how much upvote percentage you want to give to each author. That means your 100% upvote can be divided to several people. You can give 10% upvote to 10 people and that will only consume 2% of your voting power. That means upvoting 20 people with 10% upvote each will only consume 4% of your voting power, you still have 96% left! Isn't it amazing? Using the slider you can adjust the percentage that you want to give to the author. If you love his/her post or comment you might consider giving him/her 30% upvote, 50% or any percentage that you want to give without burning your voting power!

Now, the question is How to acquire Steem Power?

Please fasten your seatbelt and be ready as I share with you the different ways to acquire steem power.

  • Posting articles - Writing good quality articles is a very good way to attract readers particularly whales who could give you nice upvote value to get better earnings. By default, 50% of your post earnings goes to your SP, thus having big earnings on your post means big SP you could possibly get.

  • Post rewards - When posting your blog you will notice a small button on the right side of your page where it says REWARDS You can, in fact, choose which option do you prefer. You can use the Default (50%/50%) which means 50% goes to SBD and 50% goes to your SP or the Power Up 100%. If you choose Power Up 100%, all your earning on that post will be converted into SP.

  • Using Bidbots- On my previous blog where I explained the different ways to get extra exposure in Steemit, I mentioned that using Bidbots helps to appear your post in the Hot section of Steemit, thus it gives you more exposure. The longer you get exposed the more Steemians could see and upvote your post. As you attract more upvotes, you are also increasing your SP reward.

  • Upvoting posts - One of the very helpful ways to get SP is by upvoting posts and you would admit that it's already part of your day to day life in Steemit especially when you find interesting posts. Some new steemians might not aware that by upvoting someone's post they could earn SP which we called the Curation rewards. Yes you can earn curation rewards IF you know the right timing of casting your upvotes. Yes, there's actually a perfect timing. You might wonder why you've been upvoting posts from the person who you know is writing a very good quality content and earning a lot, yet you are not getting any curation rewards. This was actually my questions before, so I did my own research to understand how does it really works and you might be surprised at what I found out.

  • When you upvote posts the moment it was posted 100% of the curation goes to the author.
  • If you upvoted the post at 3 minutes, 90% goes to the author and 10% goes to the curator (you are the curator, you will get 10% reward)
  • If you upvoted the post at 15 minutes, it could be a 50%/50%. Both author and curator get 50% reward.
  • If you upvoted the post at 27 minutes, 10% reward goes to the author and 90% goes to the curators.
  • But if you upvote at 30 minutes onward, 100% reward goes to curator.

However, it is very important that you upvote the post before It goes trending and before whales upvote the post. As you know whales provide the bigger amount of upvotes, that means the bigger portion of the reward goes to them as well, in that case, It will be beneficial if you have upvoted the post before whales do. Keep in mind that the curation reward that you will receive will depend on the value of your upvotes on the post.

  • Joining contest - Some whales conduct contests wherein winners will be rewarded with SP delegation. That means they will allow you to use the portion of their SP at a specific period of time. In fact, most of them delegate SP for 1 month, that means you will be able to use their SP for a month. Thus, you will be able to provide bigger upvotes value to your favorite author and even for yourself. In addition, you could earn bigger curation rewards as you upvote with bigger value. So you better watch out for a contest and win SP delegations.

  • Leasing SP- If you have spare cash and you are willing to invest in SP you can actually lease Steem Power from @minnowbooster. Just go to https://www.minnowbooster.net/market and click on Lease Steem Power

Just type in the amount of steem power you want to lease, the weeks you want to lease SP and you will see at the bottom the amount of Steem that you need to pay for the lease. Then someone will delegate their SP to you!

  • Powering Up - If you have some SBD or Steem available you can actually do the Power Up. Just go to your wallet and click the drop-down arrow on the Steem Section and click on Power Up. Your Steem will be converted to SP.

Just follow the prompt and you will have your Steem Power! If you are using your SBD you need to convert it first to Steem and do the Power Up. Easy right?

I hope you learn something from this post. This is, in fact, the ways that I am using to boost my Steem Power and it's giving me a nice result. If you will do the same I'm sure you will also get the result that you want. :) On my next blog I will share to you my different ways to earn SBD here in Steemit :)

If you have any suggestions and tips, please feel free to leave your comment below. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

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Thank you for dropping by!

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nice post

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Thank you for resteeming my post @resteemator :)

Super informative! Resteemed. Will go back and read the older post you linked!
God bless!
Daddy William

Thank you @mhm-philippines. Please accept my 30% upvote as way of showing my gratitude. God bless you

Thank you so much!

This is a very helpful post.

I am still learning my way around steemit, and knowing that self voting as a minnow makes a certain amount of sense. It almost seems vital for minnows to self vote if we want to grow.

I am resteeming and sharing to the Zuckerberg, in the hopes that some folks will learn well the ways of steemit.

I agree, and you could help more minnows and even yourself if you have a good number of SP to upvote your own post with bigger value. Thank you for your feedback and for resteeming my post. I hope these tips would help you in your journey here in Steemit. Please accept my 30% upvote as a way of showing my gratitude for your support. More power to you.

Good, informative post you have here. You do a great job explaining the ways to get SP to newcomers.
I agree with @technicalwealth when he says you should keep your voting power above 80. That way, it will recharge within a day, and you’ll be able to ipvote at full power again a day later.


Hi @simplymike. Thank you! That's true, but for some who are very addicted in upvoting post, it's very hard to hold their fingers from clicking the arrow until they drained their Voting power. hahaha.. I used to be like that. hahaha. Thank you for resteeming my post. Please accept my upvote as a way of showing my gratitude. Thank you for dropping by!

Hi @wondersofnature
I wrote a post a while back on how everyone was able to use the slider, even if they don’t have 500SP yet. Having that slider really helps 😁

Wait, I’ll go look for it...

Wow! I didn't know about this! hahaha.. I am actually afraid of accessing different sites that's why I couldn't explore that much not unless it is already tried and tested by other Steemians. Thanks for sharing this. But I think this is only advisable if the user have at least 150 SP so their 50% upvote still have 0.01 value. This is very helpful.

but having said that, the SteemPlus extension is a real addon, not just for the slider.

Nice article but heres a few things id like to add...

-If you want to keep track of upvotes ...and see how much voting power you have. Id suggest you look up Steemd.com/@(whatever your handle is)

this site actually keeps track of all info (im into analysis...so i love this site)

-id suggest you limit your upvotes to 10-12 a 24hr period.
I've learned that anytime you go under 80% voting power...it takes a bit longer to recharge up.

-Something rarely mentioned....be creative in your replies to articles such as this one.
People do read the replies and you might get a nice bunch of upvotes because of it.

-Dont get discouraged...it takes time to get the hang of STEEMIT.
i work in the finance field,and i find it much more refreshing in comparison to medium/FB/Twitter. Truly decentralized & you can be compensated for your creativity.(plus no ads)

You can either buy steem or organically try building it up....i choose to invest in this platform because i believe in it.

best of luck everyone & great post @wondersofnature

I agree with you. Investing time, effort and money are all worth it here in Steemit. Thank you for the additional tips @technicalwealth, very much appreciated

No thank you @wondersofnature
It's nice to see someone posting these tips....took a bit of research to learn alot of it....this post to a new person might help alot.


You really did justice to a number of issues confusing me. How can I get the slider please.

So leasing is just a way of buying steem power but then you get it at an interest rate and also a duration of time. How wonderful

So how about the negative sign below someone's steem power. Any idea?

I hope am not bugging you with questions

No it's definitely fine :) Feel free to ask anything and I will do my best to answer it.

The Slider will only appear once you already have 500 SP on your Steemit account. Leasing means borrowing or renting SP from other users in a specific period of time. Once it expires the SP will return to the original owner.

The negative SP that you are seeing into someone's account is actually the SP that they lend to the borrowers. They called the "Delegators" and they do earn interest by lending their SP to us.

  ·  last year (edited)

I didn't know about that slidder thingy in the upvote button. Lol. This was very informative. Until now I'm still confused about some things here in steemit. Thank you :)

The Slider will only appear if you already have 500 SP, either your own SP or from the delegation. The slider will enable you to adjust the percentage of your vote on each post.

Ooh! I see! That's why I can't find it when i was trying to use it. Thank you once again :)

Very comprehensive write up. Nice information!

Thank you dear :)

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Wow! Thank you for featuring my post @trufflepig! And I was at rank 4! It's such an honor for me. I really appreciate it. More power to you :)

I found your post via the bot @trufflepig , it determined your post to be high quality and undervalued and after reading it I agree. My vote isn't worth a heck of a lot but you have earned it.
Very good information you have shared,

Hello @sultnpapper! Thank you so much. Your upvote still means a lot to our fellow minnows and these tips that I shared will definitely help you more with your journey here in Steemit. Just don't get discouraged and keep steeming, in a long run all your efforts will be worth it. Thank you for dropping by!

Thanks for sharing. I was almost blind and couldn't understand any of these things after I joined steemit. This article is really valuable.

thank you @pradipta-gure. I hope it helps you with your journey here in steemit :)

Thank you so much dear for this insightful tutorial. I've been looking forward particularly for how to lease steem power, I've been making good posts, commenting and upvoting, so recently I heard about leasing of steempower but it was in passing, when I saw your post I just had to read through, and I got more than I bargained for, am heading over to minnow booster right now.

by the way, do you have any tutorials on the witnesses stuff,i don't fully understand how it works.

Unfortunately, I don't have any tutorial yet about the witnesses stuff. I also need to study more about it. hehe. But I'm glad that you decided to lease SP. It will make a huge difference when you have Steem Power and a slider. I advise that you make your APR% offer a bit higher than the current offer so your leasing request will be filled up immediately.

Thanks dear, but I really don't know what APR is...

APR is like the interest rate that you could offer to the delegator

Nothing matters more than Steem Power on steemit platform. Your author reward, curation reward and everything depends on how much steem power you have. Everyone can upvote at least 10 persons per day with 100% voting power. So, upvoting should not be avoided. Also, the timing of upvoting is crucial to earn curation reward. So far in my steemit journey, I could understand, only this lesson.

right, upvoting should not be avoided but you need to use it wisely as it drains faster if you don't have slider yet because it will use 100% of your power by default. It is very important that you choose upvoting good quality content with potentials on trending so you can get curation rewards from it.

Yes indeed.

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Ok. I was busy in my daily schedule and couldn't come on steemit for some time. Thanks for those details. Good to know some details of steemit. As a new comer it will definitely benefit me and other new steemers as well.

Sure, you are very much welcome.

Very useful post, thanks👍👍

thank you @kona

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very good tool for learning..thank you @wondersofnature

You are very much welcome :)

Very well done :)



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