Calling all educators! Steemiteducation- Great educational content - Day 34

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Welcome to today's edition of our Steemiteducation blog!

We started this @steemiteducation account to help promote ALL educational content.  If you are an educator and you feel that your post could benefit a student or a teacher, please feel free to add the link in the comments of this post.  We search high and low for all education posts BUT we need your help! Great teachers are NOT only educators they are also great motivators.  If you have a friend that is a teacher, urge them to open up a steemit account and let us help them make a success!  All they have to do is to write educational content and use the steemiteducation tag to make it visible for us to see.  We will resteem and support these posts the best we can. 

We recently opened a chat room on Steemit chat and if you want to contribute and help to make a difference, please join us there.  You can also drop your links in the education-trail tab on the Discord channel.  Just follow this link. The goal of these rooms is to promote posts that will assist educators in helping their students. These rooms are intended to be STUDENT CENTERED. If you aren’t sure if a link belongs here, please ask yourself this question: “Will this post directly help a student or educator?” If the answer is “NO” or “I don’t know” PLEASE DO NOT LINK IT THERE and it will be removed. We are specifically looking for activity ideas, lessons, authentic assessment ideas, methods, thoughtful worksheets (not busy work), and other resources that will DIRECTLY help students and educators

If you want to read interesting and educational posts, you should visit us!

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Remember to enter for our competition!!! Winners will be announced tomorrow and we guarantee a 25 SBD Prize!

First prize:  All the liquid rewards generated by this post (thanks to a donation the minimum prize will be at least 25 SBD). The more you share the higher the prize! 

Second prize:  10 SBD

Follow this --- link --- for the competition details!Please consider supporting the other quality posts in this channel even if it is not the subject you teach.  THE MAIN GOAL OF THIS ACCOUNT IS TO PROMOTE EDUCATION! Below is a list of our 5 top educational authors of the day. We believe that these authors did a great job, and deserve some more exposure!   

Post number 1- @xmachina

Post number 2- @battlr

Post number 3 - @dkmathstats

Post number 4 - @abigail-dantes

Post number 5 -  @go2sheila

We appreciate all the support that we can get! Please do not forget to upvote and resteem this post to help us get more exposure. Also, don't forget to support the above educational posts!

If you want your content featured, please post your links.  It makes it easier for everyone. PLEASE USE THE STEEMITEDUCATION TAG FOR ALL EDUCATIONAL CONTENT OR EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES. 

If you want to make a difference please follow us :

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It is so wonderful to have a place for teachers here in Steemit! I will be posting on my teaching journey here. Stay tuned!

It is becoming more pretty down here!

Education is a beautiful thing! LOL

Thank you for the mention.

Great job as usual!

Akhirnya ad pos untuk sahting para guru. Saya akan segera bergabung dan terimakasih.

Hi, please consider this post for inclusion. Thanks. hope is taken into account, Great Iniciative, will be posting more educational content.