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We are about to start round #38 and this week we are running a Steem Monsters special. Unless you lived under a rock for the last couple of months, you should have heard of the Steem Monsters game, brought to us by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Please read on to find out about this week's featured post.

For all the contestants, get ready to deliver some magnificent comments. Polish your keyboard and sharpen your mind, I wanna see those comments rolling in.

Please show us what you have got!

We have a 1 SBD extra donation this week from @yasu24, the organizer of the Japanese version of this contest. Thank you for this nice gesture!

It is important to get followers, but you also want the correct type of followers. Followers that are truly interested in your blog and what you write, and not the “I-follow-you-if-you-follow-me” type. And to attract the right type of followers, you need to write godlike comments.

This challenge is all about writing those comments.

  • In each challenge a post from a fellow minnow will be featured.
  • The challenge is to write an amazing comment related to that post.
  • I will resteem the post.
  • I will give it a 100% upvote.

This will be part of my campaign to help other Minnows. The #minnowsupportproject helped me and I want to help others.

Join the challenge and practice your skills.

Please join the fun! 💓 💓

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Challenge Instructions

Write a comment linked to the content in the section below "Post To Review"

Write a comment that will intrigue the reader. The comment should be interesting and create an urge in the reader to click through to your blog.

The entry needs to be written as a comment to this post.


The prize money for Challenge #38 will be 6 SBD + 2 x 1 week 200 SP delegation.

We will have the following prizes:

  • 1st prize - 5 SBD + 200 SP 1 week delegation.
  • 2nd prize - 1 SBD + 200 SP 1 week delegation.

Rules and conditions

  • The comment should be relevant to the content below in: "Post To Review".
  • Please mind the length of your reply. I don't want to have strict limits, but remember that your task is to write a comment and not a chapter for a book. ;)
  • The entry needs to be written as a comment to this post.
  • Entries limited to one per person.
  • Entries need to be written in English.
  • I will reply to your comment confirming it is a valid entry.
  • The challenge ends Friday morning, 0600 UTC time.
  • The winner will be presented Friday evening, UTC time.
  • The 1st and 2nd Prize will be picked by the judges based purely on quality and their own judgement.
  • If the judges can not reach a consensus, they will each pick one candidate and flip a coin. @dorabot will be used for this in MSP's Discord server.
  • If the winner is not a Minnow, the prize will be split in 2 and the other half paid out to the best Minnow. After all, this is a competition to encourages Minnows, so hopefully that will be fair.
  • A Minnow is someone with less than 5K SP.

Post To Review

Here follows the post for you to review:

Challenge #38 Post - "My Steem Monster 2 (Eng & Esp)", by @erune.

The post this week is from @erune and his Steem Monsters creation. He gives us the furious "The Fogzer"!! It looks like the monster's special ability is to release a fog, a thick fog meant to disorient the opponent before giving the final blow.

Last week we introduced the Japanese version of this game, and this week we have a bi-lingual post, presented in both English and Spanish. Happy to see and support various language communities here on the STEEM blockchain.

As always, the idea is to write a comment that attracts the attention of the author. Your goal is to get the author to want to click your name and check out your blog.

Please feel free to drop a comment on @erune's post as well, but remember that a valid entry has to submitted as a comment to this post. 😉

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If you like this idea and would like it to grow. Please feel free to donate and I will add it to the Prize Pool. Mention #steemitcommentchallenge in your memo.

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nanosesame - 10 SBD
amariespeaks - 5 SBD
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abh12345 - 7.5 SBD (+500 SP 1 week delegation)
yasu24 - 1 SBD

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Hey @erune, it's a really great work you've done. And I think that we all Steemians are fortunate that you remembered to take some shots of the process not to confirm that it's your work but to see how amazing the coloring can give a drawing a muuch more different and a cool look.

Talking of the Frogzer, it's not much scary (maybe because I'm much more scarier lol) but you've given him the monstrous look. The final result is way too good and better.


thank you very much, maybe the look of the fogzer is his weapon, he's more lethal than he looks, maybe?

it is true what you say in your comment, i am glad everytime i finish one draw and when i look the final product, i'm even surprised that i come up with that!


Thank you for your comment. Maybe he doesn't look scary, but for sure I wouldn't want to meet him alone in the forest. :)


Thank you for participating.

Thank you for introducing me.

@erune's steemmonster is very interesting. It's like a ferocious dragon with four legs. Its skin without the furry part resembles that of scales and the "tentacles" attached on its head is giving the monster an aquatic vibe. Could it survive in both water and land? The foggy effect made it mysterious looking making it a ninja-type of monster. Way to go, @erune! More monsters to create. Cheers! ^^


Thank you, i like you way to create a history with the image and the characteristics of the monster, love to see that he inspires something and is not just a static image! more monster are already coming!


That's how I see it.. you're pretty talented. :) Keep it up! Can't wait for the next set of monsters... :)


Are you into Steem monsters yourself and have you bought any packs?


Not really into it, but I got one as a gift before... :) They're pretty cool, so I can understand why some people collect them... ^^ Thank you!


Thank you for participating.


Thanks for inviting me to join, @yasu24さん!

One very monstrous monster from @erune. Fogzer scares everyone but me. Maybe he is still growing. I'll only seek refuge when he begins to grow aggressive claws and fangs that would curl down to the jaws and maybe some kind of flames puffing from both ears 😬

Lol...that was sarcastic me! @erune, you did a great job here. I wish I can draw this good. This is what I call sheer dexterity. The cold colours are really cool.

Here something very curious happened to me, and it was that I did not realize until the work was almost finished, that I had not taken pictures of the process!

I still think the pictures you took did all the needful explanation. Weldon!


Thank you for your comment Kenneth.


thank you very much, and that's maybe the idea, he doesn't look so scary behind the fog, but still lethal? jajaja good luck!

@erune Hi from Ohio! I got a little laugh when you mentioned "forgetting to take photos of the beginning process" because my husband does the same thing with his art. He gets so engrossed in expressing himself with pencils he forgets to pick up his camera.
I'm glad you caught your mistake in time and were able to submit the art because the concept of a fog monster is amazing. The fog is scary to some, not being able to see what lurks in front of them. Creating monsters is using what people are afraid of and you utilized that to your advantage. Great Job!


Thank you for your comment. I guess it is an easy mistake to forget to document the process, especially if getting caught up in the work. I'm actually quite impressed of people managing to document each step, it must require you to be pretty persistent and consciously take pauses. I'm thinking of myself when I cook or bake, I'm often too lazy to clean my hands and take out the camera. ;)


Thank you for the delegation. I am so happy I'm crying. Thank you @danielsaori. I am in the process of baking cookies for a wedding and of course this post reminded me that I forgot to document the steps. Ah I have two more batches, hopefully I'll remember at least on of those.


You are welcome! I just pushed the winner announcement post.
haha, that is excellent. So I hope I will see a post soon of some adorable cookies. ;)


thank you and i understand your husband very well! jajajaja i must configure my mind to remember that, because is important! thank you for your comment, creativity is part taking stuff of the reality and fiction and fuse them! regards from venezuela!

@erune, you are good, I doff my hat. Drawing brings awesome depiction of one's imagination and I so much admire those of you who have the gift to make it happen.

However, the fur of this monster seem to be at odds with the status of a deadly monster. I think Fogzer looks too clean for the monster we presume. I would have expected some blood stain along his immaculate bosom and maybe, some more droplets dripping from his mouth. Well, that would be my little expectation. In all, it's a great art from @erune.


Thank you for your reflections. Interestingly there are a number of people thinking the same, that Fogzer is too clean and friendly looking. But maybe that is just part of its disguise.


wow, this is good, is very nice to see all that ideas, and take the best from all of them, the creation of a character is always a challenge! thank you very much for your comment!

Hi @erune, your steemmonster's monster is really monstrous to start with, i like the way you designed him, four footed beast giving off fog, what an expertise of imaginary perceptions.

The monsters in steemmonsters game have several great powers,but i must say this is really off the radar and a great one too.


Thanks for dropping the first entry of the week and clearing the fog. ;)


nice, thank you very much for your perception, it's a interesting point of view this one!

One can still identify that the work is your if you had signed your signature or username on the work. That's a prove of ownership.

More so, there is no much process here (on the first picture). To me, it should be the first process because it is only the sketching that you've done. The second shot (picture) is where you would have made the detailing gradually and stop at some points to take a shot. Then you keep taking the shot as you progress until the last picture here. I can tell from my experience in drawing.

However, the work looks great and terrifying as you said. I can feel the murderous look of the moster searching for a prey to descend on.

Nice work. Bravo!


As he wrote himself, he realised the mistake and regret he didn't document the process from the beginning. But the end result was indeed awesome.
The Fogzer would definitely not be my favourite monster to meet alone in the forest.


Absolutly, but it was never too late to drop some fabulous progress shots considering no shading or detailing has been done yet (in the first pix).

Haha, the Foger might not be your favourite monster to meet alone but don't even dare dream of it cause you might never get to see the other night.


yes, the process was incomplete because i was so into the drawing, and when i realized it was almost done and then i did the lasts pictures i could make! thanks anyways for your comments, and be careful when you walk in the forest! jajajaja

Hi @erune, your steemmonster's monster is really great to start with, i like the way you designed him,
you need to click atlest 6 pic start to end this is good for your post


the idea is that you took the time and go with me in the process, thank you very much for the coment!


your welcome sir :)




I have missed the contest this week. But will be keeping an eye open for the next one. I do love the contests that are built around engagement.


No worries. Hopefully it wasn't Steem Monsters that scare you and kept you away. :)
Hope to see you back soon.


No, not at all I kind of like the Steem Monsters. 🐉Just busy days but I will be keeping an eye open in future days for sure.

I always admire people who can draw out their imagination into a beautiful illustration.
This is my comment for @erune.

Wow that is an amazing illustration. Your description able me to guess that you are going to colour fogzer with purple before I finished reading your post.

This monster look like a furious one before you colour it but after you gave the colour purple, it look mysterious, cold and less scary for me.


Thank you for entering this week's challenge.


Thank you for accepting.


i saw you coment in my post and really appreciate you took the time for passing by! thank you very much!


You are welcome. I am glad that there is a contest of promoting other content like this. When someone is promoted I believe the content is a good quality one and it made life a bit easier in term of searching for a great content to read.

Hey hello Everyone! i am shocked about this, is an honor to me! but @danielsaori i have some questions, can we speak in a private mode before i say anything? thank for this really surprised jajaja!


You are welcome! You can send me a message on Discord or steem.chat, same username.
Please let me know.

its really good

I'm falling behind schedule and I won't be able to publish the winners today. Please expect the announcement tomorrow.

This is an interesting competition that you organize, I should also take part in it.
JUst make good reply ... and make it good :)) ok..ok.... this must be something very big and small reply be :))) but also funny :)))