Win 10 SBD With Steemit Coffee / Contest #18 / 390 SBD Was Given Out Till Now

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Steemit Coffee as always bring to you every month 3 contests:
  • Steemit prediction
  • Bitcoin prediction
  • NFP prediction

390 SBD Was Given Out By Steemit Coffee Till Now :
  • 246 SBD Was Given Out To The Winners of Contests
  • 41 SBD Was Given Out As Sponsorship
  • 103 SBD Was Given Out As Donation

Our Running Contest #18 is Non Farm Payroll Prediction.
To take part in the contest you have to:

  • Must be my follower.
  • Upvote this post.
  • Make a guess for the NFP figure in the comments below.
  • Resteem this post.

Limit One(1) Entry Per Person.
Predictions must be placed before Jan 04, 12:30 UTC+00:00.
The participant with the closest prediction number will win 10 SBD.
The winner will receive his winings on Jan 06.

What is NFP:
Nonfarm Payrolls measures the change in the number of people employed during the previous month, excluding the farming industry.


Pic Source

Job creation is the foremost indicator of consumer spending,
which accounts for the majority of economic activity.

It is released usually on the first Friday of each month, at 8:30 EST.
Next Release Jan 05, 12:30 UTC+00:00.

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good knowlege sir

There is a cheat here Sir. Good day @lordoftruth, during your last contest on the price of Bitcoin on Christmas day, we all predicted the price, and I made sure to check the winning price, and found out that the winner was @nancy7819 , but when I saw your post on the winner, I saw you had given it to @arslan786 . I know you to be genuine, so I suspected the fraud was from @arslan786. I was really sure I checked it well, so I decided to confirm this Non farm payroll contest. And my suspicion was confirmed when @arslan786 edited his value again to 148k. Please Sir we have a person here, that is jeopardizing the sincerity of this contest. Am grateful am not the winner so it would not look like am envious. Please Sir look into this issue, and check the last contest to confirm my claim.
I humbly suggest that you screenshot the guesses before the date of the result,so no one can cheat. Thank you Sir, a request from a proud and sincere participant of steemit coffee

Yeah. I noticed this. Glad you brought it up.

Hello Bro
First of all, if you didn’t win the contest. So it means the winner is cheating.
I live in asia and I don’t know what NFP is so I just put a number and thats it.
I am very disappointed in you bro.
Okay @lordoftruth will suggest the real issue.
I recommend him to click a screeNshot so no one can cheat

Thank you
This user tried to run the same contest

His post was downvoted
He is not the winner of this contest
Will check soon who is the winner
The next time will get snapshot
Thanks for advice

So I ran the contest but I mentioned you already
This is ridicilous

So it means I will not be participant in this contest in future?

Going to say 210k

Love coffee 😍😍😍

Thank s for sharing important information.

174 k

Good job ..

I think about 247 k

209k is my guess. Hope i win
Thanks for the contest

My guess is 227k

Wow great coffee of steemit..I appreciate to your blog




thats pretty cool to know

251k is my guess

Its always good to have people like you over here ... I think NFP Would be around 233k

very effective information

Nice" sharing my dear @lordoftruth.

Probably back to 240k

I appreciate to your blog..
Upvoted and resteemed

this post very nice...thanks for sharing this post...

Wow great coffee of steemit..I appreciate to your blog...Best of luck.

Good information...I like it.....thanks a lot for share this information with us

I like your friend coffee posta .. and also I like coffee please help unvote have me my friends yes

Thanks for sharing but i am a new steemian


My prediction is 150

Woooow good job dear steemcoffe i like this thanks

242k good sir

challenges that are really interesting and worth a try

This post has received a 5.36 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @lordoftruth.

Great post man...upvote comment reesteem done🤘🤘🤘

I guess 258k

Very interesting and informative post.

My NFP prediction is: 242k


Thank you for sharing!


Happy new year! I think its 312k 😁

Nice post! Thanks for sharing your steeming knowledge on steemit. Good job, keep it up. I follow and upvote you.



My NFP prediction is : 189k

NFP for december 2017 should be 140

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Oh wow, just found yall. Looki by forward to looking into my crystal ball and scoring some sweet sweet steam

I'll take 165


Amazing contest buddy. Thanks for sharing

My next guess 189k finally

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

I think 250k

Upvote Resteem

100% like and resteem

150k is my prediction




good information
I have missed this good thing

Wow nice Steemit coffee.
Contest winner SBD.
Thanks for sharing


sir Such a wonderful and thankful work my dear friend... Actualy....I'm always respect to your works and…

I'm guessing - 199K
Thanks for this chance :)

-150k, yes negative number is my estimate. Good luck to all and thanks @lordoftruth for holding this contest.

Upvote Resteem


Upvote Resteem

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For your post propagation.


It seems that i'm having some



Nice post sir.You always upload importance post thanks for sharing.






MY prediction is 196K



nice post bro @Resteamed













thanks for things you are doing on behalf of us :)

My Prediction : 195K


@lordoftruth my prediction for NFP is 175k

Thank you and Have a great day.

NFP Prediction - 181k


My prediction is 172k sir.

Thanks...steem on and stay blissful....

145K can be reach

~Followed & Upvoted

@lordoftruth - Sir my prediction 272K

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Sangat menarik

Coffe my favorite drink 😍

My prediction is 234k ,,,,,,,upvoted , followed and resteemed your post @lordoftruth

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I guess, it will be 227K .