Forex Education Center / Volume I

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Thank You For Your Support and For Honoring Me With Your Up Vote...

So, Here we are...
The First Volume took end today with 39 Parts.

As a reminder, I am developing this material myself.
Similar material with probably lower quality or useless information is
being sold elsewhere on the internet and some of them are quite highly priced.

Here is all free.

I got fed up with scams so here is all my knowledge that I have gained
throughout my trading experience.

Hope you will find it useful.

Here with you I was for around 1 month...
I wrote in this Volume about :

E Currency Trading.
E Currency Trading Map.
Forex Trading Tutorials.
Forex for Beginners Course.
Other useful info.

There is a lot yet to come since there is a lot that you need to learn,
and there is a lot that I need to share with you!

So please just be patient – it will be worth it.

In Volume II ( coming soon )
Will speak about:

Technical Analysis.
This is where things starts getting interesting.
This is an in depth Volume on technical analysis were we go through
the tools that you need to master to become successful.
How to find support /resistance lines, how to draw proper trend lines,
pivot points and lots more is covered in the Volume II.

It is FREE as well.

Below is a quick guide of how this first Volume is structured,
so you can find what you are looking for fast:

Part 01 / Live Vs. Demo Trading Accounts

Part 02 / Slippage

Part 03 / ECN Market

Part 04 / What Makes a Successful Price ActionTrader 

Part 05 / The Manual of the Forex Art of War

Part 06 / The Don’ts when you Compare Forex Brokers

Part 07 / What is behind Currency Pair Trading

Part 08 / Banks: Beacons of Fraud

Part 09 / Win With CFD’s

Part 10 / Fight and Win the Bulls and Bears

Part 11 / How to Spot a Forex Trading Fraud

Part 12 /  Become a Master with News Trading

Part 13 / The Forex Risk Management State of Mind

Part 14 / Top 10 Forex Trading Tips for Beginners – The Road to Success

Part 15 / Trader’s Strategy Checklist

Part 16 / E Currency Trading




Part 20 / Lesson 1. Trading Currency Pairs

Part 21 / Lesson 2. What is scalping

Part 22 / Lesson 3. Intra Day Trading

Part 23 / Lesson 4. End of Day Trading

Part 24 / Lesson 5. Traders Psychology

Part 25 / Lesson 6. Best Trading Hours

Part 26 / Lesson 7. How to interpret Prices of 

Part 27 / Lesson 8. Forex Pip

Part 28 / Lesson 9. Bid Ask Forex Prices

Part 29 / Lesson 10. Broker Spread

Part 30 / Lesson 11. Currency Leverage and Margin

Part 31 / Lesson 12. Forex Lots

Part 32 / Lesson 13. Forex PIP Value

Part 33 / Lesson 14. How to Calculate Profit and Loss

Part 34 / Lesson 15. Currency Trading Platform

Part 35 / Lesson 16. Forex Bar Charts

Part 36 / Lesson 17. Candlesticks Charts

Part 37 / Lesson 18. Bars or Candlesticks Charts

Part 38 / How To Avoid Forex Scam


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Thanks For Reading,
Wish all of you Great and Sunny Sunday


Love to see a video of you trading these principles and showing personal examples. If not a video, then a diary post of your own forex transactions as a trader with your own personal nuggets of wisdom :)

Thanks Mate,
The next Volume will be made as your advise ( with video)
Great Sunday Wish you

thanks for yout good posts here, keep it up

Thank you for this. Great idea! Waiting for Volume II

What an awesome thing to upload. Thank you! :)

Woah thats some reading to do, maybe I'll just pick some of the articles to read. Great post :)

Part 08 / Banks: Beacons of Fraud - AMEN to that!

You are really working hard bro.

My father suggested I get into forex trading saying I can earn $20-$50 a day in just 4 hours. This blog post seems to be the perfect resource material to learn it, thanks!

Great Thanks. For long time I was looking for this kind of material. Amazing Thanks again