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Just over a week ago I shared my first encounter with auto-posting directly from Instagram to Steemit. I have been doing this every day since and I have to say... I am absolutely LOVING IT! As mentioned in my original post about this - one of the many platforms which I had loved but had begun to neglect was Instagram - so this was the perfect solution.





It really is as simple as pie to set up! And you can fully customise it so that that it inserts your regular steemit footer as well. So you don't need to worry about that every single time you post. They also have all kinds of fun incentives to get you snapping those pics!

I also just wanted to touch on the fact that many people seem to have this skewed perception of Instagram in terms of being able to use it as an effective "blogging connect" for posts here on Steemit - but the reality is that you absolutely CAN! Instagram calculates characters rather than words, and they allow 2200 characters - which give or take, will give you about 300 words. That is MORE than ample to share something decent. As far as the pics go, I think you can add up to ten pics now too. So as far as I am concerned, if used properly - it is MORE than suited to sharing just a simple snap shot, or something more!

One of the other aspects that really excites me about this connection, is how it is bridging the gap for the MANY bloggers and social media users out there who have yet to cross over to Steemit. Here are just a couple of post examples where I have shared directly from Instagram to Steemit... just to illustrate my point that you can in fact do this successfully -and with a relative amount of "body"...


My ULTIMATE "Lazy Day" food!





Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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There are way too many awesome bloggers to mention all at once,
so I will share different people at the foot of different posts.


First, I am not talkig about you, I am just ranting because I PERSONALLY think it is wrong to use Steem to monetize third party social network, this is like leveraging the freedom and power of the blockchain to make money by not using this blockchain and the main product.\nHonestly, I don't think such things are healthy for the Steem long term... If this becomes the norm "just use other social media and auto share to Steem", this is just my opinion, though because I think this way you are leveraging the followers and users from Steem to profit and get audience in third party social network. Please, correct if my vision about it is wrong, but it feels like it is like using the Steem just as a tool not as a end product.\nI would totally support the opposite, a tool to automatically share the posts from Steem to third party centralized social media, this would be using the blockchain as the end product and the centralized networks as a tool to driving more traffic to Steem.\nJust my 2cents though since I am here for the freedom and knowledge... As I have said in my last post, many people are here just for the money and this is sad...

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Hi ! (I'm the developer of @share2steem)
Thanks for your input.

The goal here is to bring people to Steem from outside. Someone who does the cross-posting will have to come and get their rewards, so they will be confronted to Steem, so one day or another, they will ask themselves : "How come I'm getting money from this ? When I do it for free on Instagram or Twitter ?" and that's where the trap closes on them. We also hope that some of the users will begin to post Steem-exclusive content and change their habits little by little. For now, the problem is that Steem doesn't attract a lot of people, we think we need to broaden the spectrum. It's like everything, a lot of people will use it once and stop, some will use it and be deceived by the rewards and stop, some will become fluent users and get interested by Steem and become active.
Our strength is the numbers. Steem doesn't have the power to attract a lot of users, with traditional social networks, we're talking billions of potential users.

We're also planning on educating users about Steem when we will begin to create accounts to onboard users directly from external social networks.

So it brings traffic and attention to Steem, and if a portion of them gets interested in it, maybe buy some STEEM to power up

And for the 2-way cross-posting, it's also a medium term goal, to have a complete service. And that way Steem promotiom could accelerate. We could also offer incentives to users who promote Steem externally or things like that. With enough users, we could have the power to put a tag on Trending on Twitter or Instagram, imagine the impact...

You have often included me in your sharings of great steemit members. Thank you so much!
I still haven't grasped the idea of what Instagram can do for me. I am too lazy to look into it LOL.
That lazy day food pic... if that is what you call a lazy day food... man you can make me lazy day meals all the time lol. Here lazy days is frozen pizza crap. I'm just too tired LOL Mom life XD

My pleasure hon! And each in their own time :)

I may have to try it @jaynie, it is cool that they collaborated with steem.

Yes indeed! I think it is REALLY awesome!

Omg this is awesome! Im going to set up today! Thank you for the call out too or i would have missed this.

hehehe yes it is bloody fantastic haha! :)

This is wonderful news @jaynie. Thanks so much for sharing the details. Like you, I did love Instagram but have sadly neglected sharing my work there ~ Just not enough hours in the days to be here, there and everywhere. I've only just integrated my WP blog with Steemit and will now connect my IG with Steemit.

It also really excites me that this can be a wonderful way to introduce my IG friends to the Steemit platform.

I've also been sharing my Steemit articles at MINDS and it would be wonderful to find a way to integrate MINDS with Steemit as well. If you hear of anyway to do this please let me know. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

yeah like @jaynie mentioned that bridge to introduce others the possibilities with social and blockchain. just share with a friend abt this a few days ago.

regards to your qns, seem like you got your ans on discord =) keep posting!

I share you EXACT sentiments. It simply becomes TOO much with fingers in so many pots!

Not sure why ~ But I used the Steemit editor to get the Markdown, and then copied and pasted it into the BODY with {body} at the start of the post and {footer} down at the very bottom. And included #share2steem. Clicked on the SAVE UPDATE button. But nothing happened then. Is there another button to actually post it? Or maybe my Markdown text was too long. Grateful for any suggestions Jaynie. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Hi. Ok no... you only preset your signature. Everything else is done directly from instagram. Contact me on discord and we can chat.

Thanks for getting back to me Jaynie. I'm in Sydney Australia and it's my bedtime ~ But that makes sense to me now. Will have to leave it until the morning but will contact you on discord tomorrow if I have any problems. Have the feeling I'll be able to do it now. Lovely to connect with you today. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Unless you prefer another means where we can speak

Appreciate your support. Can't wait to start now Janie. So much potential. I really loved connecting with some of the people on IG. Some fabulous artists and photographers there. Always had a wish for them to see Steemit. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

You are slowly breaking me down.. well I am not good at all the social network aspects.

hehehe... baby steps ;)

I really love what they did. Share2steem brilliant

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Absolutely!!!! Could not agree more!

Absolutely thumbs up

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Two thumbs up! haha :D


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I have been using steepshot which is sort of like instagram for steem.

Yes, I was using that for a little while, but far prefer the link between Instagram and Steemit. I think its a fabulous collaboration... plus they reward more and have more earning incentives than Steepshot... with many more to come apparently.

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I do have an instagram account but never really got in to the whole photo snap and post thing. But if it's possible to do that via steemconnect... well... maybe I can look in to it :)

Thanks for sharing the useful tip :)

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