Am I out of ideas?

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I'd like to think not, but it's been real hard to wring anything out, but it's not for lack of trying.

My day tends to be filled with taking care of my son and doing photo editing jobs, so it's a lot of staying at home. I spend a lot of my time thinking about what I could write once I get a moment to myself. I look forward to the the time I get to myself to devote to writing on Steemit, but then when I finally get to the that small patch of time...

...I draw a blank.

I tell myself I need to post at least once a day, maybe 2 or 3 times if I can get away with it, but bare minimum once per day. I haven't been doing that. I haven't been able to conjure anything up really at all. I'm lucky to get 3 posts a week at this rate.

In fact, another thing that's been taking up headspace recently is my movie script. I've been racking my brain on that thing for nearly a year and a half now and I still can't seem to get that nulled out either. I want to, badly, but I haven't been able to make it happen. A lot of people talk about writing anything just to keep the flow going, but I've not had the best luck with that. For me, doing that would result in an unintelligible word salad.

I remember when I first started here on Steemit last July. I couldn't turn the post ideas off. Now I wonder if I didn't flood my blog and post all my best stuff right at the beginning, leaving me with not much left.

I've also been told to consult my dreams, and that a lot of good ideas can come from dreams.
Well, this is all fine and well, but I don't dream vividly enough for this. I won't say I don't dream, because surely I do. But before my eyes can fully open or my feet touch the floor, it's gone.

I'll be lucky to remember any details. I've jokingly said to friends in the past - namely @giftedgaia and @sykochica - that while some people can dream novels every night, I'm lucky to extract the equivalent of a full sentence in a year from my dreams.

What do you do to keep the ideas coming?


I usually keep a backlog of topics i'd like to write about but if the well runs dry, there's always something on the news to discuss.

It can be tough coming up with ideas thats why i keep a good reserve and am always ready to write down an idea for future use

I go and read a bunch of blogs from people new to the site @winstonwolfe! Sometimes the best inspiration is sitting right in front of you. If it is really that hard than give yourself some rules. Creativity is easier when you have to keep the idea within a specific set of guidelines.

I know exactly how you feel. I had that same feeling writing my book for almost a year before the rest of it finally came to me and I was able to finally tie it together (coincidentally, due to publishing difficulties, I'm posting it chapter by chapter here on Steemit). Sadly, I don't have any good suggestions. I'm having the same trouble trying to come up with content to put up for a couple of projects I'd had previous to my hiatus.

If I find something that works, I'll let you know lol

Sometimes you need to take a break.

You came up with content about not having content. Brilliant!!! FULL STEEM AHEAD!!!

I have no shortage of ideas.... my problem is that if I get a really good post payout, I like to go quiet for a little while before I come out with my next big whopper. ;)

I think it's important for people not to constantly churn out content and give other posts an opportunity to get paid. :)

Hey! That's an idea. I should write about that someday. :) lol.

I've been on lines of thinking like this as well. I think the problem I'm having is trying to think of "the next big post", while in the meantime missing out on payouts for "postlings", which is what this post feels like. Perhaps I can start jotting down ideas, writing up and making a stockpile of posts, then doing a slow-release, or perhaps aim for releasing them during times when the price is high.

Yes, those are all good ideas. There are some people who get annoyed if someone has too many postlings. Eventually your followers get numb to your postings and won't upvote them as energetically anymore. So caution there.

May I borrow your term "postlings" that you've just coined?

For sure. :)
I figured it might click with Steemians in particular.

I liked your image selections. I noticed they were not credited. These are my designs.

Here's an idea:
In my last article, "Steemit Image Use And Options For Artists", I wonder if there's a better way to use images. I've looked and found nothing like this: Perhaps you could write a review and comparison of various image hosting services. Which sites have ease of use, are best for artists, best for the host site, and best for Steemit users - and which overlap?

Win, win, win, for everyone!

I've got an endless supply of ideas if ever you're short. Seriously, I wish I could turn it off.

Yeah, I used to add sources to my images, but for the purpose of a written blog entry like this, I no longer see the point. I think it's quite obvious I didn't create those images.
However, the point of the post in this case is not the images.

Of course.
I don't always cite. The more I care I do. (I wish earnings reflected the care.)

Reading my comment above I sound a bit like a dick. I just wanted to compliment the images and share an idea, then I rambled. I still haven't solved where to park my image collection.

Peace out.

I am not out of ideas. I couldn't get them all onto STEEM if I live till I'm 120. Follow me and you'll see!

Seriously, I happen to be an expert on a number of things... many are me-related. (My current posts like this for example)

But other than that, I do a lot of things outside, I notice crazy things at Wal-Mart and figure out HTML on the side. I have a growing family.

I'm super busy. Isn't everyone? How about following some crazy interest trails on STEEM using the Search button or grab some new posts.

lol winstonwolfe It's interesting how the "inspiration" comes when you're not particularly looking for it but rather addressing and looking at what is simply "here", which for you was your experience of not having inspiration. That is something I personally do when looking for something to write about, especially when I find myself going into my thoughts about it. I bring my awareness back to the simple reality of myself and look at what is going on with me in this moment or during my day. I have found that there is never "nothing" to write about.

I am also at a loss when it comes to dreams lol but maybe you are so busy with other things that you just dont have time to help yourself.

Maybe it's time to revisit the Steemit Fitness Challenge? You been staying healthy?

Go to the front page, find posts you really disagree and try to write responses. Expand a little. expand even more. Congrats. you have a post

Hah! I like this. Inspiration is never in short supply when there's something to a disagree with! Not to mention it might poke some parts of the brain that may not have had much play when trying to think of fiction. Then something might click and turn into a story. Like playing a different sport in the off season.

Personally I trawl through the new and home pages and start commenting, loads of ideas enter my head, I don't write them down, and repeat the process the following day :)

I feel you! I usually have to get mad about something and have to get it out to be inspired, then I find all kinds of things to write about for around a month and I'm all dried up again. If you find a fountain of creativity, please share!

That happens to most of us. Take a look at the tags colorchallenge, dailyquotes
maybe you can find some inspiration there.

There are lots of nice article in steem which always inspire me , you may go surf a bit for what you are interested

It's perfectly ok to rehash something you posted on many months back. In our head, we think..."I've already done that." But for just about anyone else, it was so long ago they either missed it or weren't around just yet.

This is different than simply re-posting..more just a current take on something you've not talked about in a while.

I also liked what the other commentor said about trying to keep a list of ideas written down for a rainy day. I tend to do that myself.

What do you do to keep the ideas coming?

Take a guess. :)

It's like writing music I suppose, capture what's around you and make it speak.


Well. my advice is take a breather, soak up new experiences. The more you pressure yourself to write the more difficult it will become. Eventually you'll be back, bigger and better 💪

I think looking for idea's to write about is not the way to do it. I am more adhoc, if i feel i made a nice picture i will post that. If i think i made a great dish on the BBQ, or one that just looks really nice on a plate, i will post about that. If i see news on crypto coins which i did not see here at all, i will post about that. And what i will try to do is helping others to get a better idea about how Steemit works, some kind of tutorial.. Hope this helps the ones looking for things to write about.

I have had that happen to me. I can say look at media post and get ideas of what to write about.