Steemit Image Use And Options For Artists

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Steemit Image Use And Options For Artists (2017-06-04)

I'm seeking answers, so fair warning - unless the funderful Steemit community contributes helpful comments, we may never know...

All images featured in this post are mine, by me.

As an animator, illustrator, designer, and creative director, I can appreciate the importance of credit and making a living off your creative efforts. That, said I have been guilty of making Steemit posts using uncredited images. Even with "credit" I have never paid for an image, nor considered it as I don't actually have any money. If I were earning significant sums that might change. "Significance" is subjective and to many there is no such thing as enough - and some will never pay for something unless it's mandatory or "necessary".

The more serious I am about the post the better I try to cite images even if ultimately they are not the original source image and artist. What actually earns and what doesn't is all together another story, unfortunately. This week, for example, I posted:
OSAPAP 001 - A New Open Source Anti Propaganda Animation Project
OSAPAP 002 - Over 20 Diverse Politically Profound Amazing Animations
Gabbing To Myself About Steemit's Ephemeral Nature

In the 2nd article I created this caricature of James Corbett of the Corbett Report who is also on Steemit @corbettreport . It's a screengrab from an animation test. As for the 3rd article, I just didn't give a fuuu... and cited nothin'.

I had my own website ( from 2001-2010ish and since then I had no need to post anything online. However, now that I'm "re-emerging" on Steemit, I need a reliable resource base. Most of the images on my website were not archived by the WayBack Machine but enough were so that I could feature some of them here, exceptions being the cartoon James Corbett above and my shared dark desktop wallpaper below which are on for now (and shouldn't really be there):

I have a vast collection of my graphic design and illustrative work that needs a new online home. Before, I had a well displayed "share-mix-credit-not-for-profit" Creative Commons copyleft on everything, yet there were countless violations.

One Hallowe'en, a few years ago, in a Value Village store I discovered a series of new goth kitchen products (oven mitts, pot holders, etc) with my very distinct and original design on it (not bad, but not my best). As a printed pattern on fabrick inverted white on black with additional orange trim it looks great, but I was not notified nor received a penny. My Dad, who I designed it for, had been wearing this Café Press shirt for years at the yacht club:

Am I bitter? Sure. Did it ruin my life? No. Can I do something about it? I hope so.

Question: Is there a good online place where I can, under copyleft featuring my contact information, upload my image library, share preview lower rez images (like the 400x400 and 100x100 images here) and reserve higher quality images for patrons?

Question: Is there anyway to also claim something like "Steemit and other social media users can freely use the image until they've earned $15 after which I expect a percentage"?

Question: Would this be worth coordinating between Steemit and Creative Commons to develop code or something?

Question: Are these just fancy fairy pipe dreams?

Note: I've only ever illustrated a few skull motifs. It's not my thing and I'm not always so grim. After I wrote the Hallowe'en story I was reminded of the wallpaper with a better design, so I added it. On the other hand I really like headphones. Ask me and I show you more.

Most of these designs were on my site and are still on a Café Press web store that I abandoned a decade ago. If you'd like any of them or new work for something feel free to contact me.

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Bonus hashtag: FightElitesNotEachOther

Every comment counts and will be greatly appreciated.

Vote for me and I promise like a politician to make all your dreams come true.

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