Privacy and Transparency: Three Kinds of Steemians

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In my opinion, there are 3 kinds of Steemians with regard to privacy/transparency. I am speaking of Steemians that blog, not those that just bought STEEM Powers and are waiting for the price of STEEM to be high enough so that they will cash out.

1) Radical Privacy

Those that do not reveal their real name and do not publish any picture of themselves.

2) Standard Privacy

Those the do not reveal their real name, but will show their picture.

3) Radical Transparency

Those that reveal their real name and publish photos of themselves.

I don't think I have ever met any Steemian that reveal their real name, but not their photo. There may be some, but then they are quite rare.

First Category: Radical Privacy

Amongst many others, one Streemian in this category I interact often with is @katharsisdrill.

Publicly, we know a lot of things about @katharsisdrill: his work as a comics creator, part of his recent health problems, where he lives (Copenhagen, Denmark), his 16 years old daughter @scarlet-rain that publishes her drawings, etc ...
But we don't know his real name and I have never seen a picture of @katharsisdrill.

Second Category: Standard Privacy

Here, we can find a good specimen with @papa-pepper:

If you follow @papa-pepper, you have seen zillions of picture of him, of his wife @mama-pepper and of his children @little-peppers.

But, you have not learned his real name.

Third Category: Radical Transparency

There are many examples of Steemians in this category, starting with @ned and @dan.

I am in this category ( @vcelier ).

It is my real name on my main page, and I have no problem showing my face, even four times on my main page!

I am not trying to say that one category is better than the others. Everyone has the right and the freedom to decide what they want to divulge about themselves.

I would welcome comments explaining the category you are in and why you did chose to be there.

-- Vincent Celier

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I think there is two reasons that has influenced my choice to use a pseudonym. One is psychological: I am a person that like to keep at least part of my life closed to people outside of my nearest family and often even to them too, with my wife as the only exception. The second has something to do with my career, my view of art and my weariness with social communities in general.

Creating a pseudonym was satisfying in many ways - career-wise because I was able to start all over (career originally meaning a road or a course is demonstrating it quite well - taking a new road), artistically because I could start working in a new category without having to bridge back to my previous works and also because I could move from so called Fine Art to the more humble genres that I view as just as valid artistically. The last has also to do with my weariness with the art world and its boring audience.

All this made a fine harmony with my personality - and a last benefit was that I, like @meesterboom mentions, could invent a new and mysterious name.

I think I am standard privacy. Simple when I join steemit, I did not know what I put myself into.
But I am fine and I enjoy steemit.

bonjour ami est très bon ces classifications, je me considère aussi dans la catégorie de transparence radicale, le nom de mon utilisateur est mon vrai nom karlin et je partage aussi des photos de moi et de ma famille. Je n'ai rien à cacher, hahaha.

I am a firm category number 2 man. It's not even that deliberate, I think because of the hugely public nature of the blockchain I initially joined with my online monicker. Since then I have grown to really enjoy using it!


I remember in the early days of the internet, actually even before now I think of it (gamenames), where we loved finding these aliases. All my friends and me and my brothers had several of them. It was very fascinating for us to create these mystical names.


Totally! We did a lot of role playing back in the day and when online stuff started happening took great pleasure in coming up with cool ( or so we thought) usernames


On some sites it is still almost mandatory to do the name game if you're going to join the fun. (tumblr, imgr)


It is a good game!


Number 2! Number 2!

Number 2! Number 2!

Interesting post, and question. I am a category in and of myself - my name is on my URL posted on my bloghead and if you were really interested you could click that link and find a pic of me on my site.

Personally, I enjoy a level of anonymity... which, if we were f2f eye2eye and heart2heart, I could portray through body language. ON social media however I want to talk about whatever I want to talk about without feeling personally attacked, as much as possible...which sometimes I can't avoid because I am a visionary and talk about highly controversial and confrontive topics.

I've exposed my name and face here. I'm aware this could have risks, but I'm careful about what I post

Thanks for your interesting post! I am definitely a Standard Privacy kind of gal. I think (just a thought) that due to my age (30... some like to group me in with all those millennials, but I disagree), I grew up in the sensitive rapid growth of AOL/online chat and the revolution of social media. I am also a female, so safety precautions were driven into me by my parents in their efforts to help me become someone who is aware of my surroundings. I don’t mind photos, but it is rare for me to completely divulge information such as my name, or where I live, or even photos of my kids, mostly due to the crazy world we live in these days and how quickly dangerous it can become. I absolutely appreciate those from all three categories!

I fall into the last category - people know my name, my face, how old I am, where I live... I have also posted photos of my apartment - that's the way I am. I blog about beer, photography, and philosophy, and I believe that being transparent makes for more engaging posts.

That said, I have nothing against people that want to keep their privacy :)


A beer-loving photographer who occasionally ponders the meaning of existence...Hooked & following based on that :)


Haha, I hope you'll like my beer reviews and other posts :) Thank you!


I think you are right that people will be more engaged in posts that are personal. Before any topic people in general are interested in other people. (Some nerdy types of course exempted)

i would say am among the standard privacy just like @papa-pepper
my pic is all over my blog but you cant find my real name


All scorpions and snakes if I remember right! LOL!


I don't know what that means but it made me randomly laugh this morning :)

I'm in the third category because I like to show some parts of my life, I post about me, my pets, my boyfriend, and I will continue doing it :).
I like transparency and I think is more interesting like that for others and me :).

4th category: neither write (post), no pictures, no real names


First paragraph:

I am speaking of Steemians that blog, not those that just bought STEEM Powers and are waiting for the price of STEEM to be high enough so that they will cash out.

My Dearest D. has shown me what someone who is motivated to find something online can find. A doctor who won't call him back? His email and possibly an alt. phone number is somewhere on the web! A brand name product wherein the company has gone out of business? There are techs that used to work there!

I'm not a particularly reticent person but I don't really want to be hunted down either...

...not that I've done anything to be hunted for.

...I think.

Radical Privacy for me but after $100,000 dollars of damage and destruction most understand why.


Indeed, you are in category 1.
From your #introduceyourself post, I believe we don't have a big difference of ages (I am 68 years old).


Not a big difference ;-)

Interesting, I’ve only been here a few days and I’ve definitely seen all three types.

I share both my name and photo because I’m an artist so my info is already public and traceable through my art. If I didn’t share art I would probably keep my name private though.


There are artists that share their art in category 1. @katharsisdrill is one for example.


Oh I’m sure there are! There are plenty of artists that use a pseudonym everywhere. Technically mine isn’t the name I go by on a resume, but it is my real name. :) Everyone has their own way of deciding what’s comfortable for them. :)

This has been something that I've given much thought in the past, but I've reached the logical decision that if I want to Know myself better and to grow more, it is necessary that I have no fears regarding who I am, or sharing that which I am with the whole world.

That is the logical reason, but I've also reached a Spiritual reason in the form of "We're all ONE", so there is really no privacy anyway. Not at a greater Understanding of our World and Life in general. We ALL share a Common Collective Unconscious, from which we choose what to express in our own Life, so privacy doesn't mean anything anymore to me.

Great post Mr. @VCelier. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)


Interesting....We are all one is very integral to my beliefs but I hadn't applied it to blogging really...I'll have to think on that more. Currently I've been in the internal conflict of wanting to share my thoughts & life openly about everything but I don't want to be known.


A big and ugly truth that was revealed to me in a clear manner during this practice is that I still fear the judgement of others, although I say and want to not do it anymore. Although I have so many great Ideas that I could put into use, I still have fear of the external world.

I don't know if you can relate to this, but this has been part of my experience on the road of sharing myself with others. It is taken from [STK] #18 - TODAY I FEEL THE TRUTH ARISING WITHIN MYSELF..
There is also a video where I speak more about it, to some extent.

Being Aware of it is a great step towards outgrowing that fear / problem. Thanks for commenting @LexiMiss :)

You left out... 0.5?... Full on paranoids:
No real name, no pictures of them, a TOR proxy to hide their IP, deposit and withdraw via bitcoin ATMs, and if anyone seems to much like the shadow men... Burn it all down and start over. This time with more TOR layers and only from a burner phone hospital.


I revealed both and now I regret 😂


Lets hope it drowns in the data-river.

I used to be in the radical transparency category but have shifted myself recently to the second category. You can call me Batman (as named by Roeland during Steemfest 2) xD

i used to be in the last category but there;s some fake friend of mine who took my sisters pictures to the witchcrafts to biwitch her,

I maybe under Standard privacy. Sure, I have shared our first names but not our last and pictures of our family. I have no issues with revealing a little more. If I have done that in Facebook, which is unbeknownst to all have privacy issues from time to time, why not here?

I fall in a sort of mixed category: The only photo of myself is the profile photo and my first name is part of my steemit username. haha


Then, you are in category 2.

Happy to be Standard Privacy :D , when i start my first social media i had scare to show myself , then i just keep my name , not for privacy just because i don't like it

Thanks for your interesting post! Iam In Redical Privacy

If I had to say, the category that you fall into probably has much to do with the content that you choose to post. Unfortunately for anyone with a "dissident opinion" on politics etc., there are hordes of virtue signaling attention grabbers looking to attack you any way possible, all in an attempt to silence your opinion. They won't hesitate to doxx you and attack you in "real life," therefore you must protect yourself (and your opinions) with anonymity.

We should all strive to create a world where we can express our opinions freely without fear of repercussions. After all, why bother censoring someone you don't like? If this person you don't like is as wrong as you believe, then allow them to reveal their wrongness as much as possible. If you must censor them, then what is it exactly that you are afraid of?

I do think the privacy issue is why I came to crypto in general but for steemit I came for the curiosity and stayed for the community👍


So even though for steemit it’s not my main focous I will pick category 2

Is Standard bitch better than basic bitch? Lol

Great post. I like it. Some time should maintain privacy. Thanks for sharing such a good post @vcelier

hahaha.. standard privacy in here.. yep! it makes me more comfortable to use a nickname. and @vcelier.. thanks for this post.. I thought that I am th only one..

Very nice post.

"There is no persuasiveness more effectual than the transparency of a single heart, of a sincere life." --Joseph Barber Lightfoot; "Transparency, honesty, kindness, good stewardship, even humor, work in businesses at all times. i just gave you a vote

This is a great post, thanks for sharing with us. Have a wonderful night @vcelier

Nice analysis with a keen observation of people privacy and transparency. I certainly fall into your third category.