[Map Out Your Next Moves] Week 2 of 4 - YOUR "WHY"

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Your “Why”

This can seem to be a simple and obvious question and we are usually quick to reach for the obvious things, as to why we do what we do, but in this post, I want to guide you to dig a little deeper.

First, let’s look at, why is it so important to have a “why”?

Having a why gives, what we do, things like purpose, an agenda, intention and justification. We do things for specific reasons, but we aren’t always aware of why.

In business, this concept has proven to be a very important key aspect for developing a true vision and mission. It shows that there is more beneath the service of what we do, and why we do it.

Here, is an amazing explanation by Simon Sinek, for using a “why.” https://youtu.be/u4ZoJKF_VuA

As you can see, how powerful it is to have clarity around your "why" and that it's where your vision and mission is inspired from. It’s where you will make the connection with people.

If you take note, of those that you follow, you'll notice there are those underlying reasons as to why you follow others, buy products, etc.

It’s really a question of, what do you stand for? What do you believe? What is your outlook and vision? And then communicating that message throughout your work, writing, marketing, products, etc.

It makes for a more sustainable foundation to what you’re set out to do. If you’re in the space of writing, being an influencer or selling a product or service, you're really looking for a loyal following or customer base.
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Why having a “why” is more than just attracting the right people?

It’s a beneficial aspect for your own mindset. As we set out on a new path of business and/or creating content, it can be a difficult and confusing path. There are so many variables and it takes a lot of perseverance and passion to navigate through and stay on course.

Having a “why” that you’re very confident and clear on, can help keep you inspired and motivated, even when times get tough. You can remind yourself “why am I doing this again”?

When you answer yourself on that question, it should spark excitement, inspiration and the drive to keep going.

How do I come up with my “why”?

I believe the best way to come up with our own clear why, is through exploring desire. We can all reach for those quick obvious reasons, like financial gain, time freedom or a specific cause that we hold dear to our hearts, but the magic question is “how does it make you feel?”

How do you want to feel?
The most common quick answer may be words like “good” or “great”, but these words are so broad and unspecific, that don’t really have a whole lot of feeling to them.

Using work inspired by The Desire Map -Danielle Laporte, it explores this concept through breaking down different areas of your life. Because, when we dig deep into this, we realize that we want to feel different ways in different areas of life.

The goal with desire mapping, is to come up with your core desired feelings in each area life. Example of these ares would be -Relationships, Work, Lifestyle, Health, etc.

As you go through the different areas of your life and ask that same question, how do I want to feel? (in this specific area of life?) New feeling words begin to surface that are going to be more accurate and not so broad like “good.”
Ex: Abundant. Loved, Appreciated, Creative, Energized, Excited, Connected, Grounded, Joyful... and so on. There are so many words that can better describe how you want to feel in all areas of life.

So using this and going back to “why we do what we do?” =“because it makes me feel a certain way.”


What things make me feel the way I want to feel?
What topics do I write about that make me feel that way I want to feel?
What do I want to create that makes me feel that way I want to feel?

I hope this post help sparks inspiration for clarity around your "why"!

I would love to challenge everyone that takes part by after the 4 weeks, writing a post to share "Your Next Moves," what your intentions are moving forward and what everyone can expect to see.

You can use the tag #mynextmoves. I would love to hear! (For those that engage in the comments each week + write their post with the tag #mynextmoves, I will choose 1 winner to receive 2 Steem at the end of the 4 weeks)

Introduction to Map Out Your Next Moves

Week 1- “Your Super Power”

*I'm a week late on this post but I will still post Week 3 this week as well, I apologize.

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Apologies accepted! Our why sure goes beyond the obvious, it needs us to dig deeper and explore ourselves. Our why should be our inspiration. And as you said, it is all about how we want to feel.

Yes! I learned of "why" a very long time ago and over the years I still find I have to revisit it often and I always remember how powerful it is.

Oeh, I just discovered you and this post, and I absolutely love love love it <3 Thank you so much for sharing.

Searching for my WHY has been my core activity for the last few years. And it has been such a rewarding journey! So I can only cheer at posts like this, that inspire even more people to search for their WHY :D

I really enjoy the way you write and explain the concept. It's like I can here a very positive and clear relaxed voice guide me through the theory. I can't wait to read your other posts!

As for how I use the question of WHY, I try to use it as much as possible. Also and maybe even for making my posts here on Steemit. Although I've only just started, I want my posts and profile to be as clear as possible. I find that asking myself with every posts I'm writing WHY, it helps to clear my head and shine a light on the concept I really want to write about.

When writing my introductory post it made my blog transform from a blabla I'm Tim blabla, to a story about the constructs of identities. And in doing, also told people a lot more about my own WHY ;)

So yes, I totally agree with you, asking yourself the question of WHY is something everybody should do! :D

That is the key, clarity for yourself + "Although I've only just started, I want my posts and profile to be as clear as possible." You're on the right track in my opinion, I think this mindset goes a long way!

Determining "why" or our life purpose can be really challenging. It's easier said than done.

I will check you out and your intro post. Thanks so much for stopping by :)

Oh thank you so much. Both for your kind words as for your warm welcome <3 much appreciated!

"Determining "why" or our life purpose can be really challenging. It's easier said than done."

Yes, this is so true. It's a loooot of hard work, more hard work, confusion, getting lost, getting back on track again, getting lost, finding your inspiration again. But that's also part of the process/fun!! I've enjoyed, and still enjoy, doing this so much! [and sometimes can stress the fuck out of myself because I think I'm off track again :')]

It can be quite frustrating though. Especially since it's so often viewed as a failure if you can't articulate your WHY yet. But like you said, it's easier said than done. So it doesn't mean you're failing if you don't have the answer yet. Or that you wouldn't be on the right track. Or that there wouldn't be any value in getting lost. I'm discovering how much treasure I've gathered along the way. In the forms of friends, lovers, skills, insights and wisdom <3

Life is such a magical place!

Good post

I gotta be honest with you, I have actually reached a point where people talking about "why" has gotten on my nerves. Not because I dislike the concept but because people talking about it are usually rather cheap and just go after the money and like the rhetoric of "why" as a means to draw people in.

That being said, there is an utmost importance to understanding the driving force behind ones actions, so I do my best to not let my bitterness towards this topic get the better of me.

It was a good post and I will take a look at some of the other posts you provided here as well.

Thanks for your honestly. I totally get it. I felt the same. I was first introduced to the "WHY" through Direct Sales and MLM. It can absolutely be used as a tactic for hype in certain situations.

Over the years I've learned to explore it on a deeper level, one that is more true and authentic and more deeply connected to what I have to offer and be of service over what I can get out of it.

Maybe it needs another name!?I have to agree with you. "why" has become a bit cliche. Thanks for pointing that out. but I hope my post inspires a deeper meaning behind it.

Absolutly. It was actually rather freeing to get that piece of mind off my chest. I didn't notice how much that topic was bothering me until I actually put it into words, so there is some value in that.

I appreciate you giving me the opportunity for that.

Nothing better than releasing something that bothers you! I think many things out there get ruined in the same way this topic may have. I like that you pointed it out. :)

Well, in that case, I look forward to seeing what you will make out of this.

Oh gosh, I totally understand this discussion! It's always hard to see when these true concepts or questions are borrowed and used for more superficial means. It feels like they somehow loose their strength and power, their potential?

Your question if we maybe needed another term made me think of the concept Ikigai ? I don't know if you're familiar with this?

I think this is something that resembles the question WHY, although it might even run on a more deeper level. I'm interested in your opinions about the two, and if you think they're the same or touch different levels in ones need and desires.

Yes, I totally agree ikigai is the same.... even more effective and I think it forces us to look at things that often get overlooked with the whole "why concept." I actually used the diagram of Ikigai in a previous post Start the right business

Thanks for joining in on the discussion :)

Oh cool! I'll definitely check out your other post later! Thanks for sharing!

Listening, trusting and following your intuition gives ample explanations to the whys.

absolutely! All the answers are within :)

Thank you for another great post. We should always explore and remember our whys. I love Simon Sinek btw, I have his book, “Together is Better” which is lovely and simple book about leadership, and now because of your post, I want to read his book about the why.

I have not read his book, I follow a lot of his work online, but I may look into getting that book, Thanks for mentioning it! :)


Sorry for being a little disconnected again... I miss the first post! :crying:
I’m getting ready a new desktop computer to start vlogging but it’s going sloooooowly process so please when the series be finish make somekind of post as a conclusion that I can resteem and vote, please...

Blessings Tressa!

I hear you, I was late posting this because last week was nothing but unexpected things arising and I couldn't find the time. Everything is a process but I'm sure you're vlogging will be worth the wait! :)

Yes it seems something Astrological...

I hope it worth the waiting but it will be more or less my personal diary :)

Finally, she's back! One of the reasons why I love steemit is due to the fact that I'm continuously knowing myself deeper. Thanks for another great post. I'm looking forward to the 3rd and the last :)

Self- discovery is very powerful. I'm happy to hear your commitment to knowing yourself deeper. I just posted the 3rd part of the series now, I hope you enjoy it :)