Come to the Steemit Side...We Have Crypto

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I've moved my content from this centralized platform to the truly decentralized (and wicked awesomesauce) #Hive community. Feel free to follow me there. #CantBuyCommunity #StealingIsBad #JustinSunForPrison2020


@traciyork - this is a great post - really. I am still learning so much about this platform and the whole issue of Steem, SBD, etc. that I've saved this to read properly. And I shall be sharing it with others I think might want to join this platform.

Awesomeness, @fionasfavourites - thanks so much! And another reason I wrote this is because it forced me to pay attention/figure out some of this stuff. I'm hoping after my future post dealing with Steem, SP, & SBD I'll be an expert (hey, a girl can dream, right? LOL!).

Well, after today, you could also write something about bandwidth and voting power. Total gobbledeygook to me! Look forward to your next posts :)

That's definitely one of the upcoming topics, @fionasfavourites - maybe I'll even understand it when I'm done. 😊

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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I've been trying to convince my friends to join for a while... The idea of getting crypto without putting up some cash still leaves them scratching their heads.

Shared this on my facebook, hopefully some new people get on board!

Coolness, @t-a-r-o-t - thanks for sharing! I've also shared some of my Steemit posts to Twitter, FB, and Instagram (in lieu of their WordPress counterparts), figuring the more people see content from the site, the higher the possibility they'll stop looking at Steemit like it has three heads! LOL!

My post on the fool has gone up... Magician and the Aces (and tarot tuesday) coming this week!

Finally, a promotional post for SteemIt that tells people the truth!
Very well done, @traciyork.
If I wouldn’t have an account already, I’d sign up instantly! :0)

LOL! Thanks so much, @simplymike! 😂 😊

I read your post and i loved it, first i laugh for the mem with dart veder but also the last giphy is so funny ( Any others steemit addicted over here?) i like the way you trated the blockchain subject and the way you explain how steemit works and why you come here, in a funny way, a bit sarcastic, truly i loved it! Great post Tracy!

Thanks so much, @noemilunastorta! I'll be sure to tell my kids that someone appreciates my humor... LOL! Your comment wicked made my day! 😊

Here's a question @traciyork :

If a user ends up having body of work of say 100 or 200 or 500 posts which are all past payout, but they still have value to the reader, is it tolerated to post crypto addresses for people who might wish to make small donations, or is this frowned upon. After all, at a certain point a huge amout of work has been invested, but it can only earn for one week. I know the tipping bots try to solve this, but there hasn't been widespread uptake yet.

And there will always be people who think it's somehow 'unfair' to continue earning from ones work beyond payout date.

To be fair, I see a lot of jealousy from users who see other users making significant money from their posts, but they ignore the effort that's clearly gone in over an extended period to warrant that income.

Just wondering...

Wow, I had to get a second cup of coffee for this question, @t-a-r-o-t! 😂

I'm not really sure what you mean in regards to posting "crypto addresses for people who might wish to make small donations" to old posts, but I do know there's a rather robust debate in Steemian circles on the topic of what to do with posts past payout.

My perspective is this - in late 2014, I decided to blog on a schedule (on WordPress), and I began writing 3 to 4 blog posts per week. While some content was reused to a point (like the basic framework for my Tarot Tuesday posts), the vast majority of it was newly created. To be fair, in the past year or so, on the advice of other bloggers, I tried posts entitled, "Revisiting" then the original post name, but it just didn't click for me.

How much revenue did it generate?


So now that I'm here on Steemit, I see any amount of SBD earned on a post as total icing on the cake, and I tend to focus on creating new content, not worrying about the old. And speaking of (because I need cake with my coffee...LOL), think about all the amazing bakers out there who spend hours and hours making creations like this (yes, this is a cake!)-

photo via Charm City Cakes West

The bakers get paid for making the cake, the cake gets eaten, and life goes on.

Not sure if that answered your question, @t-a-r-o-t, but now I'm hungry! 😊

I so wish I had this when I started. Very nicely explained and easy to understand intro to it all

Thanks so much, @onethousandpics! That's what I was going for - the guide I wish I'd had. 😊

Great intro post! Good job on this! 😊

Thank you, @thekittygirl! Much appreciated! 💜 😊

What an awesome and entertaining way to learn about Steemit. Had a few chuckles and I think this is a perfect intro post about all the goings on here.

Thanks, @jusipassetti! I was trying to find the balance between informative and info-overload. Still managed to make my brain cramp a number of times whilst writing it though...LOL!

Wow, and I thought I was cynical! Oh wait, this is actually how I approached Steemit in the beginning... LOL!

Hahahah when I reached here, I laughed. I love your wittiness and your funny way of writing @traciyork. Thank you so much for this write-up that covers almost everything to persuade and also answer the questions of those are yet to be onboard. I have been talking to my sister and from her look, I know she is being skeptical. But I'm gonna send your post link to her!!! Thanks for doing this.
boosting you from #steemitbloggers If it isn't because of Steemit, who would have thought we can meet on this platform from right across the other side of the globe right??? I love the communities here and yeah when I write, I also feel my life is improving. So thankful for Steemit and for you too :)

Aww, thank you very much, @happycrazycon! I'm so glad I made you laugh, and I totally get what you mean about your sister - I'm getting that same look a TON lately! I completely agree too - while I've met an amazing number of bloggers across the globe through my WordPress blog, Steemit, and @steemitbloggers has taken it to a whole new level! So thankful for you as well! 😊

This so entertaining at the same time very well inform post.
Great post @traciyork! Resteeming this as well.

Much appreciated, @roselifecoach - thank you so much!

You are most welcome!

I am soooooo going to resteem this. so much info nd so much fun. and of course the gifs. Love it. Oh yes instead of going to the darkside, we are here on steemit. ;)

Thank you, @iamjadeline! And the heck with the dark side - we'll just earn tons of crypto and buy the cookies ourselves...LOL!

Love it! If you don't mind, I could I share this link with friends and family? Trying to get my people on to the platform, but explaining Steemit often feels like pulling teeth!

Most definitely, @sweetpea and thanks for asking! Yep, I did this post (and the ones that will follow) because I was feeling the same way! 😊

I'm still learning the ropes here and this is very helpful! Had a little giggle to myself whilst reading certain parts so thanks for that! 😄 Look forward to more content! 🤘

That's awesome, @letsgetquirky! Glad to hear it was helpful, and most importantly, made you giggle! Much appreciated (love your handle, by the way!). 😊

Love it! I'm sending this to my sister-in-law who refuses to see past Facebook! Ugh!

The baby analogy is pretty cute too :) I'm looking forward to the rest of your series now!

YAY! Yep, I hear that, @lynncoyle1 - however, in certain cases (like my mother) I'm very happy they have Facebook to distract them from my swear-filled posts over here. LOL!

And thank you! I started off (when explaining to people) with, Imagine FB, Reddit, and WoW had a baby... it kinda grew from there. 😜

Great post Traci! Your wonderful sense of humor shines through making this a delight to read!

Aww, thanks so much, Roger!

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