Time For Steem to Wake Up

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Where have all the fun part gone. We use to read very interesting community driven posts. We use to be excited every morning and our sleep couldn't hold us from checking our posts. We used to have moments where staying away from steemit was much more painful than fasting. If that never applied to you, it did to me. It was like a wave of enthusiasm with awe and excitement. We used to have moments when voting was done by real people. And the main chills on the platform was discovery. Now that all these are gone, whats left to drive the progress of the platform?


I think its memory and hope that the future will be bright. Bots have come to replace interactions and now he who has the most resources gets the most faked interactions. My heart is saddened yet i have to follow the way of the system now. When will the fun in this place return? Maybe this place shouldnt have a fun part and the previous times was the incubation era for the true nature.

I have been waiting for a time when we can all invite a whole family and a whole nation onto this platform with ease. I came to the platform at a time when registration took three to four days. Now things have worsened and it takes 2 to three weeks. Steemit has been an eye opener for many social media and there are alot modeled like steemit that are sprouting up. Ono, sola, litt, superior coin and many community driven social apps which will overtake steemit if we continue to neglect our foundations. Steemit is still not user friendly and account creation is too hectic for most. Ono hasnt launched internationally yet and has over 200,000 members who are unique individuals. This tells us the dawn of a new era. Steemit has to step up or will drawn in this lake of ever increasing competition. Yahoo was reluctant to grow and the name of yahoo is hardly mentioned these days.

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it is awake. look again. you are ceo of steem as well. stakeholder. we take steem to the moon. we arent to follow it. we take it. I see you at a place of responsibility at this point. when you post it stirs reaction. we need to tend to these reactions. plus much of your answers are in history. you will need to dig that up to know where we truly at at.


I agree with you on this one. Consistently working now for the bright future!


Thanks for your reply. It is clearer to me now.

I have found a change happened on here since i joined, it took 8 days for me to join back last august.
I have found that less people have read my posts and that to me saddens me to think.
One thing i don't like now is that they have removed how many viewers have seen your posts. that was the key for me because you could see how many people at least clicked on your post to see what I had put.
now its all about up-votes and if you haven't got a whale to up-vote you then up-vote bots are the only thing that people have.
Lucky for me when I joined I met a delegated dolphin who up-voted my work which gave me funds and confidence to keep fighting the good fight.
Once he had his delegation taken away my posts dropped from $8 dollars a post to 0.02c a post. which to me is a kick in the teeth for all the hard work I put into my posts.
I came to the conclusion that i would stay on steemit as I love the platform, i like to read others work the up-votes are nice when i get them but i am here now more for the community and not for the cash.


let bygones be bygones :)


that through


I think that is the sense that can push us all through this period of stunted growth on steemit. I myself was happy here a while back but due to the same reasons you have there, i have coiled into my shell. Now i scavenge for a more social type social media


I have found also that I have more upvotes from comments than i do from some of my posts. it's crazy how a comment can generate so much cash when 1 of my posts only gets sometimes 0.01c.
i think the way forward for steemit is now to keep as many new steemains on the platform as they are our future.
I have started helping Rep 25 guys with a simple up vote to try and get them to stay, the only problem i have is it is worth 0.10c. I am trying to do my bit for steemit. i just wish I had some money to invest and pay the way forward for everyone.

Seriously, there is an urgent need for us the members of steemit community to restrategize and make steemit move forward. Many have lost interest in steemit becauses of this era of bot we are in now. If not because we still have faithful members like @surpassinggoogle, @arcange,@hr1 and others who incessantly support and endorse quality post , i would have quit steemit. The truth must be told, we have completely shifted away from the original intent of Ned scott for creating stermit.At this juncture, we need to do something about it or else steemit will be out of the game .


too late in the day...


Maybe if we wrote bots that could shadow vote with prople we normally vote like us anyway, we could leverage brain and ix86 at the same time.


@leprechaun. I dont get your point


I agree. I think its might be getting worse and the fears competition for survival on the platform will continue for at least a while before things get into shape. I actually salute @surpassinggoogle for his tremendous community effort to grow steemit

Well I'm quite fresh here (3 days) on Steemit and my registration took 8 days. But I agree it's not user friendly (at all), but I don't know what will change for me in the far future about the bots, but at the moment still real people react ..... but I'm new ;-) Maybe one day I totally agree. Till then I keep reacting to posts which are appealing and I hope you do too ;-)
Have a great day !!


Hi @marionsworld, I agree with you 100% that there is a big opportunity to make Steemit much more user friendly


welcome to steemit ;)

have fun while it lasts


Well thank you @prakashghai !! ;-)


There are many interesting topics for discussion on steemit . Most votes are not casted by people. Every thing is basically being done by bots and its on sale. Its a good business model but its defeating most of the purpose of the platform. I bet, many original good contents are buried sake of this problem. As time goes, you will get to understand.


Because of these kind of posts I understand the problem. Such a pitty !

steemit has a great future

really steem is the best thing in future for the crypto and the blogs i love this platform it can kill facebook. really its valuables system. enjoy your life my fiend


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It cant kill facebook at this rate. Because facebook evolves faster than any platform i have seen. That's why it has managed to stay on top of the ladder for a long time

very true what says that I am new here and he publishes a very important publication and nobody recognizes me. I do many things. Draw it Photography and Nandie recognizes me that you have to pay a robot to be recognized and it's not fair. I like to be recognized because I'm doing a real job, but I see that now it's not like that and that I would like people to read me the publication and vote for me

I thank you for creating this publication that is the reality of what you say


Have you considered posting bilingual posts? I think that could help you in reaching more followers.


Indeed. Starting out is way more difficult now due to bots taking everything up

I didn't realise this place was as much fun as you described it in your post, I guessed I really missed a lot then. You did make an important point though in your post, if they won't learn from Yahoo's downfall, they might lose to the upcoming competition


That's a certainty. If we dont learn, we will crumble. This place used to be a lot way fun

If you read the recent post by @donkeypong and the extended reply by @lukestokes, youll know that ono, isnt as strong of a competitor as you feel.

There is a saying, things are easier said than done.

Steem isnt just a social media platform, the goal is to tokenize the internet.

The lack of focus on user retention is perfectly explained by @lukestokes post.

The steem blockchain is being worked on to provide access for millions upon millions of users.

Steem hasnt even started their plans, in a way, steemit right now is on an ico stage, gathering funds via the attention we bring to the platform, so the "real" steem plan can be achieved.

At the end,the above is what i feel about steem and the direction its going.

Steemit.com is the first of its kind, steem blockchain is a blockchain that houses steemit.com and very soon, millions of websites on the internet.

i think it was launched at a time when people have already mastered the art of buying an audience on other social media platforms. Not only can you buy followers and comments, you can also pay the company to promote your post. Steemit seemed to be a welcome change from that. However, as someone new to the platform, may be I don't see the damage as much as you do. For me, this is normal to start with. There is promoted content. and I have to find a way to dig out the interesting stuff from the crap. and there are solid enlightening posts on steemit at times.

And lately I have a seen a lot of steemit whales also talking about around the same point - about quality content, about bid bots, about abuse of SP. Your article also links up with those points.

Thanks for sharing your perspective. extremely insightful.


Its my pleasure. I see you view. One cannot judge without a standard to compare to. It seems perfect and okay now because you didnt feel how steemit was in the past.

Awesome post! for all those crypto and tech enthusiast: I made this image with the 3D Steem logo so you can use it in your cryptocurrency posts! here's the link to my post
images are clean and completely free! just make sure to upvote! have a nice one!



Looks great!


Thanks. It looks awesome

The bots destroy the economic engine of Steemit, and really need toned down in some way.

Soon, it'll be the first decentralized blogging platform for bots.

Unless we can mobilize the developers then there is no change. Steem should be used as a prototype for ys to build our own social media sites. We as a community shpuld build our own platform to do what steem cannot.


I think what you are saying has just hit me up. I think we can build our own front end and sort content out the way we want it just like what all the other frontends such as dtube dlive and the others do.


Thats a great idea. I have a few programmers who can help us.

I couldn't agree more.

The fact is we have all lost it,
Including everyone of us, we are all guilty of this down fall of steem.
Majority hardly read contents again, what they do is the keep upvoting their self and delegating steem power or buying bots to promote their post.
It hurt when you work all day just to research and drop a post only for no one to view or comment not to talk of Upvote.
It piss me off personally, at times I get so discouraged and almost giving up.

I just hope this present situation stir us all to going back to the purpose of steemit.

Sharing good and quality content.

Take a time out today to Upvote a quality content or comment today.


Its basically true. We are all part of the downfall.

Well, that's what happens when people care more about making money and less about the true purpose of Steemit, which is sharing great content... We talk a lot about sharing economy but we are really cheap when sending out likes and leaving comments and supporting each other... Unfortunately I don't think bots and fake interactions will be regulated soon, unless somebody from the "high floors" (talking about Steemit content directors..) intervenes on the core of the platform and stop this crap.

@tj4real,what are your ideas on changing the current situation? And btw, what is this "Yahoo" you are talking about? :)

Cheers from Prague ;)



When you read the about how yahoo collapsed, it did so because it didnt want to evolve. It was slow to the moving trends and google came to take over. Earlier in the internet history, yahoo was the giant. Facebook was a small boy in front of yahoo, likewise google. But now check the net worth or yahoo and see if you can compare it to Google or Facebook. I think the solution lies within us all. We can all cause a change. We can bring the change that we desire by being good and believing in karma.


Absolutely agree with you, if you can't keep up with change you are doomed to fail. Although, i think that to change you not only need to be good and believing in karma, but you need to actively work to shape your future. So let's get a move here!

Cheers from Prague ;)

I think steemit is doing a great job so far. You have to understand that it takes time. Youtube wasn't amazing in the first two years it launched either


Yes, but nowadays with Ono, Sola, etc behind us there is no time. Nothing is ongoing to improve functionality at the Steemit frontend apart from cosmetic changes, at least in the year since I am on Steemit. Either you are fast or you are out.

I hear you.
sure I'm somewhat new to steemit - but I have to say that I work hard on posts that pay a penny and when ever I get a few cents - someone down votes my post for what ever reason - usally a robot comes and says we found similar content - but so what I put in a good 1-2 hours making the post and perhaps used a small portion of the information in the post about specific scientific findings on health benefits of a food source, from a site.

If you dont have a bot upvoting you - your high quality work is hidden & forgotten.

I think it needs to change to be more people powered and less centralized.
Who ever has the most steem power controls the show currently - Actually I would like to see a mix of both qualities.

  • Where more weight is on the number of upvotes with perhaps some extra weight of an upvote powered by those whom have more steem power.

If a perfect balance can be achieved in those regards - I think steemit will be great again.

My confidence has been shaken - I work hard for a penny - Not much worth my time.

But I still Love Steemit And Want To continue with my post creations!



FYI in your posts use
< blockquote >
"some stuff I copy pasted"
< / blockquote >

without the spaces and it will look like following & you won't get flagged by the copy bot.
sorry can't help re the 0.01 value of posts :-(

"some stuff I copy pasted"

Awesome - Thank-you for your help!

Ps. You can always follow & upvote the stuff you resonate with.

Anyways thanks-again Ill try that the next time I need to do it.




No probs. Happy to help. lots to learn on steem.
eg are you using your 'posting key' to login?
or just the default (your active key) which gives access to your $ account?


Wow really - I did not know that
I log in with active keys - I didnt know there was a posting key.

I made a new blog post with my Cryptonix Project I wish to see come into existence (Launched).


(click on picture)


Suggest you generate new passwd & new keys.
then logout & log back in with POSTING key (unless you need to do money stuff)
just make sure you copy/paste password & keys to a safe place before committing. ie don't lock yourself out & don't drink beer b4 doing this :-)


Lol - Yeah no doubt.

"Kool Thanks!"

Whenever you are quoting someone, try to use the ">" before what you are quoting. It will help you to avoid unwanted flags.

oh steemit, have missed the old times when our payout was divided into two, half went to our steempower and the other half went to our steem dollar account.

Or is it the value? i can remember when 1sbd was 12$ , but now struggling to be 3$.. we have missed you..

we have missed you dearly, please come back


For sure it will come back up but the day that it will, no body knows.

If you find a good following and community you can help each other, forget the fake vote bot users. Find your people and help each other!


I agree with you on this @havok777.:)

Even though I am new to the platform I can see this as being an issue. Nice article.

Rili nice

The issue with Steem revolves fully around the fact that it is money based. It's hard to do anything without investing money into the platform, and to make it worse, it's impossible to get followers on here.


It's impossible to get followers when you have 60 post count in 4 months. You expect people to follow you with minimal interaction? Take the money aspect out, and go to any other social platform and let me know how you do with the same level of interaction. I am not trying to be a jerk here, but I'm simply pointing out the fact that you cannot blame your own deficiencies on the platform. I've been here about a month longer than you with almost a thousand followers. It didn't happen by accident or luck. Step your game up bro.. You will see better results.

This is deep and I honestly like your sincerity. A lot of people are getting tired and leaving steemit. Those wanting to come in are getting discouraged by the amount of time it takes to get registered. I hope something is done and this changes soon. Thanks for sharing.

Yes many changes have occurred lately and more will occur in the future. We have to follow up and be patient :( The most users decided to invest in bots instead of writing or reading content.


bots killed the platform for good.

Steemit, although a unique experiment in social media, tends to suffer similar problems that other leading platforms have faced, namely, where there are material gains to realized, human nature being what it is, people will have a tendency to game the system. This may include, for example, chasing Whales for upvotes, establishing multiple accounts for the purpose of upvoting one's own content or deploying bots to entice of members to upvote content with the promise of an upvote in kind. Ideally, content should receive upvotes based upon its merits and commensurate to the quality thereof. I do realize that 'quality' can be a subjective concept. However, I do believe that most people can make distinction between a post that required some genuine effort on he author's part and a junk post or worst, spam.

I think Steemit's developers and leadership could give take a closer look at how to incentivise members to engage in each others content and to build robust discussions and dialogue. In other words, devise a system that goes beyond pure upvotes and delegated Steem power. Offer financial incentives and other perks based on the amount of constructive interactions members maintain within the community.

Some people will come to Steemit just to make money, others, to gather a large following. But some people just wish to share their interests and talents with the community and receive constructive feedback and make connections to other with similar interests.

I believe the people behind Steemit are a pretty smart and dedicated bunch. And, although it may appear daunting in get one's posts responded to in a meaningful manner, or seen at all, I remain hopeful that this talent group will find ways to overcome these and other challenges. Because it would truly be a shame to see this platform not reach its true potential.

Nice read @tj4real and I can assure you that it is still painful if you don't see the projects that have been introduced lately. What about @steemhunter project isn't that cool? Also @fundition is bringing the community together in a new way, or what about @steemmonster introduced yesterday what a great social card game to get involved!
Or are you looking more for alternative communities like @onstellar there a tons of cool projects that you shouldn't miss out and where real people are interacting. So don't give up searching and you will find what you need here on Steem.

its up to us to make steem back to its glory time.Make steemit great again

I know all the peak enthusiasm is gone.

When I raised the issue of bots no one listened.

I knew this would happen.

Even I became inactive and stopped interacting much

I Went back to Instagram and Twitter

I come here to post my mobile shots mostly

and Serious photography is posted on my blog /facebook/insta

You know the reason why, of course you do

Bots & Vote Buying (I hate these aspects)

Therefore I am here just half-hearted until the platform improves.

Yes, I am guilty of not posting my best work here to be honest.

When I see trash all around, I post trash too.

Hopefully things change for better

It not so easy here on steemit, but the future owns me

I agree. When i first came to this platform, I was looking for something freer and more diverse in terms of content and information. Most of the time when i come on here, the feed is somewhat difficult to get the feel of. I am really new as well and i am developing strategies on how to create content with more appeal. I do hope this community doesn't fail as it took about 3 weeks to get approved.

Good post

However, I do appreciate my loyal Steemians who stops by now and then.

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Nicely written @tj4real. But above all, Steemians are still amazing. People like you that could write contents like this, haven't we make up a good community already?

I just joined Steemit and to me, everything is still pretty new and exciting, but I did notice that there is a lot of botting going on here, which is kinda sad.

Nevertheless, that does not stop me from tackling this platform with enthusiasm and determination and so far, it has been good. Posted my first few posts, which was a decent experience to make, had some interesting conversations in some comment sections and while being a secondary concern, seeing my stuff getting upvoted and some small amounts of currency coming in has also been rather uplifting.

I do not understand enough about how Steemit works, yet and if and how Bots benefit me, but I don't even want to think too hard about the latter. For now, I will be the change you want to see in the world and continue to look for real interaction with interesting people while providing content that will be pleasant to read for people.

You seem to have been around this block(g) a while longer than I have been and I can see how that can be taxing, but never let that get you down. Think about good ways for keeping Steemit exciting for yourself. Or save the world. That can be quite exciting too.

I came here to do commentary and now I feel like it's no use if the majority of my commenters are bots.

I was accepted here 3 weeks ago after waiting for 14 days. I have been posting every day since and it's like I am invisible! I look around and everyone else is bathing in money I am wondering if this is the right place for me to be, I have followers and am also wondering if any of them are real people, I upvote and comment on as many posts as I can but I cant see where it's paying off for me, I agree it's not user friendly at all unless you can pay for those bots to help you out. it's starting to feel depressing!


Do you have a Community Group @masaitv?It will help you a lot if you have Fellow Steemians who will upvote your post.I've been here since March 2018 and i'm happy steeming here.I'm a Ulogger too.


No I do not have a community group, I am just feeling my way through as I go along!

my friend @m2nnari invited me and i invited 5 more friends !

The use of bots is definitely removing the social aspect of Steem.
With the soon to launch EOS blockchain and talk of a steemit v2 by @dan . Steem will needed to change its ways quickly to stay relevant.
I'm sure watching to way greed is effecting the user experience here dan will try to code against those gaming the new system.

Consideremos a Steemit como un espacio para promover nuestros proyectos e ideas lo demàs va a llegar con la calidad de nuestro trabajo. Saludos mente positiva

There are proposals in place and the problems may get solved this year perhaps. I have been very negative about Steemit for some months now but having read some updates from @steemitblog has calmed me down.

Not much genuine human interaction on steem. Its been a slippery slope.

Its rather sad, but i think thats just the way it goes and the Community has to find ways to make it self more pleasant again.

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Is time to renew some things in steem

Exactly my thoughts! I basically join to be a part of a community where people can truly connect and interact just like any social flatforms. But honestly all i can read in my newsfeed are the bots!!!

I really smile to know that there are certain post worth clicking. Im glad to stumbled on yours. Keep us connected!

Exactly my thoughts! I basically join to be a part of a community where people can truly connect and interact just like any social flatforms. But honestly all i can read in my newsfeed are the bots!!!

I really smile to know that there are certain post worth clicking. Im glad to stumbled on yours. Keep us connected!

Great words of you today
"It was like a wave of enthusiasm with awe and excitement"