Help Me Collect a List of Epic Posts - (Information Bounty) - Paying 1 STEEM Per Qualified Response!

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Epic Post Bounty -

I want to collect a list of the most epic posts. I am willing to pay 1 STEEM per 'qualified response'. The details on what qualifies for payment are listed below.


  • An epic post should be one of the best of the best that Steem has to offer.
  • In your comment, include a brief description of what makes the post epic.
  • The post can be old, but it still needs to be something that current users will still find interesting.
  • If there are duplicates, whoever posted the first link will get the award.
  • The bounty is open until the payout of this post closes.
  • All payouts will be made within 24 hours of this post's closing.
  • Users are allowed to post as many links as they want, although unless the posts are beyond epic I will cap the payout at 3 STEEM per user.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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@dantheman's most epic post. One of many I could have posted here.

@kevinwong's post, pretty obscure as it's a old one but clearly one of his best if you ask me.

@rok-sivante at it's best

@silentpower one of the funniest post on Steemit by someone who use to be quite active in very early days

I can't wait to read about all the nice posts that are going to be shared by everyone. Nice initiative Tim!


Wow thanks for remembering that article. I wish to get into the mood again to write such things.. lol


Haha! I thought you told me you were thinking about writing a follow up to that one. At least that's what I remember.


Gives Kev a nudge...

You Da Man!

An epic list of epic posts.

This post is the best of the best. Started by a real stand-up guy. You might even know him.

Check back on this one in a few days, i bet it will make the list. ;)


Hmm, how did you plagiarize my comment before I even posted it?


Time travel and stuff. You know.


haha, good one! :)


Glad you liked it!


From Steemit's sharpest wit! Well played @traflagar!


haha I couldn't resist :p


Someone actually beat you to it. @justinchase posted the same one 3 min before you ;)


WTB whales votes for flagging!! =)


Infinite loop.


Haha, that was pretty ingenious!
I love this post. It describes an amazing sounding drink that I would still love to try. It made 276$.

Definitely this one from today:

Reasoning: The way the Steemit community can unite to help each other. The response was amazing


^^ This. Post of the week - watching all the flags on matt's post and then donations pour into darthnava's account over steemviz was beautiful. <3 this community


Exactly. You took the same one. This is a key element for what good this site holds in its foundation.


Exactly. It's so encouraging to see people respond that way. When you turn on the TV you see nothing but negativity. And then you log in to Steemit and you see something like that. Makes you smile

BEST POST OF THE YEAR ( EVER )! It involves Bernie and a VIKING! doesn't get more better then that!

This is epic for the idea and not for the length of this link. @williambanks created "nameinlights" and began an idea to highlight a particular writer on Steem. Others have followed the lead on this, and one was even written on me. This helped gain my base on Steem as well.


Good one!

This Epic SteemFest 2 post has over 1500+ votes and almost 3000 views.

Drum roll please...
I never use facebook anymore. It has no value in my life. Literally every post I see on Steemit makes me feel good inside. It warms my heart with the generousity in all forms that shows itself on this site. If you don't love Steemit you don't love life.

Here's an excellent post for newcomers to Steemit looking for ways to make good money on Steemit:

Here's another inspirational post that I have posted on Twitter and use to recruit my friends to Steemit: may have heard of the author ;)

And we're all still waiting on the Steemit bikini dance from @allasyummyfood - that's gonna be legen-wait for it-EPIC!

Fellow Steemers, I Need Help as My MRI Results Are Not Encouraging by @darthnava. There are some posts showing people willing to help others. This is a one of them. More than the post, I invite you to check the wallet and see the donations. Steemit is HUGE. Steemians are AWESOME.

How to properly shave a kiwi by @papa-pepper. The title says it all. Or does it? Anyway, he taught us all how to do it in great style.

The post by @eeks, Steemit is Bitcoin's Killer App | Evidence, Numbers, & Analysis is the one that brought me here. The numbers are dated now, but much of the content is still relevant. It's remarkable how many of the highlighted authors are still active now, 11 months later.


rules updated :)


I nom
Money: Good or Bad? (Part 3 of a Series)
because it's a great post talking about what money is and the importance of a medium of exchange in the market, quality writing and I think a topic that would interest most people... money! :)


Huh? I don't remember seeing or reading this one. I will read it thank you.


Nope, as long as it is still something that current users would at least find interesting.

¿Epic? Ha! not just epic but also the most transcendental and undervalued post on steemit, the entire internet and beyond.

¡I will challenge you to prove otherwise! }:)


Gracious :)

ok, here are my three posts:

These sunset shots are awesome, especially that middle photograph

A collection of excellent photographs in france, especially the featured top photo

Epic sunset photo!!

I'm into photography, and following photographers, so this is what I consider epic.

I vote for @irf1's series on Brain-Machine Interfaces and Steemit as a basis for a distributed cloudmind !

It's well written, and the post's do a good job of explaining the concept of BMI's, who's working on them, and how blockchain technology could help us establish the Borg collective a harmless Hivemind based on Steemit tech !

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) and a Blockchain-based Decentralized CloudMind. [Part 1/3]: Introduction + current commercial BCI developments

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) and a Blockchain-based Decentralized CloudMind. [Part 2/3]: A futuristic prediction that will BLOW YOUR MIND

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) and a Blockchain-based Decentralized CloudMind. [Part 3/3]: The Brain as a DAO - and Steemit where you wouldn't expect it

As a bonus, since it mentions the companies involved in the space, it could potentially be used as an investment guide too XD


This first post helped kickstart the steemgigs tag, helped a fellow Steemer to reach out for success and showed the power of the Steemit economy.

This second one by @fisteganos shows how a steemgig changed his Steemit path. This man has gone on to help many others.

This third post by @stellabelle Shows how steemgigs is gaining traction and what it could mean to all of us and to Fiverr!

I hope that steemgigs, the brainchild of @surpassinggoogle will continue to develop, and help grow Steemit's internal economy!

@infovore's story of growing up with little money and only three hours of electricity per day and how steemit changed his/her life:

An EPIC journey that started at Aldi's of all places:

I nominate my own
(nobody said I couldn't) It's epic because it explains a phenomenon we are all seeing, the exponential growth of I explain why you are probably still underestimating how big Steem can get and how fast it can grow at current growth rates. It is also epic to me because finally after 2 years I am able to coherently explain about how exponentially changing technology works (only took me all afternoon to collect the research). It is a rough first draft, more than the Steem, I'd appreciate constructive comments even if they go against my argument. And it is epic because it will convince you that you ain't seen nothing yet. triple epic :) but I'd appreciate the Steem contribution directly to my post!

I love the post I created the other day. The best part is
It has nothing to really do with me. If you haven't seen it you can't help but fall in love with the gorgeous views and hilarious animals. That's my goal on here. To take people 's minds to a happy place. If you aren't smiling by the end there is no saving you! :)

This was a post which was posted when i was pretty new, so must have not got many viewers, but for this is the best post / speech which i then described in detail with giving some of my own thoughts on it. This post/speech is a must watch for the entire human race.. It still gives me goosebumps when i watch it and feel how the humanity is just getting wasted.. even if u dont upvote or reward, just watch it, just want every body to watch it.. :)

My rags to riches life story was Epic for me in many ways, and the respons from the steemit community was powerful.

Great idea by the way @timcliff



I nominate this post - because it solved all my doubts about curation.

This one is unique, it was in the beginning of this year but it shows how steemit is an amazing for charity

Check out whole blog here

of course this one of Today's! steem came together to help him out! This shows how the steemit community is prime!


you were literally 14 seconds too late ;)
(someone else listed it too.)


I was the one who got it first, but please send that 1 STEEM to @darthnava


Yea I just noticed ahha I was tripping out! well it is!

This post by @trafalgar is absolutely Epic. Prepare for some hysterical laughter bouts as you read this


There are dozens of Trending-worthy posts resteemed on my Blog over the last few weeks. Seriously, I don't even know where to start. But I guess this is a pretty cool recent one -

all my posts are epic lol

Very nice initiative!


Thanks :)

The epic entry of Jeff Berwick also know as The Dollar Vigilante in steemit and holds the highest paid introduceyourself post.

The epic announcement of first SteemFest and was held in Amsterdam.

Wait, I know there's more :)

Interesting idea! Would love to see once you have it ready.

This is a unique little post I wrote about applying Warren Buffett-style investment philosophy to cryptocurrency. It's had a lot of traction on Reddit and such in the past. Check it out!

Nothing more convenient than travelling with only crypto in your wallet. This is epic for me. :)

Love your bounty posts!

To start it off: One of the best songs written for Steem...@soundlegion captures the magic of this site. A completely underrated/undervalued open mic session. A classic! Enjoy.

This Epic $100 post was from a newcomer 2 weeks ago that didn't even have a photo attached to it!

When does the post close?


7 days after the post was created.


ok so anything to do to get "qualified" get more likes or anything like that?


"Qualified" just means it follows the rules outlined in the post.

So I did some SEO detective work to see which pages on steemit have the highest "trust scores" on SEMrush. This will mean the page is linked to from other websites and is well linked from within Steemit. This was one of the top "trusted" pages on all of steemit. Must be a good sign :)

Another epic open mic/overall Steem post:

"Get With the Blockchain"

A rap collaboration between @senseiteekay @verbal-d @papa-pepper


Edit Link:


Can you post a link to the post?


haha in my excitement, I forgot the link. Fixed. Cheers.

this one, because it is inspirational and you can implement it in your life:

This 8 month old Epic post inspired me to write a post about Resteem since a lot of newcomers don't know how to use it or what it actually does.

I would like to enter a post from a user I've been following for a while. He has als syndrome (remember mark suckerberg water bucket challenge?). There is no known cure for this disease and it is eventually terminal. But we have a als sufferer among us who is super stoked about getting his message out.

And I think that is admirable. In his last post he has made a video. Go and check out Ryan:


Wow, I can't believe how many people though that was epic.

Faith in humanity restored once again!


You are the third person to post this one :)

This is great for new members. Some tips regarding where and how one can promote and where and how one shouldn't.

No single event is singularly caused

@timcliff I bet the response has been overwhelming. Just wanted to say thanks for your upvote on my recent post entitled: THE DAY I MET THE QUEEN, MANDELA & PRESIDENT OBAMA


Sorry, but I never upvoted your post.

Too easy- All you have to do is look back at my last few posts- LOL- kidding of course

A post taking a look at possible venomous flying dinosaurs

I would like to ask you to take a look at my article I posted yesterday which sadly haven't been getting to much attention so far. The title pretty much says enough: "How an idea like Steemit could change the entire internet" But to sum it up I explain the difference between a platform like Steemit and giants like Facebook and Google and how the idea on which Steemit is founded can mean a future for a more healthy and democratic environment on the internet.