💅 THE FIRST STEEMIT MALE MAKEUP TUTORIAL- bringing Youtubers to Steemit!! Roelandp is back!

in beauty •  2 years ago

[Parody of yesterday's trending post] I am beyond excited to share with you Steemit’s FIRST MALE makeup tutorial. I've been planning really hard to make this video perfect for you, so I hope you all enjoy it! Please give me some feedback in the comment section and any suggestions you might have for future videos.

I did a “Full Face” everyday makeup look for the very first video. I have a lot of ideas for tutorials that I really think everyone will love.



  • A fancy looking paintbrush
  • Kate superpink lipstick
  • Foundation from your local supermarket
  • Essence I <3 Extreme eyelash stuff
  • Loreal Blur Cream

#boypower #steemit #taraisback #tara #makeup #beauty #mac #steemwatch #marketing #steem #roelandp #roelandpisback #fun #humor #impersonation #video #tutorial

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Wow, thank you so much for this! I always struggled with the eyelashy thingy stuff but after carefully following this tutorial, I was able to achieve a totally natural look in under an hour and a half and I feel totally confident now!


Oh God! This is sooooo hilarious! No one could see the male makeup movement coming! 🐹 Nice job!!!!!


pricey comment..


What should I make a tutorial make up also to get money in the steemit?


I feel totally confident now!

:P hehe


And I feel even "confidenter" this morning!


you spammed with so many unrelated tags, you fail sir.

Here we go ! That's the right answer and should bring you up to at least 50k but I suggest you show your red toenails as well . Red nail polish is sexier than red lipstick ! You bring real value to the community ! Haha
FYI , I was once asked if I mind to help with nice make up before having sex . Damn , I wish I could have shown your video back then ! 😼


haha :) I'm not sure I totally understand your last remark :)

I will see if I do another one, but I think not :) there is already a huge influx of Male Make Up Videos on the platform so I guess I've done my job :)


yeah please stop now haha ! NO More make up for men pleeeeeaaeee ! You can bring more value to this community with your insight ! I took time To read your previous posts . Respect !
My last remark is my secret ( for now )

We need every kind of embarrassment we can get


I'm waiting for Boyz Gone Dream It

You Rock!! I'm laughing so hard I think I'm going to die!;)

Totally. Fucking. Rocked. It.



I laughed so hard I fell on the floor so funny so so funny.


Male beauty !!!!!


You on something, or is it me?

I'm dying! Laughing out loud, got myself locked in a bathroom, scared to wake up my friends! I almost passed out!!!!!!! This is the funniest thing on Steemit EVER!!!!! I can't wait to see what your next move is. 👙

Damn. This is hot!!!!! I love you for doing this!

Can't wait to try this look!

PS The baby prop is TO DIE FOR. You competition is toast!


He is actually alive :)

The invideo product Promotion is excellent. This is going to get you a lot of product promoting contracts! Like, OMG, Right?

Now what male-moisterizer do you prefer Roeland? Is it snale o naturel. Found that one to be a bit too sticky. Still think l'eau de Nature is the most effictive one for my complexity.

Dont we live in an amazing time?

YOU sir have won the internet! I died at the "eyelash thingyy" ROFL.
Keep going man! :D

ROFL.... I've probably seen it like 10 times :)

Pornstars Without Makeup!

Ground Breaking!!!

Recent developments are represented by my contemporaries who have mastered the clown look!!

Although we do have the odd individuals who haven't got a clue!!!!


это называется, я у мамы дурачек))))


These male make up pics are FUCKLARIOUS!!!!

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Suddenly, wearing makeup seems like something to do just for fun.

What should I make a tutorial make up also to get money in the steemit

Well played, sir. Well played. :)

That amazing moment when you realise this post was valued at 400 when you tried to vote on it last night, just as the Site goes down for hours. Wake up to see its well over 10k and you missed out... Stability wouldn't hurt?

This one from my alter-ego did not flow as well as most of them seem to. It is a bit forced but you AND the make up tutorial scene were a big part of the inspiration for linking it to the particular picture I chose.

Really funny , thank you for make smile :D

This video has to at least be worth 5 grand


love it

Hahaha lol you crazy bro! happy steeming!!!!!

painstakingly people think of the idea to create a quality article and now just to make a joke like this article people earn a lot of money . Oh, my God. What is this world ??

Hahaha..if women can do it..so can we. Screw all this feminist movement bs going on right now.. show these woman we can wear make up just as good or even better :P

funny. you'll be stoked if you get even a fraction of the steem she's racked up! good luck... now where's my fancy looking paintbrush


Wow.. You're getting there! Just saw she's at over 32k as of now... 😱

I call this blue steel ©

"Also...comes In handy, this thingy...I'm not sure what it is, but I just learned...It's just great"...That killed me Bro! lol

Get on it!!! Show them ladies the males can get some make up action happening too. Thanks for this. It is a great post and makes people smile and laugh. You can't go wrong with that.

EDIT: I actually watched that a couple of times. It brought me to tears. GREAT JOB!!!

Those guys of 'the Cure' were way before their time.

You just wait! I've got something up my sleeve and yes it involves you and your delicious trend you've started. Oh boyzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!! Mama hopes you love it ! 👑

I have to be honest... is funny see a male makeup! Ill never do it to myself but if he likes and feel ok thats cool ;) great job! Kind regards


This is a perfect example of what a male tutorial should be,next time, how to fix the hair!I want them beautiful

There's a reason this is great content for the site, Because is content, pure and original content, not a repost of something someone read in a blog about cryptocurrency but something for people to take a break, watch, have some fun and learn something, and this brings more people to the platform.
Great work, keep it up!

Dat was awesome.....lol you kill it bro........best of the best.

I wish I could have upvoted this when I saw it earlier. So much funny with that post. Thanks for making me laugh dude :)

make up everywhere

Yessssssss I love it! Work it!!!

You Rock!! I'm laughing so hard 😂


LOL... asuuuu


makin gila dimana mana

wow now I have a new makeup for the evening thank you)

I couldn't stop laughing

I don't even know what to say......

I think that is hilarious! I vote for you to be the first "Weird AL" of Steemit. This would be the first parody of an original Steemit post: https://steemit.com/beauty/@guerrint/the-first-steemit-makeup-turtorial-bringing-youtubers-to-steemit

In the future, Make will not only for girl !! world need to wake up,,wearing make up doesnt mean Bad. There a lot of benefit for wearing makeup like protecting from UVA/B exposures. But dont over make up as you will look terrible for that...hahaha

You got a talent!!

Caitlin Jenner, is that you?

it looks like i just got out of a korean beauty clinic

if I had to do the same thing to get as many as you? :/

As I waited for makeup lessons for men. Finally!

Nothing to say!

I laughed rated a lot. Thank you! :)

OMG! I do not know what happend on this beautiful planet that so abnormal, or should I say normal :), guy have to make up himself?

In a few years the woman will be the managers of the companys and driving a new BMW M6 and the man will take care of the kitchen and prepare the breakfast for the kids.

Really Gay!

Wow im super excited with tutorial

Tge result so fantastic !!!! Thank you very much for ur great make up tutorial !

Makeup on man do not go his face, the man must be a man! Ea This offer is for gay men)

Just love it - waxing next???

great example of how "quality content" gets Upvoted. Not.

fuuu... it's not Male power. This is gay power !

First I thought you are for real. Tjat would have been my first real real male makeup video.
Good idea to jump on the beauty market!

I feel complete right now.

Beyond Steemit!!

Funny but come on guys we have a very powerfull tool, i have seen much better post than it with 0.00 rewards, lets do viral worthy things

woof! woof! woof! woooof!

You rock

@roelandp You're da man! Yeah! What a funny video! Saw it a few times and now I've learnt the art of manly makeup. I think i'll apply some over my motorcycle helmet and pretend to be the most metrosexual biker around! Boom! Now let's get you to 10K+! Upvote people!

some unfortunate makeup. shame all the peasants who suffer such nonsense !!!!