The Good Old Days

in steemit •  4 months ago

I was browsing through my blog yesterday looking for my Bainskloof post and I got stuck on how 'rosy' the Steemit future looked. I shall share a few and you are welcome to go read them if you wish

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$143 and 72 votes

$193 and 107 votes

$148 and 77 votes

$157 and 89 votes

$180 and 72 votes

$241 and 72 votes

For a short while I was earning more than a months salary in a week. The temptation to give up my day job and focus on Steemit was very strong, but fortunately I refrained from such an impetuous decision.... because there was a 'hard fork' and the sliding scale and voting limits and the whole system sank into a steaming pile of ...... bottiness and delegation and self serving incestuous support...... {sigh} ... I need to wean myself off this platform.

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Its amazing how quickly things have changed! Lets hope we see a reversal of this dip sometime soon - I am skeptical it will happen anytime soon might take another 6 months or a year


Wont change under the existing rules.... too lucrative for founders.

Don't even show me that @themagus, giving my sould here hahaha

And I haven't forgotten your channel btw!