Daily Steemit Faucet post for 31st January 2018 **FAUCET CLOSED**

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I will share the full post reward with all the people who UpVote this post (comments still welcome especially jokes and motivational/inspirational quotes). If anyone wants to donate additional SBD as a sponsor you will be mentioned as a sponsor in the daily Faucet posts. Minimum donation to be a sponsor is 0.100 SBD.

No registration needed as the only thing people need to do is UpVote the post to be added to the days payout. Payouts will be calculated after 24 hours automatically so no further action needed.

Please make sure you Upvote while the Faucet is Open. If you UpVote after the Faucet is Closed you won't receive a share of the days payout.

UpVotes on these Steemit Faucet posts will also be counted towards my weekly payout every Sunday.

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Today's Sponsors are:

Please follow them and Comment/Resteem/Upvote their posts to show gratitude.

Faucet Payouts

The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.300 SBD (this may need to be changed later) to reduce the number of payments I need to send out each day. I have created a Pending Payments page where people can check their SBD balance to see how close they are to getting their next payout --> http://csyd.es/Steemit/PendingPayments/

If you want your payout before it reaches 0.300 SBD or you want to convert payout to Superior Coin (you will need a Kryptonia.io account and provide your name there) send 0.001 SBD to @SydesJokes and request it. For early withdrawals, except for converting to Superior Coins, there will be a 5% Early Withdrawal Fee. This may take 24 to 48 hours so please be patient.

Past Faucet Posts

Faucet DateSponsorsCommentsUpvotesSBD Payout
30th January 201871042245.00
29th January 20187922228.00
28th January 201851032318.00
27th January 201851042155.00
26th January 20185991865.00
25th January 201841292155.00
24th January 201851401985.00
23rd January 201851741754.00
22nd January 201831471574.50
21st January 201831421664.00
20th January 201831291655.00
19th January 201831441659.00
18th January 201831471788.00
17th January 201851351544.00
16th January 2018514315210.00
15th January 201831641714.00
14th January 201851591704.00
13th January 201852012008.50
12th January 201861561627.50
11th January 201851812138.00
10th January 201871591537.00
9th January 2018617015210.00
8th January 2018423619211.00
7th January 201841811908.14
6th January 201822302349.85
5th January 2018427926910.89
4th January 2018223124312.74
3rd January 2018321222410.69
2nd January 201842242034.00
1st January 201841931604.00
31st December 201741951524.00
30th December 201751871444.00
29th December 201751861544.00
28th December 201751651554.00
27th December 201721721223.00

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Thank you!

5.00 SBD shared with these 228 people so 0.022 SBD each for 30th January 2018 :)

@abayomi55 @abbak7 @abhishekjha @abhisteem13 @abrahamg12 @afolorunsor @ajrivas93 @aledania @alejandromata @alifa @alilosoft @alvin2 @amayahaley21 @anabel23 @andreja @ankavatar @anouk.nox @armagno @armandofd @artbob @aryakesharwani @authorcolinbmw @avtoledy @ayoyemi @baconbaba @badfatcat @banditqueen @bengy @bigsambucca @blockgators @bojakcates @brosol @brusneilish @bucipuci @bumit @bxlphabet @carlos19 @chejonte @chiplus @cjsean @cobran @coddiwomple @confessor @coolguy123 @cristian04 @cryptocheta @cryptosharon @davidblackwell @davy73 @dedeleyman @dhaneshpk @driptorchpress @dromzz @dukmaster @dylen @elex17 @emiii18 @erebus @erobert @err0rist @etiti40 @everything-4you @eyesonsky @fatherfaith @fhstralow @finitel @firoz721 @fitinfun @florian-glechner @fr3world @frdem3dot0 @fredkese @fromgreenland @fsegredo1 @fushock @futureeternal @gabyrutigliano @galifrey @ganeshsahu @gersson @gilres @gingfriend20ph @globetrottergcc @godfish @grace234 @gringo211985 @gsari @hangin @healthadvice @herbertholmes @hillaryoki @honolulu @hotmansam @ibay @itsjessamae @izaid @jackraptor @jdarkmaxter @jeanviete @jennieblonde @jiminykricket @jjprac @jlordc @jmcgready @joanstewart @joecxt @josephlacsamana @juanersatzman @juliang @kabibitak @kamchore @katteasis @kcherukuri @kdivya @kennybrown @kid1412 @kinoplus @kota17 @kotik1 @kramarenko @lavinas @lildebbie @linchybaby @lmir1965 @lolicorn @lovemetouchme2 @lovetdy @ludevielucero @madlenfox @manitav @maria.isaaccura @mariainesff @maryresp @mawit07 @melinda010100 @michaelwilshaw @mojoman @moniristi @mosunmola @motherearthist @mrzurkon @musicapoetica @mydivathings @myscrible @mytechtrail @netaterra @nightwind @nikdo @nuevavidaexito @nypho @ofili1 @olasunbo @olorianikeade @omg-is-biology @osobiggie @otmane.riad @ourhistorymatter @photobook @pizzapaolo @plainoldme @planetmarketers @princesave @priyanka @psalmmiecrown @public.library @quinsanaura @rebe @redastic @redfordstephens @rifqisteem @riyuwe @rosanngely @rotimijohn @ruthless @safat @salarius @sam1210 @sawcraz.art @secheras @semfire @shadowblade @shahran7 @sheilamenher @sheriffakin @shihabieee @shoukath @simonluisi @skysnap @slbg @smileplease403 @soulinsiders @sparklez @steamit2 @steemari @steem-bot @steemit-bot @steemnepal @stillwater @streep @sunday21 @sunsquall @superexplorer @takeru255 @taurus1983 @tazbaz @tazi @thebigkahuna @thewitchdoctor @tiagopaixao @trade-strategist @triedsor @tspink @tux6845 @unataldani @unicron @unserious @upv4life @uzercanan @vacilator @veejay @vikaskaladharan @viraltrend @votey @wincee @wonderwop @yahiab @yinkaknl @yunior.selbor

Check your Pending Payments here --> http://csyd.es/Faucet/PendingPayments/

You can see the payments I send out each day.



I have stopped my Daily UpVote/Tweet Bot because of lack of interest and am concentrating my time instead on these Faucet posts.

yes these faucet posts are really helpful for newbies like me.. thanks @sydesjokes for all your help with these faucet posts.

You are giving the great contribution to grow the newbies.

Thank you for all your help!



wow that's lovely

It's awesome that you do this, thanks again!

thanks @christianolu @fhstralow @JoanStewart @joecxt @shoukath @SydesJokes por el apoyo a esta faucet =)

Thanks bro

Quitters will never be a winner even if life gives you a thousand reasons to quit look deep into the situation and you will surely find an iota of reason to keep fighting, to keep pushing, to keep going. don't just give up fight it to the end

Thanks @sydesjokes

thx a lot!

I am a SPONSOR today !
You can too!


nice one

am happy to be part of it

The harder we work, the more luck we will have.

Gracias @sydesjokes y a todos los patrocinantes

Looks like more sponsors these days.

Gracias @sydesjokes!!

thanks for the faucet colin

Thanks Sponsors .

Thank you very much for this great faucet. :)

Ya boi

Thank you for your faucet. Especially for minnows this is very motivational. Keep on!

thank you @sydesjokes for your support please restart your UpVote/Tweet Bot it helped me a lot

Checking in

thank You and happy Blue Moon, full moon fullMoon_n.jpg

Gracias plr ayudar a los nuevos!

Thanks for helping :)

Thanks !

Thank you.

Thanks for u help!

Great going faucet.


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All Indian Peoples Crying.. 😥😷😭GST GST GST

Thank you to all sponsors. 😊

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Nice, happy wednesday!



IMO humans shouldn't be meat eaters.

Thanks my friend @sydesjokes

Gracias, saludos

wow.. thanks @sydesjokes!!
you are simply awesome :)


Wow! Thanks again for the new reward

Thank you again.

Up, up and away....


Thank !

Thanks for doing this. You are one of the most generous I've met on steemit

Have a great day everyone!

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I missed a few days but I'm back for good now.

Listo, ya tienes mi upvote

of course upvoted again!

Thank you again.

you're the man

Today is the last day of January. Time is flying isn't it?




🙏👏👏 Thank you @sydesjokes

Thank you very much for your help. You've made me very happy.. 🙏👏❤ @sydesjokes

Wow, you are doing great here, i typed steemit faucet on google and boom i saw your blog and here i am, its really true.
Thanks for this. Its going to go a long way for me as a minnow🙈

let's do it again, today..

I noticed you made fewer posts today. Hope all is well.

Thank you.

Wow. Its look great . Nice.

Great work, keep on the good work

Can I sponsor with steem?

thank you

hi! thanks

A great service for the community......

saludos desde Venezuela


may the faucet be with you!

Thank You again.

thank you for this @sydesjokes !

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Thank you for your faucet.

Thanks your still been a great help to us :)

hope to see 1st feb faucet now.


Thank You.Amazing... I am following your job a long time and all posts are a good inspiration....God Bless You

It's awesome that you do this, thanks again!

It's awesome that you do this, thanks again!

It's awesome that you do this, thanks again!

Very nice article about steemit ty it was really informative and learned a lot from it keep bring us content we love it!!