Daily Steemit Faucet post for 17th January 2018 **FAUCET CLOSED*

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I will share the full post reward with all the people who write a comment on this post (you can also leave a joke or motivational/inspirational quote) and who has Upvoted the post. If anyone wants to donate additional SBD as a sponsor will add it to the daily payout and I will list you as a sponsor at the end of the post.

No registration needed as the only thing people need to do is leave a comment to be added to the days payout. Upvoting is optional but not required to receive the daily payout. Payouts will be done after 24 hours automatically so no further action needed.

Please make sure you comment while the Faucet is Open. If you comment after the Faucet is Closed you won't receive a share of the days payout.

Interactions on these Steemit Faucet posts will also be counted towards my weekly payout every Sunday.

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Today's Sponsors are:

Please follow them and Comment/Resteem/Upvote their posts to show gratitude.

Because of Steemit Bandwidth Limits I have been hitting over the last few day I now have to set a minimum 0.400 SBD withdrawal limit (this may need to be changed later) to reduce the number of payments I send out a day. I have created a Pending Payments page where people can check their SBD balance to see how close they are to getting their next payout --> http://csyd.es/Steemit/PendingPayments/

Daily Steemit Faucet Posts

Faucet DateSponsorsCommentsUpvotesSBD Payout
16th January 2018514315210.00
15th January 201831641714.00
14th January 201851591704.00
13th January 201852012008.50
12th January 201861561627.50
11th January 201851812138.00
10th January 201871591537.00
9th January 2018617015210.00
8th January 2018423619211.00
7th January 201841811908.14
6th January 201822302349.85
5th January 2018427926910.89
4th January 2018223124312.74
3rd January 2018321222410.69
2nd January 201842242034.00
1st January 201841931604.00
31st December 201741951524.00
30th December 201751871444.00
29th December 201751861544.00
28th December 201751651554.00
27th December 201721721223.00

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Hola, que pasa mi amigo?


Hey! Saludos.. Gracias por abrir los faucet a diario

Buen día amigo, presente aqui

10.00 SBD shared with these 208 people so 0.048 SBD each for 16th January 2018 :)

@abbak7 @abhishekjha @afukichi @aleksandra9011 @alilosoft @alirajput @andreja @andrekweku @ankavatar @anouk.nox @armagno @armandofd @arnelpancho @artbob @artizm @aryakesharwani @asfi @avtoledy @ayoyemi @baconbaba @bestrakibul2 @bigsambucca @blacktank @blockgators @bojakcates @bones @bucipuci @burdani97 @bxlphabet @carlos19 @cerenselenapa @charles92 @coddiwomple @coderzairos @coolguy123 @couchtester @cryptocheta @cryptohappenings @cyber.explorer @cyoadventuregame @danthundercloud @davy73 @dcj @dcqueen @deaconlee @decaptain @detlef-s @dhaneshpk @differentlooks @digi3d @driptorchpress @dromzz @dukmaster @edora @elex17 @emiii18 @erebus @erobert @err0rist @etiti40 @everydaycoach @eviledx @evimeria @eyesonsky @fhstralow @fitinfun @fotobot @franklan3386 @futuremind @ganeshsahu @gersson @ghevangelist @ginquitti @grace234 @gsari @gulmit00 @healthadvice @herbertholmes @hillaryoki @holger80 @honolulu @hulk111 @inuke @iqballangdon @itsjessamae @jackraptor @jaysermendez @jazzhero @jeanviete @jerkenjake @jga @jjprac @jlordc @joanstewart @juicypop @kabibitak @kaloman @kamuhuzuru @katteasis @kcherukuri @khalidjr11 @kinoplus @kramarenko @kryptonia @lakeshorebrewery @linchybaby @lmir1965 @lovemetouchme2 @madlenfox @mahmuddin @malekalmsaddi @maria.isaaccura @mariainesff @maryresp @masterroshi @mattjack @matytan @maverickinvictus @mawit07 @mazzle @meepsy @memebibiboboo @michaelwilshaw @mojoman @moniristi @musclegirlfusion @mydivathings @mynameismax @mytechtrail @newscrypto @nghiacuhanh @nuevavidaexito @nypho @oguzhangazi @olorianikeade @omg-is-biology @oradejoke @otmane.riad @pandasquad @pele23 @pjau @plainoldme @poflato @pollyanna @posthuntress @princesave @public.library @rachmatsolihin @rana420 @ravenground @rebe @redastic @redfordstephens @re-steemit @riovanes @riyuwe @rmz @rosalinde @ruul @safat @sam1210 @sanchris @sawcraz.art @secheras @semfire @shadowblade @shihabieee @shoukath @shuta @sibr.hus @skysnap @slbg @snrm @sparklez @spiritualmax @ssophiee @steamit2 @steem4depoor @steemari @steemit02 @steemit-bangla @steemtravelers @sunsquall @synnaw @taurus1983 @tazbaz @tazi @tedline @tesatro @thebigkahuna @thewitchdoctor @tosinox4u @triedsor @unataldani @unicron @upv4life @vikaskaladharan @vikisecrets @vincenzov01 @viraltrend @votey @wdougwatson @whatrokusays @wincee @wonderwop @xeccedentesiast @yahiab @yunior.selbor

Check your Pending Payments here --> http://csyd.es/Steemit/PendingPayments/

Tusen takk @sydesjokes


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Hey folks how's it going? I heard BitConnect platform has stopped operating. It was playing the bank's role and the bank didn't like it so it's done with.

But there is always hope, as not all cryptos will meet the same faith. Steem on!

I LOVE this idea!

a comment on this post

Present! ☺


Delighted to be part of the adventure

Thanks @sydesjokes

Thank you very much!!! 🙏🏻

you are doing great work thanks a lot

hi, Thank

Saludos! Empezando nueva por aquí :)

thanks seniormost

Thanks bro @sydesjokes

Thank you always @sydesjokes for this free faucets.

daily comment 😉.

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Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.

I wish i reach $0.4 soon! :D


luxury coastal cruiser for sale!

There is a saying you can buy anything in the market except Mother and Father .

Your opinions are welcome

nice update

Nice contribution to the growth of steemit. You are really making this community lively, thanks.

Claiming Faucet! Thanks!

A leaky faucet you don't want fixed, how cool is that?

Daily up!

Its so awesome.

It's been a tiring day with work, but thankfully this faucet keeps on running to ease up my stress lol. Thanks @sydesjokes

Supporting minnows will make this steemit community grow faster to become a leader of world's money future. Thank you @sydejokes

Good day to everyone and keep steeming :)

Some of the information was unknown thanks

I will return

My alarm woke me up. I want to go back to sleep. 😑

I thought this was going to be a post about an actual faucet

🦄 unicorns are alive!


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Thank you @sydesjokes I already received my payout. 😊


And here I come!
Thank you @sydesjokes for your unending support for us - minnows - we thank you.

Thank you very much! :)

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Yesterday the payout seems to be good I guess :)

Good ideas never end

Nice post

Thank you for your sharing :)

Thank you for your support

I am not so sure how this work. But I found you through @mariannewest's freewrite prompt post. If Marianne is tagging you in her post, you must be an awesome Steemian too! So here I am!
Happy Steeming!

Thanks :)

You are most welcome!💕💖 💓 💗 ♨️

Hope everyone is having a great day and staying warm! We survived the Texas Blizzard but it's still cold! Have a wonderful day!

Thank you!!

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@sydesjokes, good morning and thanks for this new faucet. :)

Half way through the work week!!!! Life is great, but even better with steem faucets.

very good Your opinions

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i am really looking forward for green market one day... hopefully crypto markets will recover soon...

Cant wait for my next pay out thank u!

thanks @sydesjokes!

Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out.

Thanks a lot for keeping the faucets alive!

Salamat (Thank you in Filipino Language)

Have a great day with many thanks

Thanks Colin, nice polo.


good job

some for me

Thanks 😀

Thanks for your effort.

Thank you!

Great to see so many on Steemit responding to daily faucet 😊

cool idea

Welcome back to my feed.


  1. Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”!

  2. The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Good evening:) have a nice time

Thank you very much for you unending support

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Today the crypto currency is decreasing, do you know what the cause it
https://coinmarketcap.com/FireShot Capture 1233 - Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations I CoinMa_ - https___coinmarketcap.com_.png

Today your post best @sydesjokes

Thank you!!!


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what do we need to do exactly again?

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