Daily Steemit Faucet post for 10th January 2018 **FAUCET CLOSED**

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I will share the full post reward with all the people who write a comment on this post (you can also leave a joke or motivational/inspirational quote) and who has Upvoted the post. If anyone wants to donate additional SBD as a sponsor will add it to the daily payout and I will list you as a sponsor at the end of the post.

No registration needed as the only thing people need to do is leave a comment to be added to the days payout. Upvoting is optional but not required to receive the daily payout. Payouts will be done after 24 hours automatically so no further action needed.

Please make sure you comment while the Faucet is Open. If you comment after the Faucet is Closed you won't receive a share of the days payout.

Interactions on these Steemit Faucet posts will also be counted towards my weekly payout every Sunday.

Check the STEEMIT Matters Facebook Group.

Follow me on Twitter.

Today's Sponsors are:

Please follow them and Comment/Resteem/Upvote their posts to show gratitude.

Because of Steemit Bandwidth Limits I have been hitting over the last few day I now have to set a minimum 0.200 SBD withdrawal limit (this may need to be changed later) to reduce the number of payments I send out a day. I have created a Pending Payments page where people can check their SBD balance to see how close they are to getting their next payout --> http://csyd.es/Steemit/PendingPayments/

Daily Steemit Faucet Posts

Faucet DateSponsorsCommentsUpvotesSBD Payout
9th January 2018617015210.00
8th January 2018423619211.00
7th January 201841811908.14
6th January 201822302349.85
5th January 2018427926910.89
4th January 2018223124312.74
3rd January 2018321222410.69
2nd January 201842242034.00
1st January 201841931604.00
31st December 201741951524.00
30th December 201751871444.00
29th December 201751861544.00
28th December 201751651554.00
27th December 201721721223.00

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Thanks for the SBD boost

You got upvoted from @adriatik bot! Thank you to you for using our service. We really hope this will hope to promote your quality content!

why does Mickey the 7 year old bring a car door to school?

I love you!

I post this in case someone is interested and @sydesjoke not kill me for this little spam XD

Thanks again for this project!


Upvoted, thank you very much @sydesjokes

Yeah, me too!

10.00 SBD shared with these 197 people so 0.051 SBD each for 9th January 2018 :)

@abbak7 @abrahamg12 @ajmaln @aleksandra9011 @alilosoft @alirajput @allcapsonezero @andreja @andrekweku @ankavatar @anouk.nox @armagno @armandofd @arslanhyder @artizm @asfi @avtoledy @awaischuchi @badfatcat @bigsambucca @bojakcates @bones @boombam @bucipuci @candelabra @cerenselenapa @chamil @cjsean @cn-r @coddiwomple @conradsuperb @cryptocheta @cryptohappenings @darryldominator @davy73 @dcqueen @deaconlee @debbietiyan @decaptain @detoye @dhaneshpk @driptorchpress @dukmaster @earnxtreme @ehmkannde @emirhan1 @enveng @erebus @erobert @err0rist @etiti40 @eviledx @fhstralow @fitinfun @fredkese @garokee @georgymady @gersson @ghevangelist @gingfriend20ph @ginperales @ginquitti @gloeze @grace234 @gruffalo @gsari @hangin @herbertholmes @hillaryoki @hjbcrypto @hulk111 @iqballangdon @isabelpena @itsjessamae @jaca @jackraptor @jamesford @jaysermendez @jazzhero @jeanviete @jefrin1988a @jga @jiminykricket @jjprac @jlordc @johannbgood @josephlacsamana @joshpeterson @julzczar08 @kabibitak @kaloman @kamiafridi @kamilala125 @kamuhuzuru @kazish @kcherukuri @kinoplus @kirk-gosik @korymanx @kramarenko @kryptonia @lakeshorebrewery @leahlei @lord-faustus @lovemetouchme2 @lunaticpandora @madlenfox @mankanianshul @maovader888 @maryresp @masterroshi @mattjack @maverickinvictus @mazzle @meepsy @mickzzz @mister-omortson @mkultra87f @mnallica @moonunit @morphewq @mps01k @mydivathings @mytechtrail @nathansenn @nerengot @nuevavidaexito @nypho @omradk @oradejoke @pandasquad @pat.rick @pele23 @plainoldme @plantlover96 @poflato @princesave @psalmmiecrown @psos @rachmatsolihin @raheelkhan1 @randyallenbishop @rarebooksleuth @redastic @reddyyeswanth @redfordstephens @riovanes @rita253 @riyuwe @rosalinde @rtificialnrg @ruul @sdwahine @secheras @shadowblade @shhhxoxo @simonluisi @skysnap @slbg @snrm @ssophiee @steamit2 @steem4depoor @steemari @steemitgirl11 @steemtravelers @stillwater @sunsquall @synnaw @taurus1983 @tazi @techrube @tedline @tesatro @thedeceiver @thewitchdoctor @thisgirl @tonygreene113 @tux6845 @vacilator @various @veejay @vernadette @vikaskaladharan @vikisecrets @vincenzov01 @votey @wahidurrahman @wdougwatson @wincee @wonderwop @xabi @xamiker @xbudeh @xeccedentesiast @yoghurt @yunior.selbor

Check your Pending Payments here --> http://csyd.es/Steemit/PendingPayments/

This is great! :)


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Hey @sydesjokes you might be expecting a flood of new thirsty steemians to your faucets ;)

Post Here

Thanks again

Great job

God bless you this is a very good idea . you make steemit a fun place for every body. i have upvoted you and follow you. Hope to see more of you. more steempower to you.

How do you spot a blind man at a nude beach?

It's not hard.

We need more people like you :)

The rewards keep getting bigger 0.o

you sound like a brother from Nigeria oooo

Thanks prof for your support

Together we will build you to become a whale because you deserve it.

Fact of the day..
If it wasn't for alcohol
90% of us would never have been conceived..

thanks bro

Hi guys

New year and cryptocurrency benefits?

Mining ang benefits?

I LOVE this idea!

Food is life guys (Steem also)

I am blessed to be part of this

cada dia mas sponsors gracias a todos @digi3d @JoanStewart @Kryptonia @mps01k @nathansenn @SydesJokes @tonygreene113 gracias por el apoyo..

Thank you for supporting me and my friends. God bless you

Upvoted! Thanks @sydesjokes

Thank you!

Here I am with the number one fan@sydesjokes

.how any hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

....it's a really obscure number you've probably never heard of it 😁

Hope everyone is having a great day today!

Great thinking i like it

whatever we shall be in the future will be the result of what we think and do now.

Just imagine a community filled with people like you.


my upvote is now worth one cent, so I'm very proud of that lol

great to be riding the train

i'm early today!

thank you again! never ending gratitude

Another day another dollar

Good day everyone..


Great works, I wish you success


Thank you

I love your gifts. They are great. Thank you


Thanks for the previous payouts page.

Thanks..very good system..

This is an amazing faucet. :)


The numbers should be climbing but "Sydes Famous Faucet" is dripping out about 10 SBD a day this year which the average for last year was around 4 SBD a day. In 14 days this Daily Drip shared 100.31 SBD. It is still only two weeks old and if you like this idea be a sponsor and help keep it going. I want to give a shout out to ALL of today's sponsors and say THANK YOU. It is people like you that make this project possible. Please follow these sponsors. Check out @SteemThat and go to SteemThat.com and find out about #Steemish 3 days to go or so. 20882078_1944466199140630_6557409017742119657_n.png


Great job, great work. Thank you for this donations bro.


Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

  • Albert Einstein

I need to make your sponsor


helo weldone

Thank you @sydesjokes, I already received my pending payouts.

"Why wait for tomorrow if you can to do it today?"

This saying hits me hard coz I sometimes forget to follow this.

Thanks @sydesjokes sir for the consistency and to all the supporters.


thank you

My voting power keeps low nowadays in part because of how often I upvote your posts. lol

yeah! More power to you bro 😁

Seems like the amount of people supporting this keeps going up!

more posts like this plss

wow nice amount !

Hi more posts like this pls! Thank u

ando caminando, buscando y aclarando,, todo en mi,,,

👍💲💲✅ yeah i know the emoji thing is a little much but i just added it to chrome. im just a big kid with a new toy.

Thank you very much @sydesjokes! You're an Angel!👼

Do you know where the microbes goes to surf?
On the microwave oven

Thanks again @sydesjokes, keep it going. Here is an interesting video I come across about a man opening a portal using sound frequencies,to spice things up a little : https://steemit.com/mystery/@gsari/man-uses-sound-frequencies-to-open-portal it's

Sponsor list keeps growing and growing, well done, and thank you sponsors

Thanks for your help!

Well done Sir

My God will supply all your needs accoeding to his riches in Christ Jesus.

Greetings from Venezuela blessed @ sydesjoke when the pressures lower the creativity arises, I think that your contribution and contribution in this project in Steemit will grow the community in talents and skills will be present in spite of sad and happy situations do not give up; that our dreams will come true

Thank you, much appreciated


Upvoted , thank you

Another day, another faucet. @sydesjokes and the sponsor I'm very grateful for your generousity.

Thanks. The heap grows

thanks for the SBD

Money can buy happiness!! Ok, maybe not, but I want to believe it's posible.

Thank you Sir for your updates and generosity have a great day :)

Thanks for you

Always nice to wake up to winners...have a great day my friend !!

If at first you don't succeed...don't try skydiving.

Jokes About Animals

Q: What creature is smarter than a talking parrot?
A: A spelling bee.

Q: Where do cows go for entertainment?
A: The mooooo-vies!

Q: What kind of dinosaur loves to sleep?
A: A stega-snore-us.

Q: Why couldn't the pony sing?
A: Because she was a little hoarse.

thank you for the reward sir...


Its a great help to the minnows.

I resteemed your post @natural.beauty

Thanks for sharing

howdy :-)

Interesting to know about your initiative, do you do it manually or automate it ?

Thank you 🙏

Good action !