Let's Grow Steemit/Steem Inside-Out With One Other Hack!!!

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Kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel

Click Here: https://www.youtube.com/c/TerryAjayi

I will be waking the YouTube channel up and storming it with steem/steemit related videos. My videos will contain rare Intel, "no books" involved (in assimilateable bits).

I would look to use each video to make "success" in relation to steem/steemit and especially "life" as difficult as 1,2,3

If you are a steemian, kindly subscribe to my channel above and set notifications on. I will be loading it up with these type of videos non-stop (henceforth).

Lately, i have been thinking of a lot of things, especially in relation to how i can be "your boy Terry" to a more effective measure. I am in many steem-based communities and receive many DMs daily and many of these DMs can be underlined with questions related to "success" in life and on steemit and sometimes, i am unable to tend to every DM but i do want to tend to "everyone".

Hence, this endeavor!

On steemit as well and all across it, many questions are posed on a daily basis by steemians e.g (in relation to steem/steemit, its future, observations etc) that go/stay unanswered, leaving these steemians displaced (in limbo-state) in their conviction about the beauty of steemit.

According to me, steemit growth is best done inside-out and especially involves our base (existing) community. 
If our conviction about steemit and it is beauty is deeply-rooted; steem/steemit is bound to grow. 
Thus, we need to spot avenues ever-constantly to strengthen the conviction of one another and look to answer every unanswered question or proactively sense these un-popped questions and answer them.

Outside steemit as well, there avenues to do similarly. There are many scenarios on social spaces online (outside steemit), which form opportunity to grow steem/steemit 

e.g on YouTube, where a steemian may post a viral video in relation to steem but is unable to tend to his "too many comments", leaving potential steemians (non-steemian etc) unattended-to and in limbo-state. 

Catering to scenarios like this is possible and part of what we will jointly start to tackle.

These are all organic opportunities to not only grow steem but also solidify the conviction of our base community, about steem/steemit which as well grows steem long-term.

I want to tend to as many of these steemians, potential steemians etc answering as many of these unanswered questions as possible but moreso, i want to involve everyone.

Looking more intently, my YouTube channel (which has been redundant) can serve a very ginormous tool in growing steem/steemit inside-out and even easily, outside of steemit e.g Facebook, where YouTube links are easy to embed and not too-censored and i am solidly about "steem growth". 

Thus, i will be filling the YouTube channel up daily with videos, answering every possible question that a steemian (the community) may/can have. 
I will cover everything that is needed INTEL-wise, to drastically speed up your steemit "success" journey. I will cover history, the behind-the-scenes, possible future etc but more especially, i will explain these matters using "real life", removing "all barriers to entry" with regards to understanding these things.
Each video will answer very pinpoint questions and each video will be as short as possible. I will be proactive in generating these questions and my answers will be "on-the-spot", not rehearsed and "no books" involved as i will simply use "real life".

According to me, tending to our "steemit journey" as we would "real life" is where real success lies, as this "success" applies on "steemit and beyond".

Each of the questions (that i will look to answer using videos) will be very basic, creative and crafted out of love and intense empathy. Thus, i will be in as many shoes as possible. 

I will also tend to unanswered questions that i find posed by steemians, within the comments sections, especially questions that if answered will put these steemians at a place of "solider conviction" about the beauty of steem.

So questions can be a plain-looking as:

  • Where do i start if i just arrived on steemit?
  • Can i succeed on steemit, without a laptop?
  • Is a steemit vote free?
  • If i invest my money on steem, i'm i better off?
  • Should i create a niche or should go random?
  • How can i get other steemians to talk about me?
  • How can i build solid connections here on steemit?
  • How does utopian work?
  • What is a ULOG?
  • What have i been doing wrong on steemit?
  • What don't i know about steemit?
  • Can steemit change my life?
  • In what ways can steemit change my life?
  • How can i stand out on steemit?
  • I keep looking but how do i see more (on steemit)?
  • I can't blog; what can i do here?
  • How can i take my steem project to the next level?
  • How do i sustain my growing community, with limited Steem Power?
  • What are the teardrops SMT?
  • How do i make my friend join steemit?
  • How do i present steemit to a potential investor?
  • How do i wake up an old dream using steemit?
  • How do i bring a dream to life using steemit?
  • Can i run a business on steemit?
  • Why does a steemit post pay out in 7 days?
  • Does my steem power increasing by just holding it?
  • How do i get steemians to talk about me and limelight me?
  • etc

Well, you can be sure that i pay rapt attention even to the undertone of the community and i really care about each steemian, so i will get to touch on every possible question. 

I am sure i have a ton of organic questions, laying also in some of my yet-to-respond-to DMs and this entirely fresh endeavor, is also a means for me to become more effective in being able to reach everyone, even in cases where i am not able to respond to every DM(s).

I will also take lists of questions over time as i will have a contact email to these effect. 


I will also take note of un-popped questions as i continue paying attention to the community. I have more means to hear the undertone of the community now as we do weekly steemit-related talks, on the SteemGigs discord server.

Over time thus, there will be having a landing page to hold all these resources and this will enable all of us (everyone) play a role. 


Once you spot a steemian looking for answers or are able to sense an un-popped question, it will no longer matter if you know the answers to present or not or if you are newbie or veteran or if you are too busy to respond or not as you will now simply be able to visit this landing page; do a simple search or control F; find a video that is closely-related to this steemian's question or that pinpointedly answers it; pick the video URL and paste it as a reply.

I will also have "welcome video" series almost personalized to steemians from as many nations as possible deposited onto this landing page over time and you will be able to quickly welcome as many new steemians as possible, using one of my videos 


You may visit the landing page and pick up a "welcome video" (Philippines), then paste the video URL as a comment. 

This is the video i did earlier today, that i will be using to welcome new steemians from the Philippines and you can use these video as well as a reply during your curation activities daily.

Note: i am just starting video creation and i will have to perfect over time, starting with getting a phone etc Where i make edits etc, there will be no problem as i will update the landing page. I will be posting about the landing page once it is really. 
It is likely to sit on surpassinggoogle.com temporarily

As we all take part, we will speedily yet organically strengthen the conviction of our base steemit community, inside-out and this will bring about solid steem growth.

To reiterate on this a bit more, look at this scenario (related to using my videos outside of steemit):

We may sense "potential steemians" outside of steemit 

e.g while on Facebook, you may see someone do a post update asking, "where do i invest my next salary?". If you are too stressed or busy to leave a lengthy comment etc, you will simply be able to go to the landing page, do a CONTROL F to find a closely-related video (with title) e.g "why you should invest in steem?" or "what is steem?" etc and paste the video URL as a quick video response.

Another common scenario that we can apply this to, happens frequently on steemit e.g some steemians who have many followers may not realize how much influence they have accrued and sometimes may create posts related to steem, without covering all the details, leaving lots of followers with unanswered questions. In some other case, the author maybe unable to their "too many" comments etc

We may need to jump in to help matters by tending to these questions and it can now be as easy as picking up a simple video from my growing number of steem-related videos as will be available on a soon-to-be-ready landing page and leaving a reply.

So please join in, first by subscribing to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TerryAjayi

In the past, i started a movement called hooray-brigade, which incentivized steemians to answer unanswered questions etc but upon thinking of things recently, i felt videos from me will go a long way as it will stir "community" and perhaps, an excitement, inspiration, buzz, display of love etc, necessary for sustaining growing communities. Too, i will be able to reach more steemians at a go and we can all improve knowledge. 

There will be case where i will be responding to comments directly using these short videos. In so doing, i will be able to use one action to help as many as possible

e.g See my video response to a steemian named @artonmysleeve (Note; artonmysleeve didn't really pose a question in his/her comments, but i perceived unanswered questions and i was proactive in my assistance):

It was a test video, being that i don't really have a fone, so it wasn't perfect

Now, see the reaction of @artonmysleeve below:

Though my video was a test version on a scrappy fone and with poor audio, it still gladdened @artonsleeve that i came to care because in truth, i totally care. 

My video quality will improve over time as i get a life and likely a fone. 

In the meantime though, i will keep making as many videos as possible for now, improving on the audio, poise and clarity. With this we will grow a repository in the form of a landing page as mentioned earlier, that will simply contain an entire list of "every possible steemian question", linking directly to my YouTube video answer and this is where you (everyone) come in.

You too can now tending to any un-answered question both on steemit and outside steemit, by simply going to this repository, to get my pinpoint video response and use it as a reply. (to answer and inspire)

At this point in steem's young life, "community" is very important and we have a base community. We need to make this solid. 

Much of this involves tending to our base community and seeking to help newer steemians who seek ways to get better. I do have many chats daily and these many steemians who visit with me, seek ways to get better and over time, it has become essential for me to find ways to reach to everyone. 

Moreso as i have tried to highlight all along, there are newer steemians who never get answers and many with un-popped questions.

Note also; that as you start to become more of community leaders (with growing follower-count etc), you start to have a sense of responsibility, even by virtue of your regular posts, especially, when your steemit post covers topics related to steem/steemit. In this cases, you have to wary about "the community" and not displacing it etc

When you do these posts, it becomes essential to be ready to seek out and help readers who leave questions. It becomes essential to fix their conviction about steemit, by tending to their questions. 

This organically grow steem. 

Outside steemit as well, many times, "potential steemians" who have stayed "potential steemians" have stay "potential steemians" simply because they never got answers. We need to be proactive about sensing these ones and now helping them is way easier, using my videos.

According to me, this is a core part of steem growth, tending to the base community and strengthening it and noticing and tending to unanswered steemit/cryptocurrency-related questions etc inside and outside steemit.

So, I am simply want to answer every possible question in relation to steem/steemit using videos; upload them to YouTube to have easily embeddable/shareable links. Then, over time, fill up a landing page with direct links to each of these videos, to where you can simply pick them up and use them to answer your questions and those of others daily, inside and outside steemit.

The landing page should be ready in a day or two and i will post an update when it is.

So kindly join in. Start by subscribing to my YouTube channel and setting notifications on. Also, share my YouTube channel to friends and to as many groups and community as you are on, so that you can be notified as the videos come pouring.

Note: an entire enterprise is already being conceptualize around this. It began with hooray-brigade but we will see. I am looking at a steem-based interface that allows video response etc. It may start with a specialized one, where i will be reachable on via messenger for sessions but in this case, videos response in place of entire call sessions, so i can reach many and be productive etc then go on into a full-blown condenser where you can chose to comment using videos etc

Here are some of the videos i have started with that will form part of the landing page:

I don't have a good phone yet but i will use this trigger to get one. 

Also note: in due time, DLIVE or DTUBE will come into play.

More lately, i have been thinking of ways to reach as many steemians at once. I want to stir community in very special ways to where "You Boy Terry" is solid and a constant. No ounce of exaggeration involved! 

Since 13 i have been thinking of "YOU"; that won't suddenly change now. I am one to evolve with age etc

Well, i have hundreds of chats and it does bother me when i am low in productivity and not able to tend to everyone. I have list of unanswered calls too and i so want to fix that. 

One day, when we eventually get to have a session, you will understand why there can have been delays. Overall, i keep thinking of ways to reach out to everyone maximumly and my recent endeavor in this genre of thoughts, was also a trigger among the triggers that bore (the recent) #ulog

According to me, when it comes to growing steem/steemit, our base is core. The conviction of this base community has to be solid, made firm etc, to where we start shine, spurring intrigue/interest in steemit (on the outside). 

Yes, people can indeed ask, "hey, what is making you shine?" and then you say, "hey, steemit it is!" and they say, "i want to be there too".

To accomplish this involves alot of effort. It involves strengthening the very conviction, excitement etc of our base community and to this effect is one of the reasons #ulog came to life when it did. But there is more that i/we can do and it is simple. 

So, i want to bring myself to the fore. I want to show face. 

Your Boy Terry


Quick Update:  

#ulog  generated more than 6,000 comments and 2029 posts within the first 6  days since the tag was born. Join in and become a ULOGGER today. 


We are seeking coders/developers to help, by  means of utopian.io or direct contributions. I would like to invite all  coders/developers, to show up on our SteemGigs development channel. 

Kindly visit and use our steem-based website today


Note that on SteemGigs, "everyone has something to offer". At the very least, you can update your profile on our website to open yourself up to more potential possibilities and improve your  general reputation even within the steemit community.  

To create awesome steemit posts, try our "un(dis)talented editor"

Read our detailed FAQ & Answers  

You can use the divider that i used for your posts as well:  https://cdn.steemitimages.com/0x0/https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmZjQstnMTKFPUC2wWfTssa7cRXxCzvWMjzfvis6HkSbwn/divider.jpg 

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.  

Let's Go!!!

Offer a service under hashtag "steemgigs". Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag (untalented)

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look i have subscribed it, but here is a question for you, why youtube? why not d-tube?



Why YouTube? Exposure there is still much bigger and this way new Steemit users can be recruited, too!


Because right now more people are still using YouTube and it works well in posting Terry's video in a comment and it will not move you to another site unless you are using busy.org and watch a dTube video you will stay there.

If you share it in a Facebook question in what is Steemit it makes it easy to embed and play it there.

Until the time we get dTube and Dlive doing that it is best to cross platform post and use YouTube to place the messages and also upload it in dTube and Dlive eventually.


Oh yes, that is a valid point man!


those will come down the road. for now, i am looking at something embeddable and that people recognize and can easily share. I am looking at steem growth outside steemit as well. So removing barriers to entry first. On some of these interfaces outside steemit, they may not let other links show up till approved etc, but they may allow youtube links. I want to play things out first. One of the triggers for this was outside steemit e.g i see someone post something about steemit, maybe a viral video on fb etc and visit with the comments and perhaps so many comments and some keen on what steemit is about but no answers. i want to do something that involves everyone easily, where you simply copy/paste a URL. So i am starting with youtube first. youtube on its own also has the chance to rank in the search engines and promote steem as it is own by google etc, so i am also looking the search engines ranking and more eyes as some interaction starts to happen on the youtube channel etc overall, nothing stops both but i like to play things out and pace things


I am looking at steem growth outside steemit as well. So removing barriers to entry first. On some of these interfaces outside steemit, they may not let other links show up till approved etc, but they may allow youtube links

This is really true and I second your practical idea. It would give prospective steemians the opportunity to understand about Steemit well before signing up and of course would give them chance to explore the positive impacts from steemit/steem without being registerred.

You have a practical solution here!
I salute that
It would surely work.


Oh, I see, one viral video will spread steem all around the world. I'm too a YouTuber, but I was creating videos on health niche. My best wishes are with you sir @surpassiggoogle in this journey.


@surpassinggoogle I am looking at steem growth outside steemit as well. So removing barriers to entry first.

Sir your blog is always full of intrigue, spirit lifting, inspirational, love, forgiveness.

Have subscribed already on youtube


You did the right thing, this man is house of knowledge, stay connected.


He is so approachable and inspiring too.


Subscribed your channel.

love from Pakistan Terry sir!


Greetings, great surpasinggoogle

Great post man. I'm glad you're a witness, Yes, I noticed that uses your steem power to help people. You gave a good vote for a friend of mine here in the steemit and I think she was very happy.

Now, unfortunately, the price of the steemit fell and my voting power, too. A few weeks ago, when I was high, I could give a vote and help right the person. Now he's little. ...

I appreciate your post and your contribution to the community.

Thank you and good day!!


he gives plenty of votes everyday
i haven't seen anyone here who votes others especially minnows as much as @surpassinggoogle


i igree man. It help us a lot!!


Thanks sir for your valuable compliment for my boss @surpassinggoogle


You are right @julisavio. Surpassinggoggle help the new steemian to grow... I collected my first 1sbd from him. Thanks @surpassinggoggle


Yes he is using his steem.power that is delegated to.him by @neb, for helping newbie like us, he biggest initiative is #ulog, we love you sir for your great work.


You are very right sir @julisavio, @surpassinggoogle is one of the most kind person on this platform, I made a post about my rabbit in two days ago. I was very surprised and happy when I see @surpassinggoogle upvote it and make a comment under my post. This gives me joy and motivation to do more. Thanks to Mr Terry for this.

Now, unfortunately, the price of the steemit fell and my voting power, too. A few weeks ago, when I was high, I could give a vote and help right the person. Now he's little. ...

@julisavio you must be a great and kind man too, being concern about how you can help others earn more shows a kind of person you are. Thanks for the care

Outside steemit as well, many times, "potential steemians" who have stayed "potential steemians" have stay "potential steemians" simply because they never got answers. We need to be proactive about sensing these ones and now helping them is way easier, using my videos.

According to me, this is a core part of steem growth, tending to the base community and strengthening it and noticing and tending to unanswered steemit/cryptocurrency-related questions etc inside and outside steemit.

So, I am simply want to answer every possible question in relation to steem/steemit using videos; upload them to YouTube to have easily embeddable/shareable links. Then, over time, fill up a landing page with direct links to each of these videos, to where you can simply pick them up and use them to answer your questions and those of others daily, inside and outside steemit.

@surpassinggoogle. With the introduction of your Youtube channel it will give many other steemians the opportunity to have access to you and the information to want to dispersed which is good for the growth of the community.
Have been finding it very hard to write post for the past few days now after the fud raising post i did for the boy with brain tumor. Though, we are there trying to get more money so that the operation can be carried out. Reason why I said this youtube channel will give alot of people the chance to make their dream and their message to be heard all over the world.
Thank for this and trust me to join the channel asap. One love bro.


hi bro, read about @ulogs. it make it as difficult as 123


ok I will bro. Always your fan anytime and anyday.

According to me, steemit growth is best done inside-out and especially involves our base (existing) community.
If our conviction about steemit and it is beauty is deeply-rooted; steem/steemit is bound to grow.

I'm happy because this would give some of us backing to completely go offline to encourage people

I'm pretty sure that the videos would be amazing. I can wait for this to full launch.

If everyone can have this heart of yours, then we sure would make exploits in globalization of steemit. Am so positive about this

Hello dear @surpassinggoogle. Being your loyal follower would love to follow you anywhere. So subscribed it is, plus I shall have the channel link sent to everyone on my contacts inviting them to subscribe.

"My boy Terry" you are the man, i was just talking about this with another steemian about someone like your self should do a steemit youtube questions and answers it was like you read my mind.
thank you for your help the other day. I think a lot of people didn't know the reason that it takes so long to get on steemit.

I will in the future be telling other steemians the reason, and I will credit you for educating me.

thanks "my boy terry"
I wish you all the best.

I saw last night about your video and I included it on my #ulog yesterday. It was nice seeing you at the video welcoming our kababayan :) also the other video which really has an interesting topics. I am looking forward for your another video that can answer some of my quedtions regarding on steemit and life. Have a blessed day ahead:)

That's really great achievement Mr, Terry and I would like to appreciate you on this great achievement of your Youtube Channel. @surpassinggoogle is a hot name in the Steemit community and your every project give a solid breakthrough to whole community on one page just promotion. I am a big fan of your wonderful ideas and plans and then you successfully implemented on them. your this youtube channel gave much opportunity and guidelines to new comers. Thanks a lot and I just subscribed your channel. good luck.
I have already done my vote of witness for you.


Thank you alot for being constantly there. Kindly subscribe and share with all the groups.


Thanks @surpassinggoogle / Terry, for your always positive support. no worry I subscribed your Youtube Channel and also send a link to my other friends. best wishes.

Wow, great work you are doing Terry, I love the YouTube idea and am sure it's really going to help.

You never get tired of working harder, you are really a source of strength and emulation to all of us.

More grace


Wow wonderful compliment ..thanks for your comments.


Seriously dear he never gets tired. When i saw the post title i was like, wow @surpassinggoogle at it again. I wonder what i would have been able to achieve if i wqs the one being blessed with the kind of energy he has.

Got to watch some of the videos he posted but couldnt watch all because i am on transit and the network is quite poor. Will get to watch them all as soon as i get home.

Keep it up @surpassinggoogle. We love you.


Thank you.

Jehovah help us in Jesus' name amen

Those YouTube videos can be a great tool to help our new friends on Steemit.

I am in many steem-based communities and receive many DMs daily and many of these DMs can be underlined with questions related to "success" in life and on steemit and sometimes, i am unable to tend to every DM but i do want to tend to "everyone".

You have a lot of things going on, and it's not easy to keep up with all those messages. If you need some help to help explain and answer questions of some Steemians, I would be willing to help since I have been through a phase by which new members ask me questions, maybe I can share some help.

I am also dreaming to be a vlogger soon. If I followed you on Twitter, here, and facebook, why not on Youtube? Surely, as Steem grows, your Youtube subscribers will grow and thanks God! Not just a Steemian, you'll be become a qualified Youtuber Sir.

I believe that to succeed in Steemit depends on connection and effort and I'm sorry to hear you recieving numerous msg.asking how to improve here. You are absolutely correct. Where can I get your banner Sir? By the way, you are like Willie Revillamae in Steemit. The only difference is you are very humble.


banner, you can simply get the link location. @jejes has it. it is now ulogging. a vlog can be a ulog but a ulog cant be a vlog. so any video e.g on dlive that you have uploaded, use #ulog. it is still you. plus I did a vide just for you but I looked terrible in it, so perhaps I will do another one. you will see it later

Truly you are our boy Terry no my Terry this is a great idea and a well thought post like personally I have been on steemit for 3 months and there are things i do not know like utopia but am glad i will always have a video from you explaining how steemit works woow it is excitingScreenshot_20180530-223500.png

long live Terry and thanks for being that hand that minnows hold onto

My dear @surpassinggoogle sir. Terry it is wonderful to read your publication and get involved with your Steemit family guide to personal growth on the platform and it is great learning to plan our personal project in the community and know the benefits that the Steem reward offers us and evaluate by categories content and interact with other content through a feedback loop and including our investment of time and money, I find your help and support in this visual, auditory explanatory proposal of the masses that follow you and we trust in your work excellent with the teacher denoting that you are a man sent by God as an instrument of leader in learning and growth is great.

This is another means of getting something more from you live, this will improve more in due time. please kindly work on the background and the video quality.
I will be following this right away,

Great Improvement Terry

wow, that's very good @surpassinggoogle, with you sharing on Youtube channel, this is very helpful to all of us, and can create Steemit will be more successful for the future. Because I see, very many people support all your projects for now, because you have a very high social life, and want to help us all to work in Steemit. I think people will always support you for the future. Thanks for sharing, and hopefully you will be more successful to work...


hahaha i have nothing close to a social life.. I am doing this to be there for everyone.

Kindly subscribe: Also share the Youtube link https://www.youtube.com/c/TerryAjayi with all the groups etc, imploring them to subscribe as well


yes, that's what I mean, but in my opinion, you are very different from others and have a high social spirit. I have seen your Youtube, and I will try to subscribe, so I can get new knowledge about Steemit from you... :)



knowledge is wealth so the saying goes for me your angle to steemit is refreshing and I believe with time and focus you will be more than a whale, more grease fellow steemian


yes, that's true as you say, and it all takes a great deal of struggle, and keep trying, after that, let that time will answer all that. The important thing is we can create something useful for the people... :)


Truly surpassing!

I've already subscribed to your channel and put on the notification. I will be looking forward to more great videos from you


no need to ask twice.. done.

Awesome initiative. I followed and watched few vedios.IMG_20180530_232306.jpg

Subscribed your channel.

love from Pakistan Terry sir!


Subscribed your channel sir.

I would encourage my friends to subscribe your channel.


I loving with your work, how you encourge newbies in steemit. Many steemians think you are the messiah of newbies.
#hatsoff to you.
So that, i thought i will promote you & your projects in my every ulogs post.

& i Just want to say..

May GOD bless you

@surpassinggoogle 😍

God bless you sir. You are indeed a blessing. You are really obeying a passage of the bible thaf says be fruitful and multiply. This is awesome.
Your videos will helps to motivate i and others. I wont forget to turn on notifications. I will watch the videos and get inspired more by them
I will suggest we subscribed ASAP. In whatever we do, we will never succeed if we lack the will and perseverance to hurdle obstructions that get in the way. This is what i believe will be available on that channel.
I remember the times @surpassinggoogle used to talk about making mistakes and how we should be motivated through them. Someone made a comment like this and it kicked me up to do what i was neglecting for a long time.

They say mistakes are great opportunities because that is how we learn. Mistakes are stepping stones. We will not appreciate success without failure. Failure is what makes our success meaningful. We must find positive lessons from our every mistake.
Now what about such motivation through videos. It would be epic and life transforming
This is a huge step. Thank you sir

Brilliant, I heard from steemit through youtube
So nobody better than you to promote steemit out, and also guide and inspire the steemios through youtube. I have already subscribed to your channel for some time.

Happy to see @surpassinggoogle talking and explaining,about steem/steemit .You tube is well known than dlive and dtube.In you tube you can upload quickly your video.What is important that we could have easy access to him.THANK YOU SO MUCH BOY TERRY,I ALREADY subscribed your youtube channel before this post.
Godbless you


You are so welcome.God bless you more

I would love to see you singing in that right spot sir, your youtube channel is perfect..

Subscribed I'd love to Terry has a big heart always looking to help everyone is a good initiative of the YouTube channel, I will be attentive to your teachings and recommendations

Whew! Another very long post from our very own Boy Terry. But I'm glad I was able to read it again.. What can I say is that you are very serious in making this steemit community grow. I have seen your dedication in this community like the very first time I have known you here. Sir I salute all your efforts here. And I am confident that this steemit blockchain will grow stronger because of you who devote and give much integrity in this platform. I will subscribe you now and get inspired more by your thoughts! Thank you so much sir for strengthening our hopes here..Because of you I will keep steeming!

Love your name @surpassinggoogle! This is a great idea. Swamp the net. FB needs some swamping as well. People need to be informed and make the move over

"#ulog generated more than 6,000 comments and 2029 posts within the first 6 days since the tag was born. "

@surpassinggoogle u amaze me In no small ways. This is what happens when your people love you.

I am an ulogger for life.
Am joining the channel now.


Never Compromise!

Subscribed!! I love reading as much as the next steemian but sometimes more visuals are needed, specially to feel more engaged and connected. This initiative has the potential to go viral in the mainstream World and I believe it will, kudos!!
On a side note, could you tell me which app(s) you plan on using on your phone(when you get it) to make and edit the videos? So far the ones I found aren't that good.


I am not sure I will use apps.

I never able to talk with you, on live... But I heard about you from numerous people... such a great honour, sir.
wish your positivity will bring the humanity in the perfect role...
Love From Bangladesh... <3


It happens every weekend on the Steemgigs discord server. Link is underneath the post


I am not able to talk to Sir Terry face to face but he affects my Steemit journey bigtime. And I'm thanking him non-stop.

Thanks a lot for the updates you give everytime you are really a rare gem in the steemit industry,i'll join your channel immediately


Thank you alot. Also share the Youtube link https://www.youtube.com/c/TerryAjayi with all the groups etc, imploring them to subscribe as well

This is extremely magnificent. I simply bought in before perusing the entire post. I have truly been searching for a way we could interface with you through recordings. Atimes there are things better clarified when it is a video arrange. We can see your feelings, the energy. It will truly motivate me by and by.

Cheerful that you will give we your gathering of people more substance. At the point when individuals get a ton of good substance that is taking care of their issues, they remain longer and get a kick out of the chance to return and visit all the more frequently. We have seen bunches of commitment that we wouldn't have generally observed without the additional video channel. So this is an immense advance. I am so upbeat to witness this truly. This will support a level of commonality that assists with building the Steem people group. You can make a considerably more individual association with steemians and non steemians who need indepth inspiratio and let them become more acquainted with you and perceive how you act/respond to specific circumstances. There is something about viewing a video where you can feel like you are with some individual dealing with an issue. The general population I trust and like gaining from as a rule have video and I like learning and taking part in that way. So thank you sir @surpassinggoogle.

you are extremely incredible individual in the world.because continually indicating critical thing for steemit work matter.i am exceptionally value your work.because its dependably powerfull and original..i cherish your dtube chanel.i am bought in your chanel.you each tropic express doing extremely perfectly.its simple to comprehension for all steemians..your explantation abilities exceptionally good.i trust that,you bolster my work.because I am seeing dependably you doing alots of assistance for each steemians..i am bolster your work..this video exceptionally astonishing.

Ive been hearing of surpassinggoogle since I joined steemit.com, I followed him as a blind minow, but one thing I must really point out is the willingness to help others, so far he's the only one who don't mind resteeming a hundred Ulog post and I usually read some of them in my feed, thats great. I wish other whales in the platform could follow your footsteps instead of robbing minnows and asking them to pay 68sbd for a school fee( I reserve my comment) - thats just taking advantage of them .
Keep up the good work surpassinggoogle.
Keep surpassingthemall .
Steem your way to power greatness and glory!


You are whale to me.

Kindly subscribe: Also share the Youtube link https://www.youtube.com/c/TerryAjayi with all the groups etc, imploring them to subscribe as well


it will be great to see you on youtube
the wealth of information you hold about steem will reach to every corner of the world
i would recommend every steemian to subscribe this channel
here i did the same

Keep working on your videos Terry, you will make the community grow faster :)

Just keep improving and make high quality content so the people will know more things about steem :)


I hope to do so but with everyone's help. Yes, i will improve on quality


Keep on bringing those videos boy Terry, it's more interactive coz we can see you speaking. :)

Well let's all turn up to @surpassinggoogle youtube channel, its gonna be amazing. For a while now on steemit, he has been a wonderful and one of a kind force pushing steemit beyond the sky.. now we are surpassingthesky

Actually the audio was fine to me, but I'm waiting for the videos from your new phone,hehe.

I wish you success on your channel, and hopefully it may help others to fully understand what steem & steemit is all about and join us, and become Steemians


hahaha no new fone yet. I am too broke. and too much is up bigger than fone. I also wanted to get the fone cos of discord but it is looking tough already


or maybe it's just the connection that makes u disconnected sometimes, hopefully it will be better on the next Talk Show:-)
Thank you sir

@surpassinggoggle,I admire what you do here on steemit,you help the new steemians in the community,start up new tags like teardrops,busy,ulog and so on.That is why I choose you as proxy for witness on steemit.very informative post.i will also subscribe to your channel to get more videos.

Already subscribed sir @surpassinggoogle. Looking forward to seeing more videos from you and the other steemians that will be tagging you sir. Amazing Jah will bless you in the nae of Jesus.


Thank you alot bro. Help me share as well. and the prayers thank you alot. I say AMEN


Of course sir, we'll be spreading more inspirational words from a successful steemian.

I love this:

When people ask you, wetin dey make you shine, you will boldly say na steemit dey make me shine....their reply will be i wish to join

Am happy am here on steemit....steemit has make my life easier and better....Am steemit evangelist......am testifying on steemit goodness to all my friends and even my enemies.


Na so.

Kindly subscribe to the YouTube channel and share with all the groups.

Having answers to all the possible question a new steemian can ask in a video published in youtube or dtube was very convinient. We all know that questions was being asked again an again by new steemians as they enter the community, and explaining it over and over again was anot that good.
This would really minimize the time we need to explain to what they are asking through the videos you will publish, expect me as one of your new subscriber in your youtube page and spread the answers to steemian's frequently asked questions


Thank you alot. Kindly subscribe and share with all the groups.
As for the coding, we will discuss that. For now, there are some delays


Owww sure, I am also familiarizing myself to the programming dealing with websites, its just that I was used to program applications and systems in offline windows application. but I surely will try to get used in website programming :D

Can there ever be any short post by Surpassinggoogle?


That shows how great, smart, talented, brilliant, educative, informative, explanatory he is. What did you expect from somebody of his caliber. A big Kudos to @surpassinggogle


There will be short boring videos

Kindly subscribe to the YouTube channel and share with all the groups.


Hhahahhahahaha short and boring
So funny... I already did that darling. Will share link with more friends.

This is great Terry and a good way that the answers is easily available and can be watched fast and without the need to be brought to another site.

I am all for this.

Well let's all turn up to @surpassinggoogle youtube channel, its gonna be amazing. For a while now on steemit, he has been a wonderful and one of a kind force pushing steemit beyond the sky.. now we are surpassingthesky

Keep the fire forever burning and blazing. I like how you promote steem/it every chance you've got. Never knew you youtube, thought you only ulog :) Keep being awesome.


hahaha ulog can be a vlog. a ulog simple takes all formats

I have subscribed on your youtube channel! You've done an amazing job so far in steemit! you help minnow and help this platform get better in the future! success is always for you! God bless for you!

Wow ...... This is really wonderful and i am sure that this videos you will be coming up with will surly grow the newbies in steemit. Thank you very much @surpassinggoogle for this wonderful piece of information ....
I can't but laugh.... " your boy terry"
Least i forget you look great in that video clip... Crushing on that P-cap


Hahaha i wish. i am so unfotogenic and very dull too. I wish i could be louder too. I hope i get to improve

Kindly subscribe: Also share the Youtube link https://www.youtube.com/c/TerryAjayi with all the groups etc, imploring them to subscribe as well


Funny ....you will if you put little effort

Already done following you at you tube channels since you promoted at discord steemgigs live show, and now promoting at all social media platform that I have, surely your channels getting trends coz' you are beautiful inside, and out too...have a good night and health as well😊


Thank you alot.


you are much welcome, it is my pleasure😊

Yey :) I will surely subscribe to your youtube channel @surpassinggoogle :) I am your fan here :) I am always looking forward to your videos and I will be sharing it to everyone :) Thank you so much for the never ending support here in Steemit . Hope you will keep on inspiring others. May God bless you always and take care of your health because health is wealth they would say . :) XOXO


Thank you alot. As for health, this is part of it. Thank you for mentioning that. Jehovah help. If you pray, my amen is on default


I should be the one to say thank you @surpassinggoogle :) Don't worry I will include you in my prayers everyday for your health . ^_^ Fighting!!


A big heart speaks as always, been there subscribing the channel during discord talk last saturday. Now I can answer some questions throw by my invitees in steemit with you answer in youtube channel. Thanks for this, thanks for showing you care and thanks for doing this for valuing us "everyone" us "human". Truly nothing compares to the goodness and big heart In you. More power and God bless

It seems that you are enjoying your new toy haha Im just joking. Youtube can actually be one of the best place where you can promote #steem #steemit. I'm sure a lot of people will follow you. Upload some of your songs too, you have a voice of a singer, develop it more by constantly singing not only every saturday night during the steemgigs talk show.


HAHAHA, i sang today but i havent uploaded it. I will do that soon. Thank you alot


I will subscribe shortly and will wait for your music videos...

Its cool man, we start somewhere and your videos I've seen(especially the one with your mum and sister) were pretty good. Awesome to spread the steemit gospel


Yep, i will improve gradually. My message will be same in style though


Cool. I'm thinking of doing my first video, its going to be a comedy skit for next week. I hope you'll check it out; can I tag you when I do it?

I am dropping your videos to "potential-great-steemians". Thank you for your hard work and compassion, Terry! <3

Much adoration & respect,

I think I will be gladly be in support of this and I will also like to subscribe to your channel.

We gain so much from viewing a video as there are some important information you derive or get from a video link.

If someone make a video about"what you need to do to be a successful steemian" we can see that such video contain a good information.

Therefore, for a somebody like you have a YouTube channel, OMG what are we waiting for? I can imagine how vital and informative that video would be.

Thanks @surpassinggogle for your care always.

@surpassinggoogle is now upgrading. Just subscribed in his youtube. Screenshot_2018-06-01-08-16-58.jpg

Thank you for sharing your inspiring thoughts in youtube.

I am following the channel immediately. You are always looking for new ways to impact on this generation and the future generation too. Jah bless you

Nice videos and nice post. I liked the flower bush behind you. lol I did subscribe. The discord invite didn't seem to work for me.

You see an angel amongst men I see what I call you @surpassinggoogle . You see I can’t stop saying wonderful things about you, good things are said of good men and you’re of the best we’ve got on this platform. It’d be an understatement if I say you bless through this platform, you’re a blessing to this platform. Yeah you are . Your wonderful initiative, support projects, helping minnow grow , #teardrops, #steemgigs, #Ulogs .. to mention but a few . Sometime I wonder wakanda Man are you . So I concluded you’re just who you are to yourself but you’re a star to us, a mentor, a leader, a friend, a brother and neighbor practically you’re everything special. You’re much appreciated bro Terry Ajayi



I subscribed. It's the bigggest way so far to promote steemit. Thank you @Surpassinggoogle

Oh dear friend @surpassinggoogle I'm waiting for you

Yay! Subscribed 2 days ago.

one more sir, i also have subscribe your youtube sir, i am curious i want to ask sir, in #steemit there is #dtube why do you use it ,? why should youtube sir?

Good information..
Im a subcriber for your youtube chanel
Thanks for sharing mr.terry

first post with so many information! I will subscribe your youtube channel! thanks

Thanks for giving the chance to enjoy this beautiful news!!

Wow. This is really awesome. I just subscribed before even reading the whole post. I have really been looking for a way we could connect to you through videos. Atimes there are things better explained when it is a video format. We are able to see your emotions, the passion. It will really inspire me personally.
Happy that you are going to give we your audience more content. When people get a lot of good content that is solving their problems, they stay longer and like to come back and visit more often. We have seen lots of engagement that we wouldn’t have otherwise seen without the added video channel. So this is a huge step.
I am so happy to witness this really. This will encourage a level of familiarity that helps with building the Steem community. You can create a much more personal connection with steemians and non steemians who want indepth inspiratio and let them get to know you and see how you act/react to certain situations. There is something about watching a video where you can feel like you are with somebody working on a problem. The people I trust and like learning from usually have video and I like learning and engaging in that manner. So thank you sir @surpassinggoogle. Cheers! to more engagement and more connection.

that is great @surpassinggoogle, with you sharing on Youtube channel, this is extremely useful to every one of us, and can make Steemit will be more effective for what's to come. Since I see, a lot of individuals bolster every one of your ventures for the present, since you have a high social life, and need to help all of us to work in Steemit. I figure individuals will dependably bolster you for what's to come. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing.


I subscribed your youtube channel to get more quality videos and support from your channel.

I have subscribed and watched most of vedios. I found ur untalented markdown guide fffffaaabbbbbooollllllooooouuuuusssss .

Good post.
I upvote and resteem @surpassinggoogle

that is inconceivable @surpassinggoogle, with you sharing on Youtube channel, this is to an extraordinary degree important to every single one of us, and can impact Steemit to will be more suitable for what's to come. Since I see, a huge amount of individuals strengthen every last one of your undertakings for the present, since you have a high social life, and need to help each one of us to work in Steemit. I figure individuals will continually bolster you for what's to come. A commitment of thankfulness is all together to share.

Outstanding post what a sensational attempt first time i read your post full informatic meaningful and description is so awesome you are simply look like a genious and i appreciate your thoughts the way you express about steempower yes if you have power you can help needy people poor one who really need your help and you are doing on steemit for steemians thanks for helping and guiding us

Sir, sir Terry @supassinggoogle ,,, my post is always my dating ,, steemgigs, ulog which always help many new steemians

i have subscribed your channel sir cool videos

hi mr.@surpassinggoogle Still with me @zian has seen amazing postings from you, but blog me there are also some interesting posts

Its a so informative and helpful for all of us. I think your witness and support always with us.. thanks sir @surpassinggoogle for your sacrificing help for all new comer steemians..please keep support with me..

Very good post,

nice work @ surpassinggoogle. actually before join steemit i put my focus on youtube too. i have channel. my channel is about satellitedish because i'm a satellitedish installer in reality life.

I feel you man, you recreated the new faq for steemit! Bravo and goodluck in this endeavour, we do this together bro

You are right Sir, YouTube videos can answer unanswered questions but may be difficult for some Nigerian steemian all cos the data rate is so cost and data finishes so quick so we make sure we make something per day on steemit to cover up our data fee. No free Wi-Fi


no worries, for yourself you can use one day data to keep the videos on your device offline. when videos are on the landing page, you can simply pick up the url to use to paste as comment to answer people's questionz. I dont see youthe on the discord talk. we have to go past data fears. you are bigger than the small things. data you will always have if you want it.


That's good information !
Definitely follow 👍

Very insightful post. I'm ready to build my steem it career until i attain your height.

I really wish to be a #Steemgig. I gonna post a topic about after reesteeming this...

Very good effort and beyond can.
I also like flog yutube but I do not know how to post.
hopefully I can in the future.
Thanks you my senior friend @surpassinggoogle

his way of seeing things and participating in each publication is incredible, you are excellent and that is why I follow him since I came to his publications. I learned a lot, thanks.

Thanks for getting involved and answering each question and worrying about the growth of each one of us, the idea of ​​saving the page of all the content will be very useful for the steemit community, thanks @surpassinggoogle

Well allows all swing up to @surpassinggoogle youtube channel, its going to stun. For some time now on steemit.

wonderful idea, it will be very useful to each one of us excellent initiative of wanting to help, God sees that and I am sure that will bless you greatly, thank you for sharing, congratulations and continue the success.

The hermetic wisdom "As within so without" teaches us that the external is always a reflection of the internal. Especially in this dense Earth realm it takes a while though until the sluggish external adjusts to our rediscovered sense of Self, a fact which might urge even more spiritually mature people to meddle into the Universal flow. Yet as always, the Universal flow's splendid Perfection thrives in "Letting be and trusting" instead of our thoughts' deceptive ratio of premature Doing.

ALL is Love, and I am so grateful to be part of this, the Universe conspires something beautiful for all of us.

Stay tuned! ;)

@surpassinggoogle I subscribed your channel. I think d-tube is the best.

magnificent thought, it will be exceptionally valuable to every last one of us phenomenal activity of needing to help, God sees that and I am certain that will favor you enormously, thank you for sharing, congrats and proceed with the achievement.

I keep you in my subscribed channels.

Do you know when?

At the 5th live class of yours when you told us to subscribe.

good video and useful for all steemit players, thanks a lot @surpassinggoogle. I upvote and resteem yes.

That is extremely awesome accomplishment Mr, Terry and I might want to welcome you on this extraordinary accomplishment of your Youtube Channel. @surpassinggoogle is a hot name in the Steemit people group and your each venture give a strong leap forward to entire group on one page just advancement. I am a major devotee of your magnificent thoughts and plans and after that you effectively actualized on them. your this youtube channel gave much opportunity and rules to new comers. Much obliged and I simply bought in your channel. good fortunes.

I have effectively done my vote of observer for you.

Sir i have already subscribed your you tube Chanel and also voted you as my witness. So far I was not fortunate to talk to you. But in the next weekend i don't want to miss this opportunity. Your effort to developing newbies is really commendable. I have already started my #ulog journey also! God bless you sir @surpassinggoogle

Well allows all swing up to @surpassinggoogle youtube channel, its going to astound. For some time now on steemit, he has been a superb and exceptional power pushing steemit past the sky.

i think it is right decision to post your videos on youtube as dtube is not that developed yet and it is always easy to share through that ,it will let you reach your message to millions of people
hope alot of people will start following you there
you will aboard alot of people on steemit with the videos you will share on youtube
best of luck in advance!