😀 How to Promote Your Post with Success on Steemit - Visual Quick Step by Step Help Card 🐳

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Steemit just announced a new promote feature!. In this post I will show you how to use it and I will also advise on less costly alternatives.

At the Bottom of your post click the Promote Button.

Enter the amount you wish. The minimum amount is 1 Steem Dollar SD ($).

Authenticate yourself and click on Sign.

If you want to make it to the top spot of the promoted page you have to do additional steps first before you enter the amount of Steem Dollars for your promotion.

In the first step identify the top promoted post. Note down the author and title.

In the next step go to the wallet of @null

Then locate the transfer from the author and post that made the top spot on the promote page.
Not down the amount of Steem Dollar for this transfer. In order to make it with your post to the top spot you need to enter an amount of 78 Steem Dollar.

There are less costly alternatives to promote your post.

  • Follow some on Steemit
  • Upvote someone’s post
  • Comment on someone’s post and leave a link to your post
  • Send someone a direct message
  • Participate in the Steemit Chat

🌞 Visual Quick Help Cards for Beginner Success on Steemit – Volume 1 🐳!

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Could you please explain hiw you leave a link to your post when you make a comment?


There are two options; you can either copy the address from the post itself and paste it into the comment section like this; https://steemit.com/life/@justusagenstum/7-ways-to-prevent-america-from-becoming-a-shithole-country or you can use Markdown styling to embed the link like this. If you prefer to use Markdown styling to embed the link into text, place the text you want the link to be a part of, inside brackets [like this], then follow the bracketed text with a link placed in parentheses like this...(https://steemit.com/life/@justusagenstum/7-ways-to-prevent-america-from-becoming-a-shithole-country). If you place the link in parentheses directly behind the bracketed text (no spaces), then it will appear as a linked piece of text like this.

For better clarity use this template; [text to be linked](website address of what you want to link in the text). If you're still having difficulty with this, let me know.

https://steemit.com/steemit/@hasannaqvi/the-more-work-you-are-assigned-the-more-you-need-to-complete ( My first detailed post about my job, Respected senior Steemians please do comment on it even if you are not going to upvote because I need your valuebale feedback )

I didn't get it ..
in his wallet..who should be the reciever of that promotion SBD ?


@null is who you transfer SBD to if you want to promote a post.

You are awesome! I'm new and learning the ropes. So happy everyone is sharing and helping here. I have a post I want to promote and was not sure about how it worked exactly.

Whaddabout just post IT@here 2 promote? ;) <3

Great explanation, thanks. Upvoted.

Thanks for teaching us how to promote our posts. I will try this as soon as I get a few SBD.

If you don't like the idea of your steem getting burnt, you can always directly powerup another steemer :) Spread the love


That's cool and all, where does the promote money go? I'm just not quite grasping the concept.


goes to a account called null and is deleted money basically. Less supply then.


Oh! It doesn't go to the writer of the article you promote? I'm trying to understand the feature too. Thanks


thanks for this article please follow me and upvote my articles anyway i did an indepth article on the dangers of chewing gum. Let me know what you think. @rogerblu

I have promoted my post also but it goes in the wrong category

I have won 3 idice slots and lose only one although I have made 0.8 eth from my 2 ethereum

This gambling app is so promising


basic, but helpful ;)

I did not know of this possibility. Thanks for this steemit help!


You are welcome :-)

TY .. just found a couple bucks on one of my posts.. so excited wanted to promote.. past first payout no promo button.. So will find places to post link. like here re https://steemit.com/life/@jovial-grace/missing-component-in-education-today

I love to steemit.. you all are the best fellow steemians ..

Useful post while getting the hang of steeming. Thanks and upvoted.

Useful post while getting the hang of steeming. Thanks and upvoted.

Thanks for this post. Useful for begginers like me. Thanks again!

Great information and tons of value!

I also made a post I think you can get some nice information from!

It's called How to crush writers block.

Amazing that the STEEM dollars are burnt. Great way to offset creation


Thanks for the reminder that i know nothing about how this steem .. stuff works.. see how untechie I can be?

Is the only way to get SBD by posting? Can SBD be bought then used for promotion?


You get SBD through posting and commenting or you can transfer for example Bitcoins into Steem Dollars on Steemit or even buy Steem Dollars on the exchange Poloniex (www.poloniex.com).

That's interesting. Can't wait to see the efficacy of promotion.


I used the "null" promote option and sent 1 SBD, but it did nothing to help my post. It is possibly because I was using the service wrong, and didn't include my URL? steemit.com/socialmedia/@clovisstar/7mha0s5j

thank you very much for the information!
i was looking for a method to estimate the amount needed to promote in the top 10 or top 20 and so on, your way with looking up null's wallet is pretty much what i looked for :D

@steempowerwhale is it really worth it to promote your post?

I didn't know you could see how much that top spot cost. That is extremely useful to know.