I am steempowerwhale and I am here to upvote your lifetime dreams

I want to support your journey as much as possible towards your dreams, visons, missions, causes, and goals in your life.

Is it travelling to exotic places like @heiditravels does


or developing the next killer app like @steve-walschot did


or creating beautiful art like @opheliafu makes


or moving from a wage slave to a creative free person like @stellabelle


or is it starting a new micro business,
is it writing a beautiful story,
is it overcoming a challenge,
is it improving the life of others,
or is it helping others to learn and grow
– I want to be with you.

What I want to support are people with a passion, purpose and drive. People who want to be free in choosing their path in life, but are ready and willing to invest in their journey.

What I will not support are lazy people and who feel entitled for help without investing and giving and without haven taken their first steps.

We are living in a world of continuously increasing exploitation while Steemit is a new world of co-creation. I will use every opportunity, every extra income I make outside of steemit to power up my steem powers in order to share with and influence those of you who really deserve it.

Why are you on Steemit?
What is your dream, your mission, your goal in life?
Are you ready and willing to go on your journey?

My Dream is a world of co-creation, a world of win-wins for as many people as possible. My pleasure and fulfilment comes from seeing others win. Steemit is an enabler for my dream to become true.

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Here, I am telling myself, this is a waste of time but I write articles everyday and they sit idle on my laptop why not share them on steemit, if I earn, I feel good. But If I am able to connect with people who share helpful content, I feel better. It is a win-win for me.

I like your concept, and I do think there is a method to their madness, however it should be based on making videos and writing blogs, than a few $$ here or there to comment. After all, the creator or author should be rewarded, as they are bringing the audience. Let's hope the concept of this site stays true to their creation. I am new, so my assessment will be better analyzed, say after 6 months of blogging.


Same to you I fully agree.

@steempowerwhale what would you recommend to promote a new account? I'm a newbie with original content, but it's all going to waste, unnoticed. What do I do?


It's not going to waste if it draws an audience eventually! Start out just doing this for you, write whatever you feel like. Then as you develop a direction you can start trying to gain views via cross promoting links on twitter/fb/other social media outlets. I like to think I've written some good stuff but not much traffic yet! Good luck to you.


Haha, I have just come across this comment of yours and look at where you are now @nameless-berk :D Good job ;) I have made a few nice posts myself (I think) at the beginning, but had a lot of stuff going on in the past few months (although slightly dishartened just as you were), so I wasn't around much lately. Hope I will have more time now to continue growing my blog and get to where you are now, your progress sure is inspiring.


What do you know about where I am now? At the beginning I had like 16000$ invested and now I have less than 5000$. Great fucking success! Investing in this shitty platform and crypto was one of my worst mistakes of all time.

I agree with you 100%! I came across steemit by accidentally coming across STEEM. I originally invested $20 for 13.24 STEEM between Dec. 2-5 of last month. I had it stored in an online wallet before coming across steemit.

Within 2 weeks my 13.24 was now at $40. I was hooked. I searched for the community behind STEEM and found it, steemit. While being signed up on steemit for almost a month now, I have yet to post my 1st steemit post. I have commented on post, resteemed others, while investing my own money into STEEM turning my 13.24 into 50+ within a month. I haven't posted yet because I have been learning the whole steemit platform and how it works, while investing into steemit. But I feel ready and will be posting my intro post soon.

I see unlimited possibilities on steemit, and I'm personally just getting started!

So, I’m putting a lot of time in my posts but not getting so much attention... I did one with my drawings, another telling how I when from slave to traveler and a few more... this one I would like to promote more https://steemit.com/blog/@lavidaesunviaje/how-i-started-traveling-and-where-it-took-me-to-happy-life
Let me know if you like it!

Im not sure if this is a good place to share my post but i would like it to reach people with critic look... people who can appreciate original things and effort...
Let me know if you like it and also if you know a better place to share it...



I like the way you think. This seems to be a way that the 99% can get a small piece of the pie and maybe even the whole pie

I love your opinion. That's inspiring me much

If we can all acheive our dreams via Steemit, let's do it :D

I love you concept and vision. I hav a vision also on steemit to impact to my community positively. To that effect, am working on a central account @impactb4income which is to be launched soon this week to bring about great change and impact to our society and tge world at large. Thanks to a good friend @fessikay whom we share the vision together... we pray to find more volunteers like you to support our dream.

Ive just found your posts, and they are very helpful. Im in that frustrating period at the moment, spending time writing thoughtful articles, getting votes but little rewards. Its not about the money though. I really like tge ecosystem and want it to succeed..

I will keep on posting regardless.


Yeah, personally I got pretty turned off when I wrote what I though was really valuable articles, one even got about 60 upvotes but I got almost no reward for it and got some better reward for a mediocre article with a few upvotes. I mean I like the idea, but in reality it just doesn't work as well. Or at least the reward is not proportionate to effort and quality but rather to luck/knowing tricks/being know or something like that.

I hope to follow your example and help others with their dreams! I am a creative with many interests. I starting with my sci-fi short story on steemit https://steemit.com/writing/@bitstudio/anna-s-ether-a-sci-fi-short-story-by-wesley-s-gray

Hey @steempowerwhale, this is awesome. I just joined Steemit earlier this week. I try to write a daily post providing inspiration, discuss crypto strategy, and also will be talking about my international service projects and the wild times I have when travelling. Would love to have you check out some of my content. Thanks for the support!

Nice and beautiful

Am trying to think of a way to form a block chain where people appreciate upvotes for upvotes, i hope someday i be able to come out one better idea.....it seems its really not easy having people to upvote you as a newbie... I feel so alone

I like the way you think. That's inspiring me a lot. Thanks!

Well... My dream is a bit different. My dream is all about happiness. How does happiness works? Is a good question. I've seen a lot of people that are happy for nothing. And I am one of them. Why I am happy? Because I DON'T have a reason not to be happy. That should be the idea of true fulfilling. If you are unhappy because you don't have something, then you will never be. The meaning is given by you. So if you want to be happy... Just change your perspective.

I'm a poet, and i wright poetry posts @wicca

Wonderful post. Funny how I stumbled upon your post. I'm a researcher by nature and love to learn, but I see you still monitor this post frequently even after two year ago, Nice longevity. Keep them coming

Wow man you are a true superhero :)
I want to write a beautiful stroy, I have one done already !
If you want you can check it out here https://steemit.com/art/@theartoftomas/an-original-bedtime-story-with-a-moral-teaching-the-flower-and-the-tree
More in the way :)

I have the same dream as you, dear fellow steemian. But i am trying to achive it by building an on-line platform for evolving ideas. Place where people could talk about their ideas, get opinions, connect with people. People that could be in their team, that could give them necessary funds, that could give them mentorship. An on-line oasis for people that would like to live and create! so, I am very moved by your article.

A great dream, congrats. Mine is a bit smaller and more personal - to provide for my family to have a peaceful living, possibly close to nature. And to escape to 9 to 5 scheme. And to help people as much as I can. And ...

It is interesting how just starting to write opens your mind and soul, isn't it?

I started with only a praise for your dream and begun to write the list of my dreams.

Anyways, I wish you all the best. Welcome and ​good luck.


I will follow and look forward to your list of dreams, if you are going to share it openly. I personally find every dream of big value - if it is a dream your really deeply care about...

My dream is to have steem be the ultimate place for voices to be heard and interests to be shared. I am on steemit because it gives me me power to share my interests and connect with like minded people that other social networks can not.

Welcome to Steemit! Very happy to have you join us :-)

I'm here to share the benefit of my travels with more people. I love sharing the stories of the events I go to & the people I meet, photos of some of the beautiful nature-scapes I find (especially sunsets), and my own adventures. I also love sharing delicious vegan recipes, and cooking techniques in general. Finally, I've got a couple crowd-sourcing projects that this seems the perfect platform for. Basically, I'm looking to utilize Steemit with the same intentions as the rest of my life: be of service to others, and better myself to better the world :-)

I'm on Steemit to make decentralized living and peaceful cooperation more mainstream than it currently is. Anything that facilitates the abandonment of the brick and mortar authoritarian thought and allows escape to a more volunteer world is worth my support.

Great to see people like you on here!
I read a few of your posts and got inspired to write my introduceyourself post, as well as picked up quite a few tips here and there.

My mission is to help compassionate and deserving people succeed. Starting out with musicians. And then I will proceed to make a charity to protect animals and the rainforest, using Smart Music Contracts on Choon.

For now, I write tips and longer posts to help people see and understand how the blockchain-based music platform called Choon might potentially fix the broken music industry.

My goal with my crypto-involvement in general is to create for myself more and more residual income. I am currently accumulating Diamond DMD coin, which currently mints at 25%. When I reach my goal, I will earn roughly $20 to $25 a month by selling back the newly minted coins. With Steemit, I'm also hoping to accumulate enough Steem Power so that among other things I can guarantee some daily income simply by upvoting a few of my own posts and comments.

I also have holdings in DNotes and XEM, and I'm hoping one day I will be able to cash them out and build a dream house for my family.

Those are some specifics. Overall what I'd like to do is to be able to raise my five children and be able to sign them up for whatever activities would benefit them without having to worry about whether or not we have the money for it. I currently have a dream job, which is working as the director of religious education at my church. I'd like to keep working that job, not because I need the money, but because I love it. Right now it's both.

Why am I on Steemit? Ultimately, I have a similar goal that you have. Rather than trying to write in such a way that a whale might take notice and grace me with an upvote, I'd like to be that whale. Once I pay myself a bit by upvoting my own content, I'd like to find other people on Steemit who are doing interesting things that I believe in and then support them with my upvotes. Perhaps I'll even actively solicit "applications" for such things, kind of like what you're doing here.


This what I like about Steemit as well. I can support easily great projects people do and eventually have a positive influence on society. Happy to have someone who is on the same journey with me.

Welcome to Steemit! If you would like to see statistics of any post on Steemit, you can use Steemd.com. I have made a bookmark for your convenience in accessing Steemd. https://steemit.com/steemd/@craigwilliamz/steemd-statistics-bookmark-for-easy-access-to-steemd

Keep going, in the words of the inimitable Zig Ziglar, you can have whatever you want in life, if you are just willing to help enough others get what they want.


That is a nice thought, I agree. Anyways, good luck to all.

Hey steempowerwhale,

Welcome to Steemit! I absolutely love the sense of cooperation and mutual support you exhibit in this post. Really wish more people behaved like this. My name's Adam and I'm also new to Steemit and the crypto-space more generally. My dream is to make enough residual income to support my family, travel and open up a massive charitable trust. I know it might sound a bit up in the air but I've always gone by the motto 'Go big or go home'. Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.


I have coached a lot of people in my life. And you be surprised to think big first is the best way to start. If you look at the barriers first you will derail. I have seen big dreams come true, but it takes endurance. Once you believe in it you will surprised how fast it will eventually go. Do already see a concrete picture of what your charitable trust will do ?


Firstly, I want to have sufficient residual income to support myself and my family and pay off their debts. As for the charitable trust, I would really like to focus on education, health, entrepreneurship and the environment. My long-term vision would be to have a network of schools which are based on a fusion of classical and Waldorf curriculums which would be free of charge and supported by a series of attached businesses as well as hospitals and care centres utilising more holistic approaches to healthcare. I really think the education and healthcare systems currently in place in Europe and much of the world are not fit for purpose and are actually damaging a lot of people. In addition, I would also like to reduce desertification in the Horn of Africa by replanting hundreds of square miles with trees and supporting thousands of local farmers to open up new profitable businesses.

For now though, I would like to write up a series of quality articles on personal development, psychology, philosophy and history which people enjoy reading.

I'm on steemit to get my ideas and stories "out there"! Extra money would be nice, maybe steemit will make me a famous author and I can build a a castle for my queen!

I am here to discover
what I can be in the context of your world.

I'm new to steemit, but I'm excited to get going with it. After reading your article it dawned on me that this is a great platform to share information and ideas with others, and it is also a journey of self-discovery and learning. It is fascinating to see what others are also doing.

When do you go from being a minnow to a whale? I presume it's your rep score that makes the difference. Any advice welcome.


You need to collect steem power. What would you do as a whale?

Thanks again for your comment and upvote. I share vote back

dude you are the man! im an admitted noobie and I've just went from one of your links through your whole damn feed. great advice, super useful. I can already see I'm getting some steem by commenting and upvoting. I also checked out the other site you suggested, steemstats.com. To everyone new out there...GET IT. It took 2 seconds and it really helps put things into a visual perspective if youre having trouble understanding how it all works. Great site, great tips. Much appreciated @steeempowerwhale!!

Welcome to steemit @steempowerwhale! I'm Alejandra from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I like to post recipes here on steemit (and some other stuff regarding my life as well).

•♥•☆ @alitas •☆•♥•


Thank you alitas. What is your lifetime dream?


I would like to be able to travel to the French Polynesia, @steempowerwhale.


that's my dream too!

My dream is t build cars... I love classic Japanese cars and early to mid 90s cars. My hobby would be to create stickers and anything art related. I've been doing that for as far as I can remember but I'd really love to build cars and make them my own. :) It's a long term goal but it's achievable!

Hi @steempowerwhale, I loved this post. It's inspiring to see a few of the people doing so well and I love your dream too. You've got a big heart.

I'm on Steemit because I too love to help people. I spent way too many years working a job I felt trapped and miserable in. It's one of the worst feelings. I know there are so many others out there like me who need help getting started....or even just planting a seed in their head that there could be a different way for them. :)

I want to share helpful information on life and business on Steemit. :)

So my dream and mission in life is to inspire, motivate and help others in that situation to create an escape route to do what they love and live freely.

In the past 6 years I've tried all kinds of ways help people online with this, but I found out early on that building a business online isn't at all easy.

I've spent more than 130k and so many hours trying to figure this all out. Most people think I'm a little crazy for not giving up by now, but when you really love to do something I guess you'll do so at high costs.

If I could help even a few people see that they don't have to do work they don't enjoy, I'd be so happy. I know I can do better than just a few though.

My goal is to work with my new business partner (a childhood friend) to research how we can reach the people who need us most and how we can best help them. Then we're going to start a life and business coaching program and design programs to overcome or accomplish several areas in life, I.e. Self confidence, figuring out their life path, mindset, business skills and marketing, etc.

And while I'm not exactly at the beginning of my journey, I'm more than ready and willing to continue on my journey. Steemit seems to be filled with lots of dreamers who have similar goals so I hope I can make a lot of new, like-minded friends. :)


I see that you are very clear when explaining yourself, but this is for comments i thought, ya know, a quick note of inspiration or am i misunderstanding what a comment is

Wow. Well I would love to support your dream of supporting the dreams of others within our community! This is what our industry is really about, I am so happy to read about your desire to see passionate indiviuals succeed in our society, and I'm proud that you're going further than talking about it and actually doing it! Hats off to you. I am creating a new collective conglomerate and being in the exploratory phase, I am slowly reaching out to different people with all sorts of talents and skills and I am hoping it might be okay to reach out to you on steemit chat to see if joining in this new venture is something you'd be interested in? :)

nice post

I really wish it were that easy to earn rewards here. I guess all you have to do is play the wait game and build your reputation step by step and then probably after a year or so you will be able to cash in something .

I have just started a series about programming, give back some of the knowledge I have taken in over the last few decades writing software. Any support to keep that going would be well received :)

What a wonderful post! I love that you are drawn to go-getters. Folks that are moving forward period. Those that are taking strides in life on their own Steem first and building their dreams with or without others help. You seem like someone worth supporting and following. Though this post has been here several months and it adds nothing monetarily, I've still decided to upvote as a thank you for supporting our growing community of dedicated individuals realizing their own dreams. Kudos!

Not sure if the post it too old.
But I really love what Treeplanter is doing and want to contribute as much as possible to them. Also wanna write about different topics within coaching.

I wanna experience the journey of steemit and the growth of the platform and down the road, be able to help others make a side income who might need it. Since I dont :D

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My dreams is to work towards self supporting mission work. to share with people about how God change my life and how people can have a personal relationship with him regards to race, language..

I am Joseph Lewis and I founded a website called Hawaii emergency medicine foundation about 8 years ago. My purpose was to educate medical professionals involved in every day emergency care to improve care delivered throughout my state. I initially wrote just articles but branched off into providing quizzes and continuing medical education credit. I have decided to widen my focus and to heath improvement in general. I think that it's great to write about helping people with strokes or heart attacks as I have been doing, but I also think some preventative care is very important. More and more people suffer from chronic diseases of diabetes and heart disease, which rob them of many productive years and create pain and suffering which effects not only them but also their family , friends and employers. I want to write about the many books and scientific studies which provide a clear guideline for what to eat to improve ones health and increase the number of productive years a person enjoys. This is my passion and I hope that Steemit will provide the financial support I need to focus on it.
Thank you

Hey @steempowerwhale, i'm a newcomer on steemit and based from your POV we'll get along well ;) check my profile @cryptoiastic

Hi @steempowerwhale, I will love write stories. I've already done one but I don't have the expected audience.
Here it is. https://steemit.com/story/@usorong/when-we-all-grow-old

@steempowerwhale , I love what you are doing to help the community. I am somewhat new to steem, so I am just getting going. I have a question to build my upvote power or such, is it best to power up as much as possible? I write articles and am looking for traction to reach a larger audience, what it the best way to reach a crowd of people here? I plan on writing more content, just choosing the topics 😁😁 Thank you for the help, to anyone who is kind enough to give me some guidance.

In a way, I already have my dream with a wife and 2 beautiful children. I have been fortunate enough to have an experience of a lifetime but my dream would be to share that similar experience with both my children and my wife. Climbing Mount Elbrus was such a life changing experience, I hope to one day share that with my family.

Haii...i already used steem...its so Hard and is steem have wallet